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Good Article Writing Tips

Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.

India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines

This article is a basic guideline resource about how good quality articles should be written in this website. Good articles get better points and are eligible for better cash credits and higher Google AdSense Revenue. Check out this refresher article to quickly know what is expected from ISC website in Articles section.

A trip around Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata

Are you new to Kolkata and want to enjoy pandal hopping during Durga Puja? You might have heard about the favourite festival of Bengalis and want to visit Kolkata to see the famous Durga Pujas organized by the different clubs around the city. This article gives an overview and list of a few of the prominent Durga Pujas in and around Kolkata.

How to treat your daughter-in-law as your daughter

Daughter-in-laws are also human. They are women with good intent. If they are treated properly as daughters, they will really be assets to any family. In the urban areas, there has been a tremendous improvement in the attitudes towards daughter-in-laws. In the tier 3 and smaller towns and villages, attitudinal changes need to happen. Some examples are explained in this article.

How to be an organised person

What we do in our daily routine is what we become. Everyone envies to be an organized person. But to continue every organized habit is kind of a challenge for maximum people. So if you are looking for the best tips to be an organized individual, this article is a useful one. I have tried to share some of the ways that can be helpful to be an organized person.

An analysis of products and services through case studies learning

This is the third article in the series on learning from case studies. Here, the focus is on products and services. The aim is to cover as many examples as possible to illustrate the learning from each single case study. Some references to the earlier two articles are also being made, as applicable.

Regular Studies vs Correspondence Studies

There is trend of regular studies nowadays. The students are eagerly waiting for 10+2 results to get admissions in regular colleges according to their marks. Whatever stream or course is it most the students want regular colleges. Even the MNC companies also prefer regular students for their oganisation.

How to learn multi-tasking from our wives

The housewives of India are the most intelligent people, from whom we can easily learn the nuances of what is now called multi-tasking. They undertake such tasks with ease that cannot be seen among men. There is so much to learn from them in this respect. Some dimensions are sought to be described in this article.

How to submit online applications for November 2018 MHADA Diwali lottery

Want to know the price of flats of the November 2018 MHADA Konkan Housing Board Diwali Lottery? Looking for details of the size of the budget flats of the MHADA Diwali lottery? Know the answers to these queries from this article which gives complete information about the eligibility requirements, location & price of homes and the brochure of the July 2018 MHADA lottery. Details of the application process are also provided.

The Gallantry of Bishnu Shrestha - After all, he is a Gurkha

The author here describes a true incident of a retired Gurkha soldier of Indian Army who single-handedly fought forty armed robbers and protected the honour of a young girl. Read to know the saga of gallantry.

How to apply for Aavin milk dealership or franchise

Looking for getting a dealership / franchise from Aavin milk company ? You should then first fill online application to start with. In this article, you will find useful information on steps for how to obtain a dealership for doing a business with Aavin milk. Read carefully the instructions and get benefited.

Healing your home – how to remove toxins from your home

Your clean home can be a virtual breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The chemical cleaning agents can leave toxic residues. Learn how to keep your home clean and toxic free. Adopt natural cleaning practices that are healthier for your family and you.

How Indian Army personnel can complete Class 10 and 12 through NIOS distance education courses

Are you searching for secondary and senior secondary distance education programs for Army jawans? This article provides complete information about the NIOS Education Project for the Indian Army, known as NEPIA. Through contact programs at study centres, jawans and other Indian Army personnel can complete their school and junior college education. Details of the registration process and the role of the study centres have been provided as well.

Six vital "move on" realities of life

These are tough times for the middle classes. Except for the super rich, everyone is affected in one way or the other. The cost of living is so high and is now shooting through the roof. Most of us are dazed. We do not know what to do. We are also somewhat shocked by what we see around us. However, we need to "move on". In other words, we need to just keep going, by accepting things as they are. This article explains some dimensions of how we can get this done.

The top 5 Distance Education institutes in South India for M.Sc. Chemistry.

The field of chemistry is very important in our lives and there are many applications for this subject. Once a person is well qualified in this subject chances of getting a good job are very high. A higher degree in chemistry will enhance the opportunities for a better employment with good remuneration. The details of 5 top distance education institutes in South India offering this course are given in this article.

Last Battle before Independence: Royal Indian Navy Mutiny (1946)

Have you heard about the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny? Most probably, yes. But no details are known. Nowadays the historians are giving utmost importance on this revolt in which Hindus and Muslims fought together for the last time against the Britishers. Let us know about this Revolt.

Importance and pujas of Navratri festival of India

Navratri is celebrated 5 times in a year. These days are considered very auspicious and Divine power- Shakti is worshiped in all her different form for the 9 days. The first 3 days of Navratri is devoted for Maa durga, next 3 days to Maa Laxmi and the last 3 days devoted to Maa Saraswati.

How to develop tolerance of ambiguity capabilities

Tolerance of ambiguity is a very important thing in these times. It refers to a situation where one has just tolerate the uncertain nature of the times, with particular reference to vital variables like employment opportunities, a situation of shortages in some areas, rising prices and so on. Coping with these ambiguous variables is a big art. Some aspects of these capabilities are explained in this article.

The Whisper: A poem which delineates the experiences of a woman

This poem attempts to portray the confinement to which women are subjected to. Although the poem is composed of extreme random images, the imagery of confinement, even in apparent freedom, summarizes the poem. "The Whisper" deals with the most personal experiences of women.

Best 7 tips to stay motivated

To accomplish goals, hard work and attitude matters but when we stuck, we need the motivation to move ahead. Motivation is the key to success. You can't be focused on your work and get the better result if you are not motivated. Here are simple amazing tips to stay Motivated.

How to cope up with disobedient children

Nowadays, many parents complain that their children have become very disobedient. There must be some reasons behind this. I am also a parent and have faced such issues at some or other point of time. It is important to address this issue at the very beginning. This article attempts to address this issue properly and gives some suggestions to deal with it.

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