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How to Prepare for Civil Services along with Post Graduation course?

Want to pursue Post Graduation studies while preparing for Civil Services or other competitive examination? We are discussing what are the disadvantages of studying while preparing for Civil Services exam and how to prepare for Civil Services exam effectively while continuing Post Graduation Studies.

Career in fisheries sector after B.F.Sc

Are you searching for career opportunities in fisheries sector after B.F.Sc (Bachelor of Fisheries Science)? Have a look into this article and get more information regarding the scope, academic requirements, and the career opportunities in fisheries and aquaculture sector in India.

How to apply for cement dealership and get franchise online

Willing to start cement business? Want to make money in cement trading business? Here is the complete procedure to get dealership of popular cement companies like ACC, JK, Ambuja, UltraTech, Reliance, Shree Ultra, Bangur, Jaypee, Orient, etc. Also, know that which is the best brand will give maximum profit at minimum investment.

Six common mistakes to be avoided at Interview venues

The modern Corporate world is very competitive. Only those with the right skills and right attitudes can succeed. There are several right steps that one needs to take in the process of finding the first job or even subsequent jobs. There are some common mistakes that one should never do at interview venues. This article attempts to discuss six common mistakes in some detail.

Learn how to become an expert computer or mobile games designer

Looking for career guidance for a video games designer? Want to know the job scope and salary of a games designer in India? This article provides information on these and other aspects of computer and smartphone games designing, including the ideal general skills you need & academic qualifications for landing your dream job as a games designer in India.

Practical interview tips for the lateral recruitment candidates

Lateral recruitment is the best method to go ahead in life. That is, jumping to another value-added job in another organization, where the quality of experience will be totally different and the exposure will be great. However the interview in such cases is a very tricky affair. There are certain ground rules and many things that one needs to take into account. Some dimensions of these are sought to be discussed in this article.

How to make a lasting first impression in the first week of your career

The first week of anyone's career is a very important period. No matter what the job is, or what the salary package offered is, it is the gateway for mindsets, for far greater things to happen in your life. There are certain basics in this regard. These are discussed in some detail in this article, based on a huge number of real-world experiences and lessons that one can infer from such experiences.

How fresh graduates can get a job by improving their employability

Employability is in. Employment is gone. One has to always be on his or her toes to make it in life. Even mere survival is becoming so difficult, as the population is so huge and there is huge competition everywhere. There are certain imperatives for fresh graduates in this regard to get a job soon. These are sought to be explained in some detail in this article.

Important keys to achieve success

This article explains how to ensure success in life as well as in one's career. Some of the main keys to success are confidence, hard work, power to deal with rejection, preparation, focus, flexibility etc. All these key factors will help an individual to become successful.

How to effectively resolve possible mid-career crisis

In a very fiercely competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly clear that only those who work so hard and add value to any organization can retain their jobs. The era of single-organization careers is gone. However, even the new trends can be tricky in a recession, where most Managements tend to chop all jobs. Some tricks of the trade to minimize the impact of such shocks, is discussed with real world case studies.

Top 5 Communication Courses in UK in 2018

Are you looking for professional development in your career? In fact, a better career would be possible if you can look ahead for a communication course that can help you take your professional development to a new height. How would you find a good course? Finding the right course can be quite tricky enough with a host of options available.

Career after Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

With the increasing reliance on computer systems, the job opportunities for Computer Engineers have been increasing rapidly. The Diploma-holders in CSE are also regularly recrited by armed forces, PSUs and in private sector. In this article, the author discusses career opportunities of Diploma engineers in CSE. Read to know more.

Six must do tasks for the 10th standard student for a career ahead

After completing the tenth standard examination, the tenth standard student enters a new world. A new path. Once he decides on this path, he or she needs to focus further and know every little detail on how to go about acquiring higher education in his or her own area of interest. Some aspects of this knowledge acquisition and focus on careers, is explained in this article.

7 mistakes to avoid for a better job application response

Are you applying for job openings and are unable to understand why you are not getting the callback from the recruiter? You have filled all the details and have all the suitable skills, but the job recruiter never calls back. Read this article and avoid the most common mistakes you might be making while applying for a dream job.

Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

Aspire to have your own business and provide jobs for others? Want to be an entrepreneur? Then read this article to learn about the characteristics that are required to become a successful entrepreneur.

Correspondence courses offered by Osmania University, Hyderabad

Osmania university is one of the oldest and prestigious institutes in India. The institute not only offers UG, PG and diploma courses on correspondence but also it has skill based certificate courses. This article provides information on the various courses, the admissions for which begin in August.

Correspondence degree courses in music offered by the best institutions

Bachelor and master degrees in music are professional degrees that are opted by an individual who would like to pursue music as a profession. Music like any other field of study requires a huge amount of practical knowledge, but there are colleges in India and abroad that offer distance learning courses for music. Learn about them from this article.

How to pursue a career as a yoga or fitness instructor?

Today, there is hardly any better alternative than gyms when it boils down to staying fit and healthy with a well trimmed body. Hence, there is a great need of qualified yoga or fitness instructors along with the mushrooming of different health centers in and around the country. This article perfectly guides the young aspirants how to persue a career as a yoga or fitness instructor.

How to become collector after passing 10th or 12th?

Willing to make your career as a collector? Want to know educational qualification to become a collector? Read this article to know complete information about this and which subjects should you choose after 10th or 12th.

Top 9 nifty tips if you want to change career

Want to change your career but don't know how to go about it? These career changing tips can help you make a smooth transition. Learn how to use your skills and experiences to switch jobs, across industries.

How to get a job in India through AMCAT employability test

Which is the best employment test in India? Where can I get the application form for the AMCAT employment test? How much do I have to pay for the AMCAT employability test? These and other questions are answered in this article which gives complete information on the Aspiring Minds' Computer Adaptive Assessment employability test for job hunters in India.

How to become a professional photographer – a career guide

Photography is counted as a skilled profession that involves creativity and talent. There are professional courses in photography that enthusiasts can pursue. Professional photography courses opens doors to different avenues in the field. Take a look at the various skills that a photgrapher needs and where and how these can be mastered.

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