Money and Fame Ruins Talent

Hello ISC,

Today everybody is asking for
what happened to our PACE ACE Ishant Sharma he's not as good as he used to be,
What happened to the SWING MASTER Irfan Pathan why he's not able to bowl the same inswinging bowl that he used as a secret weapon that nobody has answered for,
What has happened to the first Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza, why she's not playing as she was once when she first entered the grand slam against Serena Williams ? These are some of the topics on which the whole India talks only when they are in news but only a few thinks beyond the certain limits and comes out with their own kind of judgement and suggestion.

The answer to all the above question is MONEY AND FAME. all the above super players were once nothing to India but at a very small age the burden of so much NAME,FAME and MONEY has played a great role in destroying their most valuable talent that god has cherrished them with.

All the Stars made a block buster entry to the sporting world and made all the senior players recognise them as a born to play kind talent.
But as soon as they got huge fann following with them,
huge responses from the crowd,
huge gathering at the places where they went ,
huge amount for signing for a endorsement advertisement.

They have got everything at such a small age and with that they forgot what actually they were and what they are becoming.They all ruined their career in sports with their own hands as a success is made not only through the talent you have in you but there is always a need of hard work for being so consistent and at the top of the world as everymoment there is someone who is pulling your legs and tries to put you down from that top position and get on the top.

This is my analysis that i think is right and so these type fo things should be taken care of.

Apart from all this there are many players who are not yet affected by there NAME ,FAME adn MONEY and all those players are now called the legends of the Game as they are so consistent in their game , they so so very best at what they are born for.

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