A Guide For Buying Headphones

Today, people are much confused on what exactly to buy when it comes to brand names of headphones and it is really weird to see that there are so many varieties of headphones. But people should take care of some things before considering it to be the correct time before buying a headphone. So I am writing a guide for this thing, named as headphone.

Style & Kinds - There are several styles of headphones. All give a new impression and in most of the case the style is not involved with the performance of the headphone.

In The Ear Types or Earbud Types - This type hearphone is goes inside the ear, sometimes stays in the outer part whereas somehow goes deep inside. This type headphones basically provide with nice detail. This is suitable to most of the people and basically they cover a big range of budget also. Most of them always are delicate but then they make you feel very light as their main portion or the earbuds are the only weight of the headphone. Examples are like the SE HPM 70. Basically people know how they look, but still people who don't, here is the visual example.

Over The Head Types - The headphones which go over the head like a covering are known as the over the head headphones. They look quite trendy to people but often not to them who love the earbuds and neckband type. They are always like heavier than the earbuds due to their big size of the speakers and they often come with the option to change the header size. Examples is the Sennheiser HD 465. The visual example is provided-

Neckband Types - This is the weirdest type of headphones which goes through the back of the neck. This type of the thing looks trendy to most of them. Sometimes they come with earbuds like they came in the case of the Motorokr and mostly they come with mig sizer speakers which make them quite trendy and handsome. I hope girls rarely prefer them. Example is the Sennheiser PMX40 whose visual is down this text.

Comfort - This is something that is rather personal and also occupational. It is what type you need and which one will impress with the most without any physical irritation and restlessness. This should be kept in mind because while listening to music through headphones always one wants to be free and relaxed. One never wants to keep moving and fixing the headphones rather than listening to it and enjoying the sizzling tracks.

Now lets take an example of a market manager. He will keep traveling here and there but he won't like to have a neckband, at least according to me, because in many of the times he would feel like it is falling and it would also carry on scratches on the headphone which would make it ugly gradually. Rather he would prefer small earbuds that would fit in and also won't get him into trouble. But if we see in the case of a marathon runner who is fond of running but he can't avoid music. He would prefer more the headband types and he would like to make it too tight so that he can enjoy the running as well as his favorite tracks. Also a street walker and a free student or dude would have no problem with any neckbands.

When it comes to comfort, as i said previously also, people have different tastes with the carrying works and occupations in most of the times. Need to have a great attention to this aspect as always we will curse ourselves if we got ourselves a good headphone but not made for each other and which provides you troubles.

Brand - Ah, this is the time when people need to be very very careful. Some people have favorite brands of their owns. But then this does not mean that you simply neglect the other features in other products of other brands as well. But brands always make a difference to the persons mentality if it is a worthy brand. The owner is satisfied of having a safe thing from a suitable as well as a undoubted brand. However, as i say, no one needs to be less concerned about the performance of the product. Some famous and well set brands are Sennheiser, Bose, JBL, Sony, Creative, Altec lansing. Anyhow most of the sources consider the Sennheiser to be the king and others as their rivals. They really have great products in the high ends. Anyways this totally depends on the users choice.

Performance - Performance of the headphone is a thing about most of the people don't know and are not interested to talk about the technical things. Some of the things need to be kept in the mind.

Frequency Range - On the back of every headphone box, the specs are written, at least on most of them. There is a word there frequency about which you know that it defines the pitch. So this means that the more is the range from the least starting to the most ending. This is good because if the headphone has the high range then it can give you nice details of music without bursting of the sound. When the frequency range is high which means that when you have a range from the lower to the higher type the ability of the headphone to provide you with certain detail increases. This is due to some details that are not within the range of the headphone and unless the headphone can handle those frequencies, it cannot be heard and that is why the user can miss the details. Although in most of the times these details are very very small or short duration stuffs but then also they possess certain tonic to the track which can give a better taste. The frequency response or the frequency range is a big phenomena here and the main thing it defines is the detail observation of different frequencies. For example the frequency range of the Creative EP - 630 is 6Hz to 23kHz

