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What to do to support someone experiencing domestic violence ?

Physical, mental and emotional cruelty is dealt as domestic violence under the IPC. What can you do to help someone who is in a bad marriage? How can you stand by a woman in an abusive relationship? Check out this article to know how can you lend support to a victim of domestic violence

Dos and Don'ts immediately after the flood

What to do after a devastating flood? What precautions should the flood-affected people take once the flood-water recedes? Know the dos and don'ts after the flood from this article to stay safe from diseases and unfortunate accidents. Read on to know....

Bermuda triangle: An unsolved mystery

In this article I have given information about the mystery prevailing in the existence of Bermuda triangle. Further, I gave the information about the location and the boundaries of the Bermuda triangle. I also wrote about the series of the disappearance of a series of aircraft and surface vessel in this particular area.

What to do before, during and after the cyclone?

Tropical cyclones cause extensive damage in almost every year in the coastal areas of the world. In this article, the author discusses how to remain safe during the cyclone. Read the article to know various 'dos' before, during and after the cyclone.

What to do if you are being stalked ?

Stalking is a crime against women and a punishable offence under the Indian Penal Code. Stalking is very common and should not be ignored. Learn what is stalking and who can be termed a stalker. Know what you can do if you are being stalked by someone.

The side effects of cold drinks

Who does not like to drink cold drinks. It is one of the favorite drinks of people. Especially after a long tiring day when one feels thirsty, then he wants a cold drink.In fact whenever we go out to watch movies or for a picnic, we think of taking few sips from our favorite cold drink bottle. But have we ever thought that the favorite drink of ours might contain side effects? Let me tell you more about them, then you will be able to understand.

What to do in case of burns and scalds ?

Immediate first-aid provided to a victim of burns and scalds can lessen the damage to a great extent. Burns and scalds should be cooled immediately, so the skin and flesh stop burning. This guide provides tips on first-aid that need to be given to burn victims.

What to do if you are trapped in a fire ?

Fires are destructive and can also kill. Precautions, including preventive safety measures and quick action, can keep you safe if you are trapped in a fire. How to stay safe in a fire? Do you know how to escape from a burning building? Check out this article that covers all these issues.

What to do if the brakes on your car fail ?

What to do if the brakes in your car suddenly fail? If you know what to do when the brakes of your car fail, you can drive your vehicle to safety, without causing damage to it and to yourself. Don't panic, stay alert and follow these tips to avert an accident if the brakes fail.

What to do in case of electric shock ?

Electricity has numerous benefits. But there is a darker side to it too. One may suffer an electric shock anytime and that could be life threatening too. Learn here the steps you need to follow in case someone suffers from an electric shock.

What to do in an earthquake ?

What precautions are necessary when an earthquake strikes? What do you if you are on the road when you feel the tremors? How do you protect yourself when you are indoors during an earthquake? Check out these earthquake survival tips which can help you stay informed.

What to do before, during and after the earthquake

Earthquake is a natural disaster which comes unannounced. Moreover, a large part of India is prone to earthquake. So, we must learn the essential steps to be taken before, during and after an earthquake. Read this article to know more.

What to do when a cyclone hits?

What precautions must you take before a cyclone hits? How to keep your home and your family safe during a cyclone? How to prevent rain water from entering the house during a storm/cyclone? I share tips on staying safe during a cyclone, based on personal experience.

Best ways to dispose of e-waste safely

Want to know how to properly manage and dispose of old electronic and electrical equipment and products? This article talks about e-waste management, explaining how e-waste is harmful. Know, too, which are the authorized firms in India that dispose of e-waste safely.

Mistakes to avoid while applying for passport

Are you planning to apply for reissue or fresh passport?Have you got your documents in order? Please read on to find out what all mistakes you should avoid to get your application accepted in the first go itself.

Impact of the internet on children

Today, no one can think of a life without the internet. Especially the younger generation, the kids, are addicted towards the internet. They skip their meals, their game time and socializing with people just to watch a video on the internet or to play a game on the internet. They body is getting undernourished and their brain is getting underdeveloped. This has become a burning issue nowadays. I will discuss this issue in the next section.

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