My TechM Interview Experince

Hi folks,

Tech Mahindra was my second company, and I joined TechM on July, 2008. I still remember the mental trauma I was facing at that time. I had resigned from my company and it was the successive third month that I was sitting idle, no work, no salary and lot of depression. I was eagerly waiting for an interview for any IT company, though on that period of recession, it was difficult to get an interview on your way. I have been getting chances for call centres, but I wanted to be in the IT industry and didn't care about the BPOs much.
After three months of long waiting, I was obviously desperate and determined to come back to Kerala, as it was difficult to manage my expense there with no salary. I packed my luggage, met all my friends and bid them; it was really one of the worst times of my life.

On the evening, one day before my return journey, I got a call from my friend, saying that TechM is conducting walk-in interview tomorrow. I was a bit hopeful, though I didn't feel anything positive. I decided to go for the interview as my bus was on 7 P.M; I thought its better, not to lose any opportunity, as we really cannot predict anything in our life!

My roommate, who was also facing the same situation as mine, decided to come with me. Every document was handy with us as we were searching jobs for the last three months. We arranged the documents in a file and ensured that we haven't missed anything. We got up early and surely minded to dress well, and could manage to reach the location, which was TechM office itself by 8 A.M. There were reasonable crowd when we reached there, most of them looked like experienced. We went to the security guys and they gave us the visitor's card. Then we moved to the place where all the candidates were sitting and filling some form. We also were provided form by the HR guy there. The form contained questions regarding our personal information, and we filled it quickly. Soon after submitting the form, the HR told us that you can go for the written test for fresh graduates. We were surprised to hear that we have been considered as freshers, though we both had 8 months of experience with a prestigious firm. We inquired about it and they told us that less than one year experience is counted as zero experience. That was sad news for us. Anyway, we moved to the room where written test were held.

There were 29 people for the test and I found quite comfortable there. We were given booklets, before the test starts we had plenty of time to read and understand the rules. There were negative marks for each wrong answer and I determined to be extra cautious this time. There were 120 questions and 90 minutes. I felt little tensed but not of course worried as I had my train tickets reserved already! The test was had all kinds of questions from English, reasoning and Mathematics. Out of 29, only 5 could make it among which I and my friend were there.

Next round was a technical round, and we were waiting outside the room. One guy left right after the written as he was not satisfied the salary they were offering, and the count reduced to 4. There were interviews going on for some people and we enquired the kind of questions they were asked. Everyone was asked whether they were willing to relocate to Noida and work in shift apart from the technical stuff. When my turn came only we four were there in that floor as candidates and I felt more comfortable.

My interview lasted for 30 minutes where I was asked 20 questions and all from my graduate stream, Mathematics. It was not at all easy questions for me as the interviewer had depth knowledge in Mathematics. I feel no shame to disclose that I didn't answer any technical questions. I replied all the questions “I am not sure", “I am sorry, I have no idea", “I am afraid that I am not able to answer this question" etc but I could sound confident in what I said. The interviewer literally asked me which university gave you this much a higher percentage in Mathematics. I really felt ashamed of myself, I answered him, “I was good at my studies and I really believe that I deserve that marks. I am sure that I can prove it if I get a chance that, if I was given proper training, I could make it possible". He didn't say anything though. Then the expected question about relocation and shift came; I told him the well prepared answer that I am ready to work anywhere in the glob if I was given a chance and working in differ shifts would be really helpful as I am ready accept changes. I didn't notice any difference in his face after hearing my scripted answer. I was told to wait outside and my friend was called in. His interview lasted for 20 minutes and he came out with a big smile that he could answer all the questions. But he said ‘no' to ‘relocation and shift' question.

When the results came, I got selected along with other two, but my friend was not. I really felt sad for him. He was such a nice guy that he told me that he will wait for me. By that time, I was called for the HR round of interview. HR interview is always easy as it was all about yourself and you either need to honest or you should sound honest even if you are lying. We all got through it as well.

The two guys along with me were told to give a voice and accent test and I was called into sign the “Employment Letter". I was told to join one week later, and to collect my offer letter directly from the office that day. I was more happy but sorry for my friend.

After reaching in Kerala, I didn't get a call from the HR saying that there will be a telephonic round of interview as well. I was tensed whether any confusion had happened. Telephonic round was nothing but HR kind of questions, which I could answer easily. Two days after that, I received another call, another telephonic interview which was completely focussed on why I left my previous company. I did tell them the truth. Again I received a call, from the same person and that time he wanted to know about Kerala. That was the real voice and accent interview where my language, voice modulation and such things would have tested. After two days of that call, I received an email asking me to join the company after two weeks, by that time it was almost one month after my direct interview. But I was happy that I got through it.

The interesting part is the person who had taken my technical and telephonic interview turned out to be my project manager. He was a very friendly and inspiring personality. When I got a chance to ask him why he selected me despite of answering any questions, he told me that our project has nothing to do with the Mathematics; I just wanted to test how you would react to my questions. That was a big lesson for me in my life. It was then I understood the importance of behaving.

I have learnt that even if you are saying wrong, be confident and pleasant. Sometimes, we can hide a small mistake with a small smile!

I wish everyone great success in your career and interviews.

Thanks and Regards,


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