What to do when exams are near?

Are you worried about what to do when your examinations come near? Read this article to know about what all can be done before exams like making notes, Meditating, practicing on question papers, eating healthy food, revising and last month revision of your notes.

Students often get nervous when exams are near. This can be avoided by following some easy methods.

My article is focused at the situation when the exams are just three to four months away. I have seen students who have studied throughout the year but have performed low their ability and examinations. There are many things that a student should bear in mind in order to get good marks in examinations.
Exams three months away. Make a good study plan.
Make a time table for all the topics. Give more time to topics in which you are weak. And you have to honestly follow them. Try to finish the syllabus during a specified time.

If you sleep for six hours a day, reduce it to five hours
Yes, when exams are three to four months away, spend your time judiciously. Suppose you sleep six hours a day, and then sleep for five hours. What I want to say, give more time to studies. Also it's a normal phenomenon for students to watch television. If you watch television for two hours a day, then make it one hour. If this practice is followed, then it will also help you to control yourself even from watching your favorite programs. The time which you have diverted to studies will surely pay dividends in terms of good marks.

Make notes
This is a very powerful tool to get good marks in exams. If you make your own notes, you can frame your own answer, something which all examiners want to see. Suppose in a class of thirty students, five students have answered a question in their own way, extracting important points from the textbook. The examiner will definitely acknowledge this effort by giving extra marks and even by overlooking small mistakes in other answers.

And think of a situation when all students have written the same answer from a solution book. In that case, if you have made a small mistake, then it attracts the examiner to deduct marks.
Notes can be easily prepared within a very short time. If you prepare notes on a topic, you can almost answer all questions which are in context with that particular section.

Make notes of all the topics

Write the answers and make your study room your exam room
Make your study room look like the exam hall. Don't play computer games in between studies.

Meditation has been proved to be beneficial to improve concentration. And this is strongly recommended for students. Within one month of regular concentration of ten minutes every day, the concentration levels will increase greatly.

Practice the question papers

Practice makes a man perfect. This applies to students too. At the end of a particular chapter, take out the question papers of that chapter and finish it within the specified time.

Eat healthy food

During exams, or days before exams try to have a good diet. Your diet should have low fat and it should be light.
Don't take any kind of risky sports
I know a person who was a great footballer. Just a month before exams, he was badly injured while playing football. He could not appear in the exam that particular year.

Revise, revise and revise
You have to revise what you have studied. You should have full grip over the whole syllabus. If you finish a topic today, revise it tomorrow too. And revise it in a periodic manner. It will definitely provide you the confidence during exams.

Last month: read all your notes

During last month before exams, read all your notes. This is the most crucial time. Just go through all the notes and revise all the concepts that you have covered.

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Author: K Mohan22 Dec 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

I think this is the greatest task before any student who ventures to write the exams. I personally feel that there should not be a problem for a performing student in the class daily. Students have the habit of mugging up the portions on the eve of exams. Instead they should go for revisions on daily basis by understanding important features of portions daily. One more good habit which I taught to my children is to move one step ahead in studies.That means he is habituated to study the next day portion today itself, and that will make him more ease to understand what the teachers explain and there is no scope for any doubts. Believe it or not, my children never panicked for exams and they were living normally on exam days and continue to get section top rank from pre primary to till date.

Author: Partha K.30 Mar 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A nice article! I submit my own view in this regard:-

(a) The style and technique for the examination are very important. The student must start examination-oriented study at least three months before the final examination.
(b) Time-table is a must. All the subjects must be read. The subjects in which the student is weak should be studied more, but no subject should be neglected.
(c) The previous years' question papers must be studied and the pattern of questions must be noted. Students must prepare accordingly.
(d) Students must learn to write answers according to the mark allocated to a question. He/She should not write more when the allotted mark is less and vice-versa.
(e) The examinees should not be tensed and avoid rumours. He/She should avoid social media before the examinations.

Hard and systematic work is the key to success during the examinations. The article is a good attempt by the author and I recommend this to the young examinees.

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