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True Beauty is on inside!

Real or Factual Beauty is Inside oneself, it means that no one is supposed to be judged by his or her looks There is a popular saying APPEARANCES ARE DECEPTIVE, is the right approach when you are looking for the real or factual beauty in your life.

The people should be judged by their inner soul or thoughts and not by their personality. The most important fact is what we are from within and not how we look.

Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder! This is the right statement which defines the real meaning of beauty. The concept of beauty varies from person to person and from thought to thought.

Natural beauty comes spontaneously and not by any make over or corrections. It is the way the things are and were right from the day of their creation with no adulteration.

Do we have any measure to evaluate the extent of beauty? Is it objective or subjective? We can easily argue reasonably about whether something is beautiful or not. There is a poplar saying that truth is beauty and beauty is truth, is that correct? Why beauty matter as a subject of concern for all?

One cannot borrow the inner beauty or the outer beauty from any thoughtful or gorgeous person around. It comes to you naturally being a natural gift of God. Outer beauty can be improvised by way of make up but inner beauty is required to be generated by having thoughtful and decent thoughts. Your thought should be fair enough to be a good human being and spread the word of humanity around you.

You may be attracted by a gorgeous one in the crowd but you need to know a person more closely if you want to continue your relationship with him or her. You need to know the thoughts, intelligence and awareness of a person to make him or her your best lifetime pal.

It is universal that beauty is generally linked with the surface. It is also said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. An Arabic saying says that ‘a monkey on the eyes of his mother is as beautiful as a gazelle.' Though monkey is a monkey for us but for his mother he is a gem of her life time.

For some the beauty criterion is the external appearance. It means that beauty could be of seeing and feeling-- more of feeling indeed.

Age does matter in relating beauty specially while choosing the brides for son, when parents seek for a smart, well mannered, cultured and above all homely girl for their family. But for their son, beautiful wife means fair, slim and attractive girl irrespective of her personality traits. Therefore, here lie the different concepts of beauty age-wise.

For some wealth is beauty. They believe in having physical comforts for the life as the beauty of life than the type of money they are earning. They are simply earning to have a better standard of living with all the amenities and luxuries of life. Though money can make you buy everything in life but not the health and wise thoughts which you need to maintain it yourself.

Beauty means sacrificing something for somebody. It is the rare one to find with a person who has the capacity to sacrifice. Kindness, generosity, sacrifices, charity, compassion, sympathy, humane and many others describe the internal beauty that many people could not manage to do.

If someone sacrifices his life for the liberty, justice, freedom, equality for his country, it speaks about his internal as well as external beauty as he has devoted himself fully for the generous cause. This denotes that beauty is at its best, as someone is sacrificing the only thing you own in honor of others and only few possess this beauty and that beauty is martyrdom; this is the beauty that really makes a difference to its best!

Try to be pure, honest and clear in every way and everywhere in your LIFE. Give a thorough look and search around you and you will find many good and generous people around who are beautiful from the inner of their heart and have conquered the hearts of million by their humane and generous deeds.

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