THE CRUSADE(The battle between the Cross and the Cresent)

The crusade is the rigirous military opertion by the Christians to recover the holy land from the Muslims. The holy land for which the Christians and the Muslims fought for is JERUSALEM, this land is considered as a holy land by Christians, Muslims and the Jews. The crusade began when The Pope requested the Christian rulers in Europe to unit and recover the holy land from the Muslims. The Muslims who invaded these area which was a main trade route from the west and the east, they invaded these areas and brought JERUSALEM under their control by defeating the weak Christian ruler .The Pope's call to recover the holy land was accepted by the Christian rulers of Europe, all the rulers joined together and created a massive army. This army consists of all the fine soldiers from different Christian nations in Europe. This massive army has one intension that is to recover the holy land where JESUS CHRIST was crucified. They where carrying massive weapons such as batter rams, siege towers, canons etc. All the rulers unitedly marched towards the holy land JERUSALEM.
The entire Christian army marched towards the holy city, to recover it from Muslim rule and bring it under Christian rule. All the soldiers were carrying their weapons and bags and marching. This massive army had massive problems, they faced many problems. They suffered from dehydration, some suffered from diseases, some were hurt during their marched, they faced these problems because they had to march nearly 5000 miles, from Europe to the middle east. During their march the army became huge because many people joined the army in the way.
They marched the entire 5000 miles and on their way they defeated and recovered small cities from muslim rule.In one incident after defeating the Muslims in the city the crusaders eat them, this incident sent shock waves among the Muslims in the holy city, this incident caused fear about the crusaders.The massive army lost many of its soldiers in the fight and to injuries, there were few hundereds left in the army that contained thousands, but they were determined to recover the holy city.
They struggled a lot to get to their destination, they were completely exhaused and tired. But they were determined to recover the holy city, they put all their trust in God and prepared for the final battle to capture the city for which they have marched thousands of miles and faced many problems.
Finally they neared the wall of JERUSALEM, the muslim soldierd were prepared to resist the invaders. The battle was massive the death toll on both sides were heavy, but the battle continued upto night. Both sides were furious fighting, the Muslims trying to proctect the penetration of the invaders into the city, the Christians trying to penetrate into the city. For the Christians the massive wall that sorrounds the city was a big obstacle, so they needed to penetrate the wall quickly.They worked out a plan and they diverted the attention of the Muslims and used the cover of the dark to move and carefully place a seige tower near the wall. It was difficult to take the seige tower that extend because the Muslims would sent flaming arrows and burn it, since they were diverted the Christians were able to move the seige tower that close.
The finally broke the massive wall of the city and all the Christian soldiers who were waiting out sides the city poured into the city and they fought vigorously with the Muslims. The battle was legendary, finally the Muslims were defeated and the Christian forces became victorious. They expelled the Muslim ruler from the city and took the city under their control. After the first crusade the holy city was under Christian rule. But the battle for the holy city is not over , the defeated Muslims were awaiting a chance to invand and capture the city again.
Salladin an eminent Muslim ruler invander the holy city to recapture the city. Since the Christian rule was weak and his support was several miles away he was badly defeated be salladin and the holy city fell under muslim rule again. The Christian rulers in Europe again united together and marched to recover the holy city, this time the Christian army was headed by Richard The Lion Hearted. Even Salladin feared the Lion Hearted. But he became ill and died on the way to the holy city, but the Christians marched with determination to recover the holy city. They reached the holy city and fought with all might but they were unsuccessful, they were defeated by the strong muslim ruler Salladin. This second crusade by the Christians were in vain.
This crusade is a battle between the cross and the crescent. It is the battle between two civilizations between two great empires. The stories of crusade are been told in muslim communities even now. This great historic event has created fear, respect and endurance.


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