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Recipe of Delicious Mixed Dry Vegetable (Party Style)

Party-style mixed dry vegetable is a tasty dish which can be prepared for small parties in the house or whenever a few guests are expected for lunch or dinner. This article explains the step by step method of preparation of this dish.

Recipe of Delicious Vegetable Palak Paneer

Palak-Paneer (Spinach and Cottage Cheese) is a delicious dish available all across our country especially the restaurants and hotels. It is also a dish of choice in many households. This article describes the step by step easy method of preparing it.

Recipe of Egg Besan Cheela (Egg and Gram Flour Pancake)

Egg Besan Cheela (Egg and gram flour pancake) is a delicious snack item and can be prepared quickly. It is a healthy and nutritious food especially for the children. A detailed recipe of this is presented step by step in this article.

Recipe of Brinjal and Potato quick bhaji

Brinjal (Baigon) is a very common vegetable in our country and is prepared in many ways and also in combination with other vegetables in different places across the country. The recipe described in this article is a simple to make bhaji (vegetable) using brinjal, potato and tomato and is quite common in some of the places in our country especially in North and East India.

Recipe of Green Chilli mixed dry vegetable.

Green Chilli mixed dry vegetable is a tasty and delicious vegetable which can be easily prepared and can be consumed along with the main meals. This article presents the step by step detailed recipe for preparing it.

Recipe of Brinjal Bhurta - a dry vegetable dish

Brinjal (Eggplant) is a common vegetable generally used in the preparation of dry vegetables, curries, sambhar, pulao etc. This is a vegetable available in our country around the year. Brinjal Bhurta is a tasty and delicious dish prepared with Brinjal and the detailed method of preparing it is mentioned here.

What to do when faced with cooking disasters ?

What do you do if the food gets too oily or salty or overcooked? How do you save a dish that has been destroyed? Can you reduce the oil in a dish or cut down the chilli. The next time a dish doesn't come out the way you expected it to, try these cooking hacks.

What to do to immediately fix extra salty food ? Part 1

This article explains various tips which help to correct extra amount of salt we accidentally add while preparing food. Instead of throwing everything in garbage, we can patiently make use of these tricks to save time, efforts and large amount of food prepared.

Recipe of Beetroot Bhujiya - a dry vegetable.

Beetroot is a common vegetable generally used in soups and with other dry vegetable preparations. It has got a prominent purple red color and this gives the characteristic color to any dish prepared with it. Check out this article to know how we can prepare the delicious dish 'Beetroot Bhujiya'.

Mushroom Spread Toast recipe

Mushroom spread toast is a delicious snack item which is ideal for tea time. This is a favourite of children and its different flavour than that of the routine snacks makes it a good choice. The detailed method of preparing mushroom spread toast is described step by step in this article.

Recipe of stuffed Brinjals

Brinjal (Baigon) is used in a variety of ways in Indian preparations of various dishes and is a commonly available vegetable everywhere. In this recipe, the detailed method of preparing stuffed brinjal is described step by step.

Recipe of Black Soybean Churkani.

Churkani, a recipe of Black Soybean is popular in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state. It is relished with main course especially with rice. The step by step method of preparing this dish is described in this article.

Recipe of low calorie dry Cauliflower vegetable

Nowadays people are very health conscious and choose their foods carefully to avoid unnecessary fats and carbohydrates. In this article a low calorie dry vegetable recipe of Cauliflower is described which is good for people seeking low calorie diet.

Flattened colocasia dry vegetable recipe

Looking for easy to cook arbi recipes? Colocasia (Arbi) is used as a common vegetable in many parts of our country. It can be taken as dry vegetable or as vegetable curry. In this article is an easy recipe in which the detailed method of preparing flattened colocasia dry vegetable is described.

Recipe of Kumauni snack food - Singal

Singal is a common snack food of Kumaun region of Uttarakhand state and is one of the most common but delicious item prepared in the households especially in festival times. This is made in homes only and not available in hotels or restaurants. This article describes a simple recipe for preparation of Singal.

Rawa Cookies recipe - A Healthy option

Are you searching for a healthy recipe for home-made cookies? Cookies are normally made from refined flour or maida, which is considered unhealthy. Cookies made from rawa/sooji/semolina are a healthier choice. These rawa cookies are made using a few basic ingredients. Check the recipe.

Fish Pickle recipe using shark fish

Fish are a healthy source of protein, minerals and vitamins. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Do you know that fish can be pickled? This Indian style fish pickle packs in all the goodness of fish. The fish pickle is easy to prepare and can be stored for a few months.

Delicious custard pudding recipe

Pudding is one of the favourites of all the members in a family. Everyone likes it as a sweet dish at the end of a sumptuous lunch or dinner. This article is about preparing a delicious sweet custard pudding using vanilla custard powder, milk and chocolate cream biscuits.

Simple recipes for first-time cooks

What to pack into a kid's lunch box? How about some quick and healthy recipes that are loaded with vegetables and make a yummy meal that your kids will love. These meals are so easy to fix that 'daddy' can also get them ready. They are nutritious too, so you can dig into them as well.

Delicious and easy to make Beef Curry Recipe

Do you love beef and find it hard to cook it at home? Are you the one who orders beef dishes from outside always? Why don't you give it a try at your home? Here is a tasty and easy recipe of Beef curry which anyone can try. It saves not only your time but your cooking gas too.

What to do to immediately fix extra salty food ?: Part-2

This article explains various foods which can be added to the prepared meals to immediately reduce extra salt. Foods like sauces, potatoes, onions, flour dough, starch etc can instantly bring down salt concentration thereby fixing extra salty food instantly.

How to make Chocolate at home

In this article I will help you in making yummy chocolate right at home. This recipe requires 4 ingredients that you can buy at a supermarket. This recipe makes the perfect gift to give loved ones, friends or even to gift to yourself.

Sandwiches – Make a quick wholesome meal

Sandwiches are one of the easiest complete meal to put together. Sandwiches can also put your culinary skills to test. Sandwiches can let you experiment and be creative with your food. So, here is to some fundamentals about sandwich making and a few recipes too.

Different puffed rice receipes

There are variety of puffed rice available today. It is mainly used in India in various receipes. It can even be tasted as it is available. Every region has their own recipes with puffed rice. Below I will share few receipes made using puffed rice which can be a perfect evening snack.

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