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Good Article Writing Tips

Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.

India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines

This article is a basic guideline resource about how good quality articles should be written in this website. Good articles get better points and are eligible for better cash credits and higher Google AdSense Revenue. Check out this refresher article to quickly know what is expected from ISC website in Articles section.

How faith can move mountains and trust can strengthen it too

The Bible originated the phrase that faith can move mountains. It simply means that faith is very powerful. In the real world, it is always observed that those who combine faith with trust can do wonders. Be it an individual or an organization, faith, and trust go together. Some dimensions of how these two variables sail together in the real world are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

Advantages of rural/small town life

Contrary to all public perception, rural India does have its own charms. It is absolutely ridiculous to assume that only city life has all the advantages. Rural life has its own charms and it's advantages too. Some of such advantages are discussed in detail in this article.

How to make your kid start liking maths?

I have observed that kids normally don't like doing maths as they find it tough to solve the numerical. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry are few of topics which are tough to learn but if they are understood well then they become easy and interesting for kids to learn. Here are a few tricks which when applied can make maths easy to learn for your kids.

Here is how, at 60+, you could jolly well say, "age is just a number"

There are hundreds of thousands of people who feel totally lost when they are sixty years old. There are an equally strong number, if not more, who actively engage themselves in some good activities and keep moving on. Their ways of life are worth emulating. The lessons we learn are easily the best. Some nuances of these lessons are sought to be discussed in this article.

Everything You Need to Know About Oud Bakhoor

Oud Bakhoor has been used since ancient times in various cultures and has been well-known for its amazing mind-calming properties; Read this article to know more about how the mesmerising fragrance of oud bakhoor can help you happy hand healthy life.

How to protect girls and young adults from negative environmental influences

Protecting the girl child and even women in the age group of 18-22, who are largely unmarried, is no mean task now. There is a lurking danger everywhere. Even two-year-old girl children are no safer. The older girls are even more vulnerable, with the availability of the most advanced information technology in the form of cell phones. This article discusses some methods of doing the best in the most difficult of circumstances.

Types of plant hormones and their functions

There are several types of hormones which stimulates or inhibits the growth of plants. The hormones are auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, ethylene and abscisic acid. The five types of hormones which controls plant hormones. Here is the description about these five hormones and their functions.

How commitment forms the vital variable for sustained success

Of all the variables that convey a deep attachment to a cause, commitment would positively rank as number one. The synonyms listed in the dictionary include loyalty, dedication, duty, and faithfulness. In fact, it would include each of these in the deepest sense of the words. Some dimensions of commitment are sought to be discussed in this article.

How to reduce conflicts between life partners

There is this institution called the Indian family that is the pride of India. This is one social institution that stands firm in the midst of so many tumultuous changes happening all around. Yet, in the past twenty years this is one institution that is seeing tremendous stress and strain. It is going nowhere and divorces are becoming more common. This article discusses some methods to keep this institution firm, by reducing conflicts between life partners.

How globalization has changed our lives

Globalization has had a superb journey in India. There are still hundreds of thousands who think that it has brought about misery. This is far away from the truth. There have been tremendous advantages in each industry. There are some dramatic changes that have changed our lives altogether. These changes are discussed in some detail in this article.

Ten common mistakes we should never do in our social lives

Every human being is a product of the society where they hails from. In India, we are bound by several traditions and values. Yet there is a tremendous stress and strain in human relationships within the family circles and in the wider society as well as commercialization of human relationships is near total. In this article, ten common mistakes that we all do in our social lives is discussed in some detail.

How to obtain Online Migration Certificate from Mumbai University?

Do you want to obtain migration certificate from Mumbai University ? Do you want to know the online process of obtaining the migration certificate from Mumbai University? This article explains step-by-step process to obtain the online migration certificate from Mumbai University.

Best tips to store Indian vegetables and fruits and prevent spoiling

This article is a basic guide on how to properly store Indian fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator at home. You will get tips on how to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. After all, fruits and vegetables get spoiled easily when not stored properly. You will also get to know which fruits and vegetables should be kept inside a fridge and which should be kept outside.

Tips to score good marks in English Language (Paper 1) in ICSE Boards Exam

English Paper I in ICSE Boards exam is a language testing paper which include Grammar and composition. Students have to bring out all their skills and talents what they have learned during their schooling time in the language to excel in this final exam. In this article I gave some tips, techniques and suggestions to fare well in English language paper.

How to correctly understand priorities at different stages of life

Life is a continuous journey. There is an end only in the form of death. All that we can do is to put in our efforts to get the best of any situation. Yet, there is always inadequate or immature or even incorrigible understanding of such priorities. When this happens, there is a big gap between "what is being done?" when compared to "what should be done?" The Art of understanding priorities at different stages of one's life is described in some detail in this article.

Understanding dimensions in thoughts- how to track the action trail and maximize results

There is absolutely no action with any thought in the first place. Only thoughts decide our action. More often than not, some emotions also rule such thoughts and actions become either very good or take a turn for the worse. It is wise to trace the Thoughts-Action trail and identify the bottlenecks as to why simple and complex actions go wrong. Corrective actions can follow. This article attempts to discuss certain dimensions of this trail.

Martial tradition of India: Female Warriors of Punjab

Although somewhat downplayed after independence, Indian women have fought along with their men counterparts to defend the country against foreign aggressors. In this article, the author talks about four great female warriors of Punjab. Know their saga of gallantry and get inspired.

Seven temptations 20+ youth should be aware of and control

There is hardly any subject in India that does not revolve around youth in the age group of 20 to25. In fact, this is supposed to be "India's demographic divide". That is a huge number of people who are educated and raring to go. Yet, there is a big problem with seven vital temptations at this age. One has to be careful here and not lose control. These are sought to be discussed in this article.

How to make money from Infolinks ads

Looking for a review of Infolinks ads? This article provides information on the types of Infolinks ads available for publishers, including bloggers. You will get details of how to integrate Infolinks ads with your blog or website and earn money. I have also provided a personal review of the Infolinks ads.

How to develop empathy

The world has been a good place to live, only because there is empathy. Whether it is India or some other country, there are hundreds of thousands of people who voluntarily render services to mankind virtually free of cost. How do we develop the art of empathy and emulate them? This article is an attempt to discuss some nuances of developing empathy.

Assembly poll verdict 2018 - Are we heading for coalition politics once again?

The just concluded Assembly polls for five states are treated as semifinals for the general elections and the notable victory of Congress in three states make everyone to visualize the possible scenario that could happen in May 2019. Are we heading for coalition politics again in 2019? Let us discuss the impact of these elections in this article.

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