Technology effects on Earth

Technology has crossing its own limits day-by-day. Yeah we have may advantages in this development but mind you we have disadvantages too. In present world Mining and Digging has become a serious threat in destroying the earth

Organic Nature of earth

The organic frame of the earth as explained by Carolyn Merchant has been based on various arguments put forward by the philosophers and the scholars of the past. The organic frame lay stress on assuming the earth to be living .But the contemporary Science would not agree with the organic nature of the earth. Although it sustains diverse living forms but asserting the earth itself to be a living entity as done in geochemical theory which compares the earth to be the living body, with breath, blood ,sweat and elimination systems cannot be applauded.

Viewing nature as human figures has been a legacy of mankind. Various unexplained phenomena were treated as emotions as shown by these godly personalities. For instance the occurrence of earthquake was perceived as the elimination system of the earth or the growing of baser metal into gold was compared to a child in mother's womb.

How Technology Effect Earth?

At first glance these analogies may start a train of thoughts which may compel anyone to believe that the earth is living. From this view point the mining activities can be perceived as heinous as digging into the nook and crannies of a woman body. The Renaissance image of the female earth was strengthened with greed, avarice, and lust involved in the mining. The organic frame work was a hindrance in the commercial development of earth and technological innovation throughout Western Europe. Had these images would not have been washed out with the evolution of Science, the world would have struck in the Renaissance period and the industrial revolution could not have ever started. Metals laid the foundation stone for the modern world and it was Georg Agricola who first advocated for legalizing and promoting mining activity.

Mining and Digging - Serious Threat in Destroying the Earth

Associating the malfunctions and monstrosities seen in our society in form of differently abled person or some major natural calamity cannot be associated with the earth showing its rage on humans. These occurrences occur either due to some biological fault or changes in the geology of the earth. Believing the earth to be an organism and treating any sort of mining and digging to be crime cannot be claimed as rational opinion as it has to be done to meet the needs and purpose of the society but respecting the rights of various other life forms like plants, animals etc. is a moral duty of us. Organic nature of earth if taken in account is to be perceived in association with other life form and not the earth itself. If at all we want to show respect to the earth which is considered to be our mother, we can do so by conserving and preserving the bountiful nature around us. These restrictions were put in the past in order to avoid misuse of these resources and to maintain the nature the way it is from the beginning. But these restrictions could not face the needs of the mankind and gradually the concept of organic nature of the earth decayed.

But the modern world is facing serious threats in form of global warming, green house effect, pollution and a lot more. These problems have made us think on reworking the organic nature of the earth. But this time it by practicing our technologies in eco friendly way. The world has to move towards sustainable development and this is only possible if we live in harmony with the nature. The mining activities has to be put under control in order to avoid pollution, and we will have to conserve and protect our forests and wildlife to maintain the ecological balance in nature. The modern organic view of earth has to be in effect for the mankind to live on this earth.

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