How to become a genuine fast bowler

Fast bowling is the toughest art in the game of cricket. Especially in India, fast bowlers are so rare. A lot of bowlers, who played for India (Or domestic cricket) or still playing, hover around the speeds of 130-135 and a few reach the speeds of 140 Kph. So being a professional, a close student of the game, here I have a few advices which I am going to share with young fast bowling aspirants.

How to get permanent membership to Dwarka Sports Complex Delhi

Want to apply for permanent membership to the Dwarka Sports Complex in New Delhi? The Delhi Development Authority has opened applications for permanent membership to the Dwarka Sports Complex on a limited basis. This article explains where to get the application form and the documents required to be submitted on getting the membership.

Benefits of Swimming

Are you searching an exercise which can prevent heart problems, diabetes, lungs infection, strengthen your muscles, reduce your weight etc? in this article I am providing information related to benefits of swimming which is a popular sport of India. Swimming is the best exercise for our body.

Remembering the Immortal Eleven of 1911

Do you rememeber what happened on 29th July, 1911 on the 'maidan' of Calcutta? Do you know about the 'Immortal Eleven' of 1911? Read the true event associated with the National Club of India and pay respect to these greats.

How to apply for 'Come and Play' Scheme?

Sports Authority of India (SAI) has opened all of its 5 stadiums for public. To apply for 'Come and Play' scheme, you have to fill up a registration form and submit it in the stadium where you want to do practice. In this article, you will get a detailed information about what is Come and Play' Scheme and apply for it.

Top four cricket academies of Kolkata

Like other regions of the country, cricket has been becoming more and more popular in Kolkata. Youngsters are trying to hone their cricketing skills in the cricket academies. The author mentions four renowned cricket academies of Kolkata. Read to know more.

Top six football academies of Kolkata

In the present era of cricket, many Bengalis are very much interested to become footballers. For the promising footballers, there are many good training academies in Kolkata with excellent training facilities. The author mentions six of them in this article.

To bat first or bowl first - How does a Cricket team captain decide?

In the game of Cricket, the captain who wins the toss has to decide whether to bat first or bowl first. But is this just a straightforward decision or there is some brain involved in deciding this? Does this decision matter so much? Let us try to figure it out in this article.

An epic cricket match in 1973 domestic circuit: Tamil Nadu vs. Bombay

Although domestic cricket matches are neglected in India nowadays, the domestic circuit has produced many memorable matches. In this article, the author discusses the epic final match of Ranji Trophy played at Chepauk Stadium during 18, 20-21st April, 1973. Cricket-lovers must not miss it!

Cricket match watching experience - TV versus Stadium

In India cricket is considered as God and people watch cricket matches with great interest either on TV or in the Stadium. But a question sometimes might arise as to which viewing experience is better, on TV or in the stadium? Let us analyze pros and cons for both of them in this article.

Eight unlucky cricketers who deserved more chances in international cricket

Cricket has seen some extraordinary players over the course of 139 years. Likes of Donald Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Vivian Richards and Brian Lara have glorified this game but there were some cricketers who missed out on being listed among these due to various reasons. Let's see 8 such unlucky cricketers.

Best Hockey Academies in India

Hockey was one of the most popular sports in India. Indian hockey players brought many laurels for the country. Slowly but steadily hockey has been regaining its lost popularity in India. The guardians are now interested to send their children in the hockey acaemies for scientific training. This article provides the details of top five hockey academies of India.

Know the best football coaching academies of India

Slowly but steadily football has been regaining its lost popularity in India. The guardians are now interested to send their children in the football academies for scientific training. This article provides the details of top football academies of India.

Top 6 sportsmen who proved age is just a number

Throughout sports history, we have found some great examples of people who defeated the barriers of age to make it at big level. Let's have a look at some sportsmen who never gave up one their dream of making it big.

Best 5 Indian cricket players from 80s ideal for playing in IPL

Do you want to know which player from 80s would have made a big impression in IPL? Who are those players which you would have loved to see playing in IPL? Let's know about our 80s cricketers who had ruled the game with their own style of playing and would have fitted well in the IPL format of the game.

Why is Sachin Tendulkar the God of cricket?

In this article i have tried to collect all the reasons why Sachin has become another name of God. God means someone complete. Was Sachin really complete package. Full of technique and character he really is.

Have we found a replacement of MS Dhoni in test cricket?

MS Dhoni was the best wicketkeeper Batsman and test captain India ever had. After his retirement, Wriddhiman Saha became permanent wicketkeeper and Virat Kohli became captain of test team. Let's find out if they fulfilled the role vacant by MS Dhoni perfectly or not.

Importance and benefits of sports

There is a famous phrase "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". Is it for real? Do we really need sports? What is the importance of Sports? Why should we make it a part of our life? Let's find out from this article its benefits.

The magic of Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin the Indian off spinner have completed 200 test wickets in 37 tests which is fastest for an Indian bowler and second fastest in the world after Clarrie Grimmet, the Aussie Leg spinner. Let's have a look at how he did it.

ICC's Test XI of 2016

Recently ICC announced their test team of the year. Due to their cut off process some deserving names missed out. Here is a XI purely based on performances of 2016. The list includes matches played between 1st January 2016 and 26th December 2016.

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