How to keep your skin glowing and young

Skin is the largest organ which covers the entire outer surface of our body. The glowing nature of the skin beautifies the appearance. So, to make your skin beautiful, young and glowing, follow the necessary care and precautions mentioned in this article.

Bottle feeding techniques and tips

Bottle feeding is the common alternative to mother's milk. Sometimes, additional bottle feeds may be given along with mother's milk, if the milk supply is inadequate. Bottle feeding is not only just pouring the liquid into the bottle. It is very important to give careful attention while preparing your baby's milk. Here are some tips and techniques on bottle feeding. Feed your child safe by following this bottle feeding guide.

Zinc supplements have many medicinal values

The essential mineral zinc is necessary for many bodily functions, and deficiency causes diseases. We get zinc from foods like legumes, spinach, shrimp, flax seeds etc. But zinc supplements can also help to treat many different ailments when zinc from food is not enough.

Sources of Errors in Prescription

Whenever we go to the doctor the doctor write the medicines on a paper that paper is known as Prescription. This prescription also have some chances of errors, so in this article I have tried to explain the different sources of errors in prescription.

Jaundice Treatment By Herbal Medicine In Walajah – Tamilnadu

Those who are suffering from Jaundice from a long time or recently can reach Walajah in Tamilnadu to get cured naturally by herbal medicine. Where to get the best treatment for Jaundice, how to get herbal treatment for Jaundice. How to get treatment for liver disease like Jaundice. How to reach Walajah in Tamilnadu for Jaundice treatment. What are the different type treatment for Jaundice. How many types of Jaundice exist? About liver issue or gallbladder issue and solution.

Treating Obesity in Ayurveda

Obesity is common nowadays ranging from kids to adults. The present-day lifestyle that most of us follow may be the cause for this. The best natural cure for obesity is exercise, focus on your diet and ayurvedic treatment.

How to Get Rid of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is nowadays common between kids and adults alike due to the changes in food and lifestyle. Read on to know more about what is tooth decay, how it is developed, its prevention and home remedies.

7 Benefits of the Truly Rare Agarwood Essential Oil

Oud oil one of the rare and certainly most expensive essential oil available out there in the market. Nowadays there is a steep increase in the demand for oud oil because of it's various medicinal, cosmetic and aromatic benefits. Read this article to know more about the benefits of agarwood oil.

How to prevent acne scars?

This article explains various measures which keep acne under control. This decreases inflammation and consequently chances of formation of acne scars too decreases. Actions like not picking at skin, proper hydration, using sunscreen lotions, proper skin care regime etc prevent formation of acne scars.

Medicinal benefits of Pomelo or Chakotra

Fruits and vegetables are the gift of our nature as they contain many vitamins and minerals that promote for our good health. Diets high in fruits such as Pomelo, very often known as Chakotra are widely recommended for keeping us heal and healthy. The medicinal benefits of the Pomelo fruits are brought out in this article.

Medicinal values of Asparagus, Stewia and Ashwagandha

Nature has provided us with many plants which have medicinal value. We can reduce our dependency on chemical compounds by using these plants with medicinal uses. In this article I am going to explain medicinal values of only three important plants.

Why do we need to vaccinate our children?

Vaccination is given to newborns. Do all the parents give their children vaccination? How informed are the parents regarding the effects of the diseases which could be preventable? BCG, MMR, Polio, DPT, and Hepatitis B are the vaccination which is minimum vaccination which should be given to the child according to the guideline of WHO.

How to achieve good digestive health

This article explains different methods which help to achieve good digestive health which in turn boosts overall health. Incorporate more amount of fruits and vegetables in diet, eat lean protein, probiotics supplements, exercise regularly, decrease fat intake etc. all help to achieve good digestive health.

Medicinal Value of Onion

If I say onions, does it bring tears to your eyes? Many of you are very much familiar with how much tears onions bring to the eyes when we dice it in the kitchen. Onion has an important role in our daily life apart from that we are very much unaware of the important medicinal value of onion. So this article helps you to find more medicinal application of onion.

How to use horse gram for weight loss

The seeds of horse gram have natural properties that work as natural fat burners. This can be taken as a regular diet for weight loss. Here is the information on benefits and some recipes using horse gram.

Reproductive health and its importance

Do you know what is reproductive health? In this article, you will find the meaning of reproductive health. You will also find the importance of studying reproductive health. To know different problems related to reproductive health and the strategies, please read this article.

How to feed your toddler healthy

Toddlers are fussy eaters. At this age the child should grow with proper height and weight. Feeding nutritious food to your toddler can be a challenging job. Here are some tips and strategies to turn his mealtime more fun and enjoyable.

Top 5 Dental Clinics in Kerala

Know the details about the Top 5 Dental Clinics in Kerala that helps you to get knowledge about their major dental treatments & services.

Top 8 reasons why we eat unhealthy junk foods

This article explains facts and reasons behind our craving for junk and unhealthy processed foods. Though they result in weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure and deterioration of overall health, yet still we choose them over healthy foods.

Method and benefit of mudras

In this article I am telling the method and benefit of mudras. Basically mudras are a part of Yoga. These are the gesture of fingers which helps to balance the basic five elements of body. Such they are used to fit our body and mind as well. Practicing mudra regularly we can control many of the disease.

Natural Acne Care Tips

The appearance of Acne on the face may be very disturbing. There are some natural care tips that will help you clear them without using any expensive medications.

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