Oil Paints : - Importance, Ingredients and Properties

This article describes about Oil Paints. Read to know about the importance of paints, how they help in everyday use of different material, the ingredients of oil paints and about the different properties of different kinds of paints.

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In my current post I am going to discuss the basic properties and importance of paints in mechanical industries specially in carpentry.

Importance of Paints

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Friends, paints and polishing are used in carpentry or other mechanical shops to fulfill the following requirements : -
> For the prevention of timber i.e. Protectio of wood surface from the moisture and atmospheric changes like temperature change, humidity etc.
> For making the surface decorative. This improve marketing value of the timber.

Ingredients of Oil Paints

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Oil paints consists of the following ingredients : -


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It is the finely ground powder, which after mixing with the oil, is applied on surface. It is the body of the paint. It provides strength to the coated film of the paint.


: -
It acts as carrier of the base material and pigment. Because of the vehicle, the paint can stick to the surface on which it is applied. The commonly used vehicles are linseed oil-raw, single or double boiled, refined, out oil, stand oil etc.


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Pigments are used to impart the colour to the paints. They are available in find powdered form. A good pigment is one which should not change its colour in courses of time and when exposed to whether conditions.

Solvent or Thiner

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As the name indicates, it gives fluidity to the paint. Because of the solvent, the paint easily spread on the surface on which it is applied. Addition of much thiner to paint is avoided. Turpentine is mostly used thiner.


: -
Its work is to dry the paint quickly. Metal compounds are used as drier. Red lead, Zinc sulphate, Lead oxide are used as drier. They are available in liquid forms or paste form.

Properties of Good Paint

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A good paint must posses the following properties : -
> It should dry quickly.
> The good paint should give a very pleasing appearance to the surface.
> It should spread on the surface easily.
> It should form a wear resistance film on the surface.
> It should keep its colour in changes whether conditions.
> Water should have no effect on it.
> It should not crack because of heat.
> It should not stick to other surfaces, after drying.

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