Child, Home and Community

Childhood anxieties are part and parcel of a child's growth. From the moment of its birth, a child has many needs that must be met by adults. Some of these needs, such as the provision of food and shelter, are obvious to everyone. Others, notably those involving a child's emotional development, are perhaps harder to recognize and therefore, easier to neglect.

Recognizing and meeting their children's various physical and emotional needs is a major responsibility of parenthood. In doing so, the parent helps to prepare the child for physical and psychological independence in later years.

A secure and loving relationship is a basic requirement for the well being of any child. A child who is deprived of loving contract in the early years is more likely to experience difficulties in forming close personal relationships in his adulthood.

The Family Context : Many of today's children grow up within a small two generation family unit consisting of father, mother and children. This ‘nuclear' family structure has, in many instances replaced the ‘extended' family structure more typical of earlier generations. In an extended family, a child is surrounded not only by his immediate family but also by aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. This has obvious advantages for a child. Against a general background of care and affection, he has a first hand opportunity to become acquainted with members of different generations. Even from the parents' point of view, an extended family can mean a great deal of on-the-spot support, both emotional and material, and advice-both welcome and unwelcome.

By contrast the nuclear family requires a greater deal of self reliance. In many cases this has been gained by a new sharing of responsibilities – with father participating more fully than ever before in all aspects of domestic and family affairs. In nuclear family system, community, as a whole, plays a major role. Friends and neighbors can fulfill the roles traditionally played by other family members. In consequence the value of a flourishing community is not lost sight of in the present days of rapid social change.

Role Reinforcement – Male/Female concepts : In recent years, there has been a widespread questioning of traditional male and female roles. Women are no longer viewed necessarily as child rearers, nor men as bread winners. This has also led to changing attitudes to parental roles in the family. As a result, a child's imitative play is no longer clearly masculine or feminine in the traditional sense. Many children still prefer the activities and toys traditionally associated with their sex, but others prefer to spend their time playing in style and toys associated with more appropriate to members of the opposite sex.

Parents and Children : No doubt, parents play a pivotal role in a child's life. Hence a close and loving relationship with his parents is very important with his parents is very important for the healthy emotional development of a child.

Parents can help the development of a pre-school child by providing stimulation in the form of toys and playthings that are appropriate to the child's age and ability.

Reading stories to a child and sharing a picture book with him can usefully begin before he is 12 months old. Language development is encouraged and stimulus given to his imagination.

Drawing is an activity that should, if possible, be encouraged in a pre schooler. It familiarizes him with basic materials, helps fine muscle control, and is an excellent means of self expression.

A young child needs plenty of opportunity to broaden his horizons. Even the simplest outing – perhaps to a nearby park – provides him with a wealth of new and stimulating experiences.

In addition to all these, a few minutes set aside each day that the parents regularly devote to a child can be extremely valuable. It allows him to talk through any anxieties and assures him to his parents love.


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