The Secrets to have Good Health

Some important health tips to maintain a healthy and fit body.

Every one likes to have or maintain good health and we often do a variety of things to maintain Good Health and some how or the other we try to maintain. Most of the time when the context of good health comes up we thing of physical fitness but there are many dimensions for good health and let us explore the secrets or rules for a good health.

Death is one such thing that every one fears and to avoid this we try many things to so that we may have good health and live long but when we look at the history of civilization over the centuries the cause of death has changed. It was through wars and natural calamities in the early civilization. When civilization started expanding or exploring other parts of the world then it was due to poor sanitation and living conditions and the major factor being the infectious disease such as cholera, plague etc.

With the advancement in Medical sciences the communicable diseases were nearly eradicated. But today the major killer is modern lifestyle due to high levels of stress, sedentary lifestyle, high level of obesity and others transforming into diseases like heart attacks, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetics and others chronic ailments.

Now the question is one cannot change the job or quit the job to reduce stress but the most basic solution to all of these is to modify lifestyle and follow some simple rules of good health.

The following will help one to have good heath if followed.

1. Annual Medical Check : Let me give you an example of my own life. I had served the Armed Forces for almost over 12 years and because of the regular medical check up I could understand where I am heading and always maintained my physique and health but once when I came out of the forced I could see the transformation of my physique in a negative side that is I started to put up weight and also fat and my tummy started to increase and when I thought of this I could release that in the past few years I did not have a medical check done for my body.

It is most important for all of us including children to have a medical check at least once in a year. A medical check up helps the individual to identify the current health status and lifestyle ailments if detected early can be controlled but if left untreated can result in heart attacks and other killer diseases which could have been avoided if only we are aware of our health situation.

2. Moderate and Regular Exercise : Again coming back to me I used to have regular exercises while in the Armed Forces either by force or out of own will but was ding them and maintained a good health and I used to complete a race of 1.6 km in eight minutes and would not feel tired but now if I walk for few distance I feel tired and I could understand that this is because of lack of exercises to my body and again started doing them.

The reason is that excess food intake will yield to obesity which causes blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and many other ailments. Eating the right food along with daily exercise will keep the body healthy and fit. This ensures prevention from ailments. The daily exercise program can be about an hour and should be according to age and capacity.

The most common exercise for everyone is walking, jogging or stamina exercise which will strengthen the heart and lungs. Free hand exercises will benefit the muscles and joints. Yoga is also a good form of exercise.

3. Eating the Right Food : Eat well be well is the age old mantra but now a days this is not followed and the most common excuse is lack of time. Eating the right food in the right quantity at right time is a good habit. We know that too much of sugar is associated with diabetes, too much of salt is associated with high blood pressure, too much of fat is associated with heart attacks, eating commercial foods is associated with cancer.

High fiber diet compromising vegetables and fruits is protective against all these ailments. We should eat a balanced diet comprising of white meat, lentils and grains, fruits and vegetables and dairy products such as skimmed milk etc.

One should avoid excess sugar, salts and commercial foods. A large breakfast, a moderate lunch and a light dinner provides the right quantity of food at the right time.

Generally speaking our daily food intake must comprise a balance diet of 1500 to 2000 kilo calories with fiber above 75 gm and low fat below 30 gm is required.

4. Stress Management and Meditation : These days most of us suffer with stress which leads to many diseases and one classis example is my wife who is having headache in her fore head and when diagnosed it was reveled that she is having sleeping stress i.e she is not having proper sleep and because of which she is suffering with head ache which is severe. This is one of the many diseases which a human being can have if in stress.

As physical activity is important for good health also mental relaxation is an important issue for health. Mental tension and stress causes a whole range of psychosomatic ailments including headaches, insomnia, asthma, ulcers, blood pressure, sexual dysfunction etc.

Stress is caused due to problems relating to work, home, daily routine, crisis and even personality. Stress can be managed with a problem solving behaviour changing approach for long term management. Exercise provides a healthy antidote to burn stress harmones. Meditation and relaxation helps create a calm yet focused frame of mind. Hobbies such as music, painting reading etc also helps manage stress and sleep is in fact natures best stress reduction formula.

5. Avoid Smoking, Alcohol and Paan : The major known cause of cancer is smoking. The other causes include an inappropriate diet, excessive alcohol intake, environmental pollution and occupational hazards including dust, radiation, chemicals etc. These must be certainly avoided but if adequate measures like reducing alcohol gradually and then stopping and quitting smoking helps in reducing cancer.

6. Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) and Dental Care : Prevention is better than cure and this most relevant to health. Periodical check up of ENT and dental will help in maintaining good health.

7. Safety : While it is general that older age group usually succumbs to heart attacks and cancer younger age groups below 30 years will probably succumb to automobile accidents, which is a major killer for this age group. Safety compliance such as wearing helmet, using a seat belt, keeping within the speed limits, not taking alcohol before driving will help in a long way in reducing automobile accidents.

Sexual safety is perhaps more important and lack of sexual safety has resulted in spectrum of AIDS. Adherence to monogamous sexual relationship and the use of condoms is a must. A breast self examination is also a preventive and early detection step from cancer.

Take a positive step, make a few changes in your life style and see the change in your health. A healthy man is a wealthy man.

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