As Per The Volume Of The Sound - As per the volume of the sound, different headphones perform different. Most of the cheap kind of headphones break down when provided with a huge of volumes. Anyways this is not a thing that you can know just by looking at the headphone but all you can do is that you can read reviews and here opinions. The best headphones according to me are those which perform better in extreme volumes, that means in very low volumes and in very high volumes. This thing also defines the life of the headphone somehow. Although most of the headphones have enough power to handle the big and very big loudness but sometimes the small earbuds lack this power. Not only the volume capacity is important here but also that the input power also is a important aspect for the safe working or functioning of the headphone. This input power is the amount of energy or electricity that can or should be inputted to the headphone. It simply is measured in milliwatts or mW. The maximum input of the Creative EP 630 for example is 20mW. If the headphone is supplied with more than that (it is not seen anyhow that frequently) the headphone can become problematic and it will stop working as the internal parts may short curcuit.

Clarity - Clarity is defines as the quality of sound that supports the comprehension of detail and the distinct separation of individual sounds and articulations. This simply means the detail provided to you. Sometimes in the case of low quality headphones you miss certain beeps and jingles which you get to gear up in the high performance clarity headphones. The best clarity according to me is provided in the sennheiser and creative headphones.

Bass - Bass means the thumps you get on your tracks while listening to them. This makes people crazy and this is the reason that bass is the biggest requirement of people who are eager to have a headphone. The best bass is provided by Creative, Sennheiser and Sony headphones as per many observations made. Basically the bass depends on the amount of output provided by the main resource that gives the headphones with the sound that is why i said something in point number 5 and also highlighted the thing. This bass of the headphone is basically dependent on which type or what type is the output clarity that i previously said, but the bass of the headphone or anything, i mean the resource as well is defined by frequencies ranging between 100Hz to 125Hz mainly. This means that even if you have a headphone with bad sound quality, but you can alter that frequency range from the resource to obtain better bass experience. Anyways this is a trick type thing. And for treble lovers the mystery lies between 1KHz to 3KHz mainly. When the bass of the headphone is too much sometimes, it is a basic observation that when the treble is not that great, sometimes much of the detail goes to be hidden, so in this case, we need a headphone that deals in a nice way with the bass withstanding with nice treble also. So when there is a bass experience, one also needs a bit more treble. This does not means that headphone does not play the treble details but it is we who find it difficult to distinguish the detail from between of too much of thumping bass, another wise it does not make that big problem. The best bass thump is provided by Sennheiser, Philips, Sony, and Creative and also Bose is the champion in the high end.

Neodymium Drivers - This is a nice thing. Basically neodymium is a magnetic thing, and hence a metal. The neodymium drivers are very strong for the oscillatory motions that goes in the headphone drivers. So the neodymium drivers are a nice performers. They can please you with great frequencies like 4Hz to 42KHz also. They are nice but sometimes we find it costly to have them. This transducer is a thing which deals with great experience of audio detail or clarity. Example of such transducer possessing headphone is Creative EP 630 which has 8mm Neodymium magnet transducers for outstanding audio clarity and detail.

Volume Capacity - As the frequency range, we also get the volume capacity printed on most of the boxes on the back. The volume here means the amplitude of the sound that a headphone can actually withstand. Here on the boxes or anywhere, when one needs to know about the volume capacity of the headphone, one finds units in dB. dB is a subunit of amplitude which stands for decibels. The more the decibels, the more the volume handling capacity. It is a thing one should know because sometimes when we use a headphone which is not capable to withstand such volumes that are out of their reach, the headphone driver gets torn and thus the headphone is useless. So it is necessary somehow to get a knowledge to understand the capacities of the headphone. This dB unit capacity interacts with the performance of the headphone at high volumes.

Noise Cancellation - As you know that there is a saying in english that the cry of one person is the music of other while noise for someone else. While listening to music many ambient sounds come from the surrounding areas from where the user is situated enjoying the. The noise that comes from the surrounding areas is known as ambient sound. The noise canceling headphones provide with better experience of muzik and their clarity.

