Importance Of Family planning Programme

Do you know the what are the major problems India was facing? Over Population is one of the those problems. Family Planning is one of the solutions for it. Read this article to get knowledge of Family Planning and its importance

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India is rapidly growing in terms of technology and also population.But as the natural resources of the country are not enough to feed this surplus population,several negative phenomenon are taking place.

In the religious traditions of our country,the family has a respectable place.Families comprising parents,brothers and their wives,their children do have physical strength,economy ,strength and attain name and fame and influence.That's why over the passage of centuries,the concept of family has not lost its significance.If all the members of the family live under the same roof it is called Joint Family.

But because of changes in culture and occupations of people Joint families are becomming increasingly rare.If the entire family is divided in to units,it is called single families or micro family.It consists of a maximum of four people.

As the brothers get themselves divided in each generation,the property gets decreased.The income will be lessened,while expenditure gets increased.It leads to poverty.The education will be spoiled.There will be ill health and facilities also will be reduced.In countries where people have superstitious beliefs,the number of members of the family is increasing resulting in over-population.The present day population is likely to go beyond one thousand crores by the turn of the century.Therefore the united nations organization appealed to all the nations to control the population.It is extremely difficult task to provide shelter,food,clothing ,educational,health facilities and employment to each child that is born on this planet.As large number of people are residing in slums and railway platforms and foot paths,the housing problem assumes serious proportions.As the land does not grow in accordance with the population,the food problem becomes critical.People will be deprived of enough clothing to protect themselves from rain and shine and cold.Crores of people do not have even half a meal for half a day even.There are also crores of people suffering from incurable diseases and they have turned to begging.A careful understanding of the world at large enables us to understand that there are greater number of people who do not have a mouthful to eat.Consequently people are becoming anti-social and are resorting to robbery and murders.Law and order is at stake.Crimes are on a high.The normal life of human beings is completely jeopardized.

As a result of such serious consequences,family planning is the need of the hour.

Steps to be taken to restrict population growth are:

  1. Young men and women who wish to get married should adhere to age restrictions.

  2. The marriageable age should be above eighteen years for woman and above twenty two years for men.
  3. The slogan one or two children should be strictly adopted.
    We all know that China is the biggest country in terms of population.Acknowledging the hazards,it introduced the policy of "one or none". This certainly reduced the population rate.

  4. Family planning methods like husband or wife undergoing family planning operation after they have two children should be strictly implemented.
    The responsibility of the parents and the society does not end in mere begetting of children.We should provide them a happy life and a better future.

  5. Safety measures like contraceptives and tablets must be used during intercourse.

  6. Government should bring awareness to its citizens through communication media like Radio,television,news papers etc.

  7. Apart from this it Government should provide incentives to families who restrict their children to a maximum of two.

  8. Health centers and private organizations should contribute their part in bringing awareness.

  9. It is the duty of every citizen to limit his or her family for the smooth functioning of the society.If no steps are taken by the Indian government to stop rapid population growth,no wonder India may surpass China in near future.

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