Behaviour of Modern Students

Are you parent of a child? Do you want your child should be on top in character and should bring a great name to him/herself. Read this article to know what is the behaviour of the latest generation and what are the tips to be followed

A strong reason for students become unruly is parental neglect. In olden ages, children lived in joint families in which many members of the family gave them time and attention, but now in nuclear families the mothers are rushing to full-time jobs and as a result they do not have the time to spend with their children.

In schools also, the classes are very large with 50-70 students. Teachers are not able to give individual attention to them. A neglected child feels insecure and brings out his unhappiness through violent actions.

Now students are often encouraged to commit crimes like smuggling, kidnapping and even murder for the lure of money, which can be seen in the newspapers as many friends kill each other for the money. Many of them are drug-addicts and they need money for buying costly brown sugar and cocaine. Smugglers and criminals in big cities teach them how to use weapons like pistols, rifles and knife.

An important reason for students becoming criminal minded is that they do not have opportunities for self-expression. Now in the modern world, where is the spare time for a child to play, learn a fine art or practice the hobby he likes?

Every student is over-burdened with learning lessons, preparation for a series of tests, homework etc. The child gets choked with emotions as he does not find any creative hobby or work. His heightened emotions are expressed through violent actions. Another reason for children becoming violent is that they are given unnecessary freedom by their parents and teachers. Some children also have easy access to weapons. They are not taught good behaviour and discipline at their homes or at schools.

Everybody wants to curb the violence among students. But it is a pity that very few steps are taken to solve these problems. I think these steps may improve the scenario if implemented:-

  • The first step towards rectification is to stop children from viewing too many crime and action movies.
  • Parents should guide a growing child in the selection of programmes to be watched on the TV.
  • They themselves should watch only educative, entertaining and useful programmes.
  • Parents should spend enough time with their young children.

  • Full-time jobs and children do not go together.

    Leaving the children with their elders/grandmother is also not enough, because the elders are too old to manage and look after the children in a proper manner. They either neglect the children or pamper them too much, in both cases spoiling them. Also, a home should never be made a place for fighting. The security which a child gets at home makes him emotionally strong.
    As for educational problems, it is high time the system was reoriented and repatterned. The bulk of syllabus has to be reduced and in the schools there should be enough scope for extra-curricular activities and hobbies. A student who has already become violent has to be tackled with sympathy and not punishments as these have a negative effect on the student and develops a hatred for the person.

    If we have to save humanity from terrorist, rapists, kidnappers, and murderers, then we have to teach discipline and decent behaviour to the students who are going to be the future citizens of the world. If we allow them to learn violence and crime, we will be crying over spilt milk in future. Yes, by then it will be too late! SO people reading this please try to take this small step and help educate the student's good manner and sympathy. I have went through this stage in my student life so I know, and I hope that these things and systems will be corrected in the near future!

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