Tips to reduce back pain naturally

Are you suffering from severe back pain? Read this health article to learn some tips to reduce back pain through some natural methods, without taking any medication or surgery.

What is Back Pain

Back pain is often a symptom of injury or problem occurring in spine. This includes the bones, muscles and other soft tissues present in spine. Back pain can disrupt your daily activities, work and other activities that you perform on a particular day. This in-turn affects normal lifestyle as you cannot participate in any activity due to pain.
Back pain do not prolong longer for many of us. In most of the cases back pain lasts from few days to a few weeks. Rarely can we see back pain prolongs for a month or even longer. If back pain prolongs for a longer duration then it is better to consult a doctor before it aggravates to a serious injury.
Pain management is one of the methods that is used as a treatment to relieve back pain. This treatment ranges from use of nonprescription drugs to massage therapies. Traditional remedies like acupuncture and yoga also form part of this pain management technique.

Simple methods to relieve back pain

Following are the simple and effective steps to get relief from back pain.


There is a misconception that sufficient amount of rest is best for a painful back. In reality what your back really needs when it is hurt is exercise. The more you rest, your back gets weaker during back pain. Regular exercise helps to relieve back pain by strengthening and stretching the muscles that supports the spine. It also helps to prevent future possible injury that can occur to your back.

The simple exercises that you can perform are
Walking and
Stretching exercises.

Losing weight

Losing weight is one of the main remedy for back pain relief. Being overweight can make the back ache and make it even worse. Try to get your muscles in better shape and improve your postures when standing, sitting or sleeping.

Always remember that your head should be in line with your body. You can strain your neck and shoulders if your body is constantly pulling you forward. By following the correct procedure while standing and sitting can give you a good posture and create a vertical line with the body. This makes you appear lesser in weight than the actual weight.

Heating Pads and Ice Packs

If there is any pain or injury to back, try to apply an ice pack. Follow this several times a day with frequent intervals for couple of days. This will help to ease the pain during the course of time. If cold treatment is not successful even after couple of days, use a heat pack. This will relax the muscles and increases blood flow which ultimately leads to a speedy recovery.

Physical Therapy

Rest and exercise are the best forms of physical therapy that can be tried as an option for back pain treatment. Even though it cannot be taken as a permanent solution still it will ease the pain. The different physical therapy techniques used are ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, massage, exercise, and heat. This will relieve muscle spasms, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, relieve pain, and accelerate the healing process in due course of time.

Massage Therapy

Various studies and research has shown that massage therapy is more effective when compared to acupuncture for relieving pain due to muscle spasms. The main benefit of massage therapy includes improved blood circulation which helps to eliminate muscle soreness. It also helps the muscle to relax which helps muscles move without pain.

Water Therapy

Water therapy is used to relieve back pain by relaxing the muscles and getting rid of toxins in the body. These toxins produce pain and inflammation. Water therapy has many benefits which is ideal for everyone who seeks relieve from back pain. Care should be taken that the water temperature should be warm enough to relax muscles, which also helps to relieve pain.

The above said methods are very helpful to get rid of back pain and lead a healthy life.

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Author: Aira07 Aug 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Besides all these thing, I think back pain is also possible when you just sit in one position like i do sometimes and feel backache a lot, it is the largest cause of work-related absence. Back pain can be very uncomfortable, but it is not usually serious.

Pain in your lower back is usually a symptom of stress or damage to your ligaments, muscles, tendons or discs. In some cases, if a nerve in your back is pinched or irritated, the pain can spread to your buttocks and thighs.


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