Basically there are two types of noise canceling headphones, active and passive. The passive headphones are the general type headphones which are not possessing a special technique or technology to cancel the noise. The only thing that cancels noise in the case of passive noise canceling headphones is their structure. Basically found, the earbuds type headphone are the best passive noise canceling headphones. This is because their structure is something like this that they always tend to block some of the ambient noise from their structure like the earbuds go deep into the ears and block the ambient noise to enter the ears, and also their outside structure is built in such a way that it does not allow the noise to come in directly. The another type is known as the active noise canceling headphones. They basically have a special make that means they possess a special technology that cancels the noise. Now let us go deep into this. These headphones are never less costly than the passive noise canceling headphones because of the presence of some special hardwares and technologies in their case. The main it they does is that the headphone itself produces something to overcome the ambient noise. What does it do? It produces certain frequencies that can overcome the ambient noise. Let us see how is it done.

The frequencies of sound have to characteristics namely, compressions(crest) that is the compression of the medium (of course air here) and rarefactions(troughs) are the relaxing areas in the medium. They themselves produce such frequencies equivalent to the ambient noise to overcome or cancel them. So the noise canceling headphones, as i told have certain hardwares also. They have a small mic inside their structure which listens to the frequencies of the ambient noise at the same time providing the pleasure of music to the user. This noise is analyzed by a circuit or processor inside the headphone itself and then there is a separate speaker which produces the anti-noise frequencies. This whole phenomenon is known as a special thing called destructive interference. The reason is already explained because it acts like a destroyer of the ambient noise. Anyways, the first noise canceling headphones were manufactured by BOSE company and today also BOSE is doing heavens in the case of noise canceling headphones, probably the best ones. These headphones, the active ones, are always costly than the passive ones because their construction is so complicated. So never just get excited by reading on the box, noise canceling headphones on a headphone costing 0.5k. To get real or active noise canceling headphones one needs to spend at least 3k or 4k to obtain them.

The Bose QuietComfort 2 costing Rs. 17,000 and

The Bose QuietComfort 3 costing Rs. 21,000 and

The Bose Aviation Headset X costing Rs. 67,000

Price & Compatibility - Always known the price of any stuff is a big factor for making a purchase of anything. In the case of headphones, we can get headphones for Rs. 50 also. The thing to be concentrated on here is what is the need of the headphone and using what thing will it be used. If someone needs a headphone to listen to a simple Nokia 6085, i hope no one will like to waste thousands of bucks for owning a great bose or sennheiser breed. Instead why not get yourself a something that is enough keeping in mind the capacity of the phone or PMP or anything equivalent to the headphone. There is no meaning of wasting money to buy a great headphone for a source that will give a dull output and not satisfying the headphone with full output quality. This needs to be kept in mind that what thing is playing the headphone. If it is a good quality headphone which is costly but the resource is having a idiotic and dull output with no clarity and bass effect then it would be called foolishness on big scale. But if it is a standard quality headphone used with a resource having enough quality to the maximum of the headphone then it is intelligence here.

Some of the preferred (recommendable) models according to me are as follows

Sennheiser HD435 - Rs. 3,100
Sennheiser HD437 - Rs. 1,700
Sennheiser HD202 - Rs. 1,600
Sennheiser HD555 - Rs. 6,000
Sennheiser HD515 - Rs. 5,000
Sennheiser HD485 - Rs. 4,500
Sennheiser PMX 200 - Rs. 3,150
Creative EP 630 - Rs. 950
Creative EP 635 - RS. 1,000
Creative HS 400 - Rs. 1,250
Creative HN 700 - Rs. 4,200
Creative HS-600 - Rs. 2,400
Bose QuietComfort 2 (Active Noise Cancellation) - Rs. 16,500
Sony MDR-EX90LP - Rs. 5,490
Sony MDR-NC7 - Rs. 4,500
Sony MDR-EX76LP/B - Rs. 2,090
Sony MDR-EX85LP/B - Rs. 2,990
Sony MDR-EX35LP/B - Rs. 1,290
Sony MDR-EX33LP/G - Rs. 1,290
Sony MDR-EX32LP/B - Rs. 1,100
Sony MDR-EX55SL/B - Rs. 1,490


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