Common Traffic Rules

This article describes about the common traffic rules in India.

Common Traffic Rules

Traffic rules in India are rarely followed by any driver or Road safety in India is not given importance. Whether you drive a two wheeler or four wheeler, just obeying common traffic rules you can avoid accidents helping yourself as well as others.

01. Always keep to left allowing the vehicles from the opposite direction to pass.

02. If your are turning left or right, give way to vehicles going straight. While turning left, keep to the left side of the road and turn close to the left side of the road to which you enter. Always use appropriate side indicators before some distance and switch off, once you turned.

03. Keep adequate distance from the vehicle in front of you to avoid collision, due to sudden brake or stop of the front vehicle.

04. Slow down your at road junctions, intersections and pedestrian or Zebra crossings. Remember that the stopping distance of your vehicle depends on the speed at which you are driving. If you are driving at 40 Kms. per hour, the braking distance would be 22 mts. But if you are driving at 60 Kms. per hour, the braking distance will be 42 mts. At Red signal, do not stop your vehicle on the zebra Crossing but stop it before the stop line. At red lights there are no free left turns as the idea of a free left turn puts pedestrian lives at risk.

05. Do not move your vehicle on the amber/yellow light, Wait few seconds more for the green and move forward.

06. Give way to all traffic on your right, especially at road junctions and round about. Overtake only on the right side and do not overtake on bridges, narrow roads, junctions, school zones and zebra crossings. Do not overtake when one vehicle is already overtaking the vehicle which you want to overtake. Yellow lines should not be crossed, even while over-taking.

06. While driving a Two-Wheeler always use a helmet also same rule applies for the Person sitting at the back of the Two-Wheeler. If you are driving a four wheeler use the seat belt.

07. Always drive with your full concentration and Stick to the speed limit. Try to avoid zigzag driving which may create problems for the other persons on road. Never talk on mobile phones while driving. It will be better to side your vehicle in non crowded area if you have any urgent call to attend. Avoid more honking of the horn in busy traffic or no sound zones. Don't use funny horns or horns produce more noise than the normal decibel level which creates confusion among other drivers causing accident.

08. While driving in night take extra caution, maintain your speed limit as due to low visibility in night time. Don't use beam or high focus light in night which may cause problem for the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

09. What ever urgency you may have, don't drive in wrong way. Such simple mistake sometimes causes bigger traffic problems.

10. Finally, Never drink and drive as your life is precious for your family at least.




Author: Venkiteswaran01 Feb 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The article is a pedestrian one though intended for the drivers.

The rapid advancements in road infrastructures and steady explosion is expanding number of vehicle on the road has put the pedestrians at high risk and mercy of the vehicle drivers and riders. The lobbying by the vehicle manufacturers is so strong that the governments are forced to obey their dictum leaving the pedestrians to their peril. Hence it is imperative for the pedestrians also that the vehicle drivers should obey traffic rules. In fact they are to be implemented strictly.

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