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Supplement Your Education with Part-Time Work Opportunities in Australia for International Students

Australia is a popular study abroad destination for Indian students as well as for students from other parts of the world. It's true that it is famous among the students for its high-quality and internationally acclaimed education system. But this is not the only reason why a large number of students apply to study in Australia. Its climate and tourist destinations are also chief attractions for students across the world. Read on to know more about the study opportunities in Australia to excel your career.

5 Top MBA specializations in overseas B-Schools

Business schools around the world offer certain specializations for deeper understanding of management subjects. Find out which are some of the most popular international MBA specializations reflecting business trends today.

Demystifying USA student Visa procedures from UAE

Over the years, USA universities have been considered the strongest magnet attracting the talented group of students across the globe. Read this article to demystify the USA student visa procedures and study in some of the best universities in the world.

Top Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

Are you an aspirant Indian student looking for the top countries for studying abroad? In this article, I have provided the list of top study abroad countries. Hope you will find it helpful.

Basic things to know about studying abroad

Are you dreaming to study abroad? If yes, then this article is for you. You will find some important points which you must be remember before taking admission in a university abroad. Please read this article if you are going to study abroad.

Study abroad LLM Maritime Law programme at University of Southampton, UK

Are you looking for information on a maritime law course offered by a foreign university? This article provides complete information about the one year LLM in Maritime Law programme offered by the the University of Southampton, UK. You will get details of the eligibility requirements, programme fee, scholarship offered, etc.

How to ace an MBA interview despite a bad answer

A bad answer during an MBA interview will not bring your overall impression down, if you can keep your confidence up. Find out how students applying to overseas MBA schools can recover from weak answers during the MBA interview.

Reasons to study abroad

Studying abroad is a common thing now. But quite a lot of people have inhibitions regarding studying abroad. They don't know when to apply for studying abroad. They don't feel good about getting relocated to a new place. They fear that problem could arise from monetary issues. I tried to stress upon the valid reasons of why one should be studying abroad. So anyone can read this and decide the right time to switch the academics to abroad.

How to apply for SBI Global Ed-Vantage loan for UG, PG, Ph.D. studies abroad

Want to avail of educational loans to study engineering in a foreign country? SBI has launched the SBI Global Ed-Vantage loan scheme for Indian students to study abroad in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. This article provides complete information about the loan application process and the academic streams, including engineering, for which students can avail of the loan.

Tips for tuning an Indian mindset for study abroad

Are you planning to study abroad? Do you know how studies, lifestyle, habits differ in abroad universities as compared to India? Are you aware of what it takes, what habits to change and what mindset to have and perform well in a university abroad? Read this article to know more and prepare your own action plan to settle down in a place of your choice in a program of your choice. I am sure this article will be an aye opener for you and will enable you to get a different perspective to life abroad for a stu

Protect Yourself from Scams Targeting International Students

Indian students keen on studying abroad often find themselves being cheated by thugs posing as immigration officials, scholarship and loan providers etc. Find out about some common scams that international students face from con-artists when they prepare to leave their homes to study abroad.

Getting ready to write a Recommendation for studies abroad

Are you looking out for study abroad? Are you in the process of recommendation pre preparation so that the recommender can write the LOR? Do you know what goes into a good LOR which can fetch you a scholarship and who are the right people ones to provide a recommendation? This article will definitely guide you to find the right recommenders and provide the right information to prepare LOR. A good LOR hence will lead you to get a scholarship or teaching assistant ship. Come join me in reading this article.

How to ace behavioral event-based interviews

Behavioral Event-Based interview questions are growing more common in interviews to MBA programs. Find out how to prepare stories of your professional and personal experiences for behavior-focused questions.

How to earn money while studying abroad

Are you going to pursue your higher studies in a foreign university and want to know how you can earn money while studying abroad? This article provides useful tips and guidance on various ways to earn while studying abroad.

How to pursue MBBS Course with less expenditure by Indian students abroad

One of the most interested professional course of Indian students after Intermediate is MBBS Course. The aspirants for this course are many many more times more than the seats offered by MCI every year. So many of the students going abroad to pursue this course. In this article I gave a clear account of what steps the students have to follow to ensure to get a proper certificate after successful completion of their course which can be recognized by India or elsewhere in the world.

How to get funding for studying abroad

Looking for financial aid for Indian and international students to study abroad? This article provides some important tips on how to quickly get financial aid to study abroad. You will also get a list of the best websites which provide information on financial assistance for students to pursue studies abroad.

Medical study in Bangladesh

Nowadays Indian students are exploring newer destinations for pursuing higher studies including medical education. Then why not Bangladesh? Let us explore the opportunity of medical education for Indian students in this beautiful neighbouring country of India. Read on for more information.

7 Study Abroad Experiences That Add Value to Your Resume

Study abroad programs are not only about academics but about adding value to your resume through experiences that develop personality and build cultural sensitivity. Do not ignore opportunities to make the most of your overseas education.

Master's Degree in Canada- A guide for International students

Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for higher studies for aspiring students. It is known for its quality education, internationally recognised degrees, peaceful, politically sound environment, and excellent healthcare. It is a multicultural country which gives students an opportunity to work in Canada after their graduation is over. So in this article you will learn about the various aspects of studying in Canada which students should know about.

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