The Great Scientist - Charles Darwin

Scientist and their history, read about one of the Great Scientist - Charles Darwin.

Charles Darvin

The British naturalist Charles Darwin is best known as the man who developed the remarkable theory of evolution by natural selection.

He was born in 1809 at Shrewsbury in England. His grandfather Marasmus Darwin proposed his own theory of evolution in the 1790s.At first Charles Darwin didn't believed in the theory of evolution. He trained as a priest before studying Geology and Biology.

Then he joined Cambridge University to study Biology. At Cambridge, Darwin made friendship with John Henslow, the professor of Botany who suggested Darwin as a Naturalist on the naval survey ship HMS Beagle. HMS Beagle was about to sail around the world on a five year scientific cruise.

Darwin studied thousands of plants and animals around the world in the five years world tour. The most interesting part of the journey was a few weeks he spent on Galapagos Island.
Darwin noticed that the species of animals and plants found in Galapagos were different from those elsewhere in the world.

During his voyage he recorded the experiences in his notebooks carefully. Darwin returned to England and wrote an account of his travels. He spent years studying the specimens he collected and the notes he had made. Gradually he came to the conclusion that the species evolved as animals adapted to suit their environments.

He published his findings in his book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. The work caused outcry among various religions as it challenged their concept of Creation by God.

In his last days he was very ill but he continued his research about plants and gave various outstanding theories on Insectivorous plants and movement of plants.
He passed away at Drowne at England in1882.

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