Hyper Hydrosis

Without our consiousness, many of us have the problem of sweating. Most of us don't know that excess sweating is a health problem. It is better to consult a doctor immediately. Sweating in hands, Smelling due to sweat, marks on dress due to sweat occur when the problem becomes severe. Generally, people sweat due to heat, emotions and food they eat. If you get more sweating than due to this normal reasons, you have to consult a doctor.

What are the reasons for sweating?

Generally, sweating helps in maintaining the fluids and electrolytes in our body. Especially when the atmosphere is too hot. With out regarding these, excessive sweating is considered as Hyper Hydrosis. Some people get excessive sweating in foot, palms and arms. There are many reasons for this. Emotions and actions by Central Nervous System, Stress in home and outside causes excessive sweating. Hyper Hydrosis occurs mostly in Palms and Foot. Some people will have a situation in which they have to change their dress due to this sweating.

How to identify?

One of the symptoms is sweating for small tensions. In ladies, it happens in Menopause stage. During fever also excessive sweating is observed. If this occurs at night, infections are responsible for it. Drinking Alcohol is one of the reasons. Some medicines also cause sweating. Parkisons Disease also cause sweating.

How to face this situation?

Because of this, you will face opposition from opposite sex. There is no specific treatment for this. But some guideliness can be followed to cure to some extent.

Earlier, this was treated without any treatment. If you get this symptom in any other disease, first that disease is cured.

Aluminium Chloride:

If you get excess sweating in arms and palms, Aluminium Chloride is given to cure it. They Close the sweat pores. Treatment twice or thrice a week gives you a feel that you have less sweating. This can be best done during evenings.


Botanic Injections are not only used for Beauty in Foreign Countries but also to treat Hyper Hydrosis. Treatment must be done for nearly 1 year. It is also costly.


In Foreign countries, Electric treatment is given to close sweat pores.


When you reach intolerable level, then sweat pores are removed. All these treatments are to be done by doctor only.

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