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How to register Tatasky Mobile T.V

Staying updated is need of the hour. Tatasky gives you chance to stay entertained where ever you are. Activate Everywhere TV on your current Tata sky subscription and enjoy your favorite T.V on your mobile or Laptop. Tata sky everywhere T.V app on your mobile will also have your access to Videos on demand, live T.V and to all other service you avail on you pack. To know more about Tata sky everywhere T.V mobile service, Please read further.

How to get a petrol pump license in India and apply online for dealership ?

Are you wishing to open a petrol pump in India? Are you looking for the detailed procedure to get a license for opening a petrol pump? Then you have searched the right page. Here we are having details regarding the process to open a general fuel station and getting dealership of Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum (BPCL), Indian Oil (IOCL), Essar Oil or any other oil company. Also know the guidelines and formalities for getting the license and license fees.

What to do when your friend tries to avoid you

Your friends abruptly cease talking to you and pretend that you no longer exist. The feeling of being ignored can be worse than feeling rejected because it makes you feel like you don't matter at all. Remember, every friendship is a variable which is not a constant and it will have its peaks and valleys.

What are the basic Principles of Insurance - A brief information

As netizens we are very much familiar with the term Insurance, but we are not familiar with its working principle. What is insurance service in reality? What are the basics of the insurance contract? All these doubts will be cleared by knowing the basic principles of insurance in brief in this article.

Some tips to stop procrastinating

Procrastination prevents us to achieve success. Due to this, we can't complete the task on time. Due to this mental block, we go on deferring the task and ultimately don't even start working. Know some tips to defeat procrastination. Read this article.

What to do when your child wants to pursue a little-known sport as career choice

Even now, most of the Indian guardians don't encourage their children to take any sport as their career choice, especially if big money is not involved in that particular sport. This attitude is wrong and causes premature end of sporting life of many meritorious sportspersons. This article discusses what should the parents do if their children want to pursue a career in sports.

How to obtain explosive license for selling fireworks?

In this article I will explain in simple words procedure of obtaining explosive license for sale of fireworks. List of documents required to be submitted, particulars of Government office to be approached etc. will also be covered in the article.

Know how to use credit card optimally

Credit card can be used for various purposes. It may really advantageous in certain circumstances. At the same time, credit card lures its users to the debt trap. So, to enjoy the advantages of credit cards, the users must follow some tips. Know these tips from the author.

How to open Domino's pizza in your city and get franchise online ?

Want to start a domino's outlet in your town? Then what are you waiting for? Read here complete information to get dealership of Jubilant Foodworks pizza chain, the estimated cost, space required and expected profit from the same.

How does MPFI engine works?

We will be familiar with the words MPFI and CRDI in the advertisement of some vehicles. But we will not be aware about these terminologies. The MPFI is otherwise known as the Multi point fuel injection engine. The MPFI engine got this name because of the reason that each cylinder is having a fuel injector installed near them. This article mainly deals with the working of a MPFI engine and its advantages.

How to earn from Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram

Want to work from home in your free time? Looking for some method to earn extra income? Here is my testimonial that how I started my business without any investment and started earning thousands.

What to do if your child creates unhealthy chaos at a visiting place

Charity should start at home. Same way learning manners and displaying basic courtesy are the easiest things to teach our children, even at a very early age, but it is not always done. These factors influence more while we visit a friend's house with children and the role of parenting is discussed in this article. Please read on.

How to remove blood stains from delicate fabrics and specific surfaces?

This article explains various tips and methods to get rid of blood stains from delicate fabrics like silk, satin, woolen, linen etc and from specific surfaces like concrete, hardwood floors, mattress, quilt, leather, carpets etc. These methods used can make them free from blood stains.

Top 5 Advantages of Online Banking

This article will provide you ideas about the top 5 advantages of online banking. With the advantages of the Internet, Banking services become easy through online banking services.

Know how to politely refuse a dating proposal

With the increasing interaction between man and woman everywhere, a situation may arise when somebody requests you for entering into a relationship but you are not interested in that person. Know how to politely refuse the proposer. Read this article to know more.

What to do when your beloved one is reluctant to continue studies while staying outside

This problem is a serious concern of many parents as their son or daughter all of a sudden decides to quit their study and prefers to return home. They won't tell you any reason and would press to stay with parents causing a loss of important time at the time of academic career. How to deal with such a trivial situation is discussed here in this article.

How to remove pimple overnight with Aloe Vera?

Are you suffering from pimples or acne and want to remove it overnight then have a look at this article where I have shared my own experience of pimple treatment and how I got rid of pimples within a day with the help of Aloe vera. This is very promising and 100% effective way to remove pimples overnight.

Valency Factor-Disproportionate Reactions

Valency Factor of a molecule is generally the change in oxidation state of all the atoms in the molecule per molecule and is used to determine the equivalent weight of the molecule in any reaction. But we often get it wrong in case of Disproportionate Reactions.This article shows how to avoid it.

Characteristics of a good officer

An officer implements the policy of the management. On the other hand, he has to get the work done by the subordinates. An efficient manager possesses some qualities. The author has discussed the characteristics of an efficient manager. Read on to know more.

How to apply for Sri Sri Ayurveda Franchise Shop

Want to open Sri Sri Ayurveda franchise shop to promote Ayurveda and Art of Living products and looking for information on how to become an authorized distributor? Read this article to find out the procedure to move ahead with Sri Sri Ayurveda franchise or distributorship.

How to make Hay while the Sun shines

Wondered how to make the most of opportunities which come your way? Making hay while the sun shines has certain imperatives that need to be done. Apart from fully utilizing present opportunities, it also means that we create new opportunities and also take all the learning forward to face tomorrow's challenges. This article is an attempt at discussing some important points in this regard.

How to check CGHS card status online

Are you a CGHS beneficiary? Looking for information on the Central Government Health Scheme? Then your search is over. Read this article to know complete details about Plastic Cards, application procedure and steps to check card status online.

How to become street smart in life

There is absolutely no substitute for hard work. Yes, but this hard work also needs to be combined with what is called Street Smartness. Being Street Smart has absolutely become very essential, more so, in a knowledge-driven world, where knowledge is power. Street smartness is a skill that seeks to leverage all that is present in the external environment, for success. Some intricate nuances of this is sought to be explained in this article.

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