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Basic characteristics of life and living things

Living organisms exhibit cellular organization. They can grow, utilize energy, reproduce, pass traits to offspring's, evolve, adapt and respond to environment. Check out this article to know the basic characteristics of a life which helps to differentiate living organisms from non-living ones.

Mendelism and its biological significance

The below article will provide you with the detailed explanation of Mendelism and biological significance of Mendelism. You will also get information on the different laws formulated by Gregor Mendel.

Life History of Gregor John Mendel and his work

Do you know who is known as the father of genetics? Why did he get success in his work? Why did he select pea plant for his experiments? In the below article, you will find the life history of Gregor Mendel and his work on Pea plants. You will also find the answers of all the above questions in this article.

How cross pollination works

Are you looking information about cross pollination? You will find the meaning of cross pollination, different methods used for cross pollination and know the advantages and disadvantages of cross pollination in this article.

Cell theory V/s cell principle

In this article you will find the detailed description of cell theory and shortcoming of cell theory. You will also know cell principles.

Characteristics of different phyla of plantae.

Do you want to know the characteristics of different phyla of kingdom plantae? In this article you will find the characteristics of algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperm and angiosperms. To know the characteristics of different phyla of plant kingdom, please read this article.

Lichen: A very good example of symbiosis

Do you know what is lichen? In this article you will find a detail explanation of lichen. You will find nature and habitat of lichen. You will also find structure, classification and economic importance of lichens. To know more about lichen please read this article.

How to prepare a good herbarium

Are you searching the procedure to prepare herbarium? In this article you will find the method of making herbarium. You will also find how to dry specimens, how to tag specimens, How to label specimns, etc. To know complete procedure of making herbarium please read this article.

Modifications of Tap and Adventitious Roots

Root is a part of a plant which develops from radicle and grows towards the soil. The main functions of roots are absorption, conduction and fixation. But roots of different plants modified to perform different functions according to their habitat. In this article I am providing the modifications of tap roots and adventitious roots.

Prof. Birbal Sahni : Father of Indian Palaeobotany

Prof. Birbal sahni was the great son of mother India. He was the first Indian scientist who worked for Palaeobotany. Every botany student must know his work and achievement. In this article I am providing life history of Prof. Birbal Sahni. If you want to know about Birbal sahni read this article.

Botany project on Plant stress and tolerance

In this article I have submitted a Botany Project on Plant Stress and tolerance which is an all inclusive project for Botany students. This project includes Plant stress, effects of stress on soil, effects of stress on plants etc.

Morphology of stem : main charactieristics and types of stem

Stem is the most important portion of a plant. In this article I am providing morphology of stem. You will find main characteristics of stem, difference between stem and roots, types of stem and difference between under ground stem and root.

Structure Of DNA Molecule Proposed By Watson And Crick

In 1953 Watson and Crick proposed the model of DNA. It was a revolutionary event in the history of genetics. In this article I am providing a detail structure of DNA model proposed by Watson and Crick with suitable diagrams.

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