What Is Mania ?

Mania or obsessions is the medical condition where patients suffer elevated moods at all times. Normally it is associated with mood swings when the patient goes through extremely elevated or happy mood at one time and at the other time may feel depressed. Mania typically occurs as a symptom of bipolar disorder (a mood disorder characterized by both manic and depressive episodes). Individuals experiencing a manic episode often have feelings of self-importance, elation, talkativeness, sociability, and a desire to embark on goal-oriented activities, coupled with the less desirable characteristics of irritability, impatience, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and a decreased need for sleep.

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Mania includes the 22 symptoms listed below:
Elevated mood
Spending sprees
Delusions of grandeur
Talking a lot
Rapid speech
Rapid movements
Reduced need for sleep
Increased appetite
Excessive exercising
Increased libido
Increased use of alcohol
Excessive laughter

Some Types Of Manias :-

doromania :- obsession with giving gifts
drapetomania :- intense desire to run away from home
dromomania :- compulsive longing for travel
ecdemomania :- abnormal compulsion for wandering
bibliomania :- craze for books or reading
bruxomania :- compulsion for grinding teeth
macromania :- delusion that objects are larger than natural size
megalomania :- abnormal tendency towards grand or grandiose behaviour
melomania :- craze for music
methomania :- morbid craving for alcohol
metromania :- insatiable desire for writing verse
micromania :- pathological self-deprecation or belief that one is very small
sophomania :- delusion that one is incredibly intelligent
squandermania:- irrational propensity for spending money wastefully
stampomania :- obsession with stamp-collecting
uranomania :- obsession with the idea of divinity
verbomania :- craze for words
xenomania :- inordinate attachment to foreign things
zoomania :- insane fondness for animals


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