Studying at St. Joseph's High School

In this essay, I am writing briefly about my school explaining the structure, playground, teachers and my feeling about my school. My school is highly modernized. I have always felt nice being in this school and I have been here since last four years.

My ambition in life is to become a school teacher

I am explaining in this essay that I want to be a teacher when I grow up and educate the society. My parents and grandparents have taught me the value and importance of teaching and education in life and so I want to be a teacher.

Private tuitions - the parallel education system

Private tuition has become an inseparable part of the children' education owing to the highly competitive environment we expose them to. The article tries to analyse the various trends in the tuition sector and focusing on the good and the bad that it does to the children.

My first day at school

In this essay, I am describing the first day at school. I was nervous, lonely but yet prepared to be on my own. So I can never forget the day at school and the experience on the first day was enriching as I learnt to be away from my parents.

How I spent my summer holidays this year

In this essay, I am explaining to you how I spent my summer holidays of this year. I learned to perform many constructive activities. Apart from learning activities, I enjoyed relaxing and watching wonderful things around me. Then, I began to prepare for the next year.

The annual gathering day of our school

This article is a brief description about the annual gathering of our school that was held on 1st March this year. We enjoyed and experienced a new style of life and I can never forget the day of my gathering.

Best indoor games for children during the rains

Children are forced to stay indoors during the rains. Staying indoors could be fun if children play and innovate many games that can be played indoors. This could be fun. The article compiles some such games that can be played in the house itself with the available things either alone or with friends. Children may use variations of some of the games played outside to make them as indoor games as well.

The last day of my examination

We cannot forget some of the interesting moments of our life. So, I cannot forget the last day of my examination also because I enjoyed a lot with my friends. When my examination was over, I felt so relaxed and chilled.

The joys of having grandparents at home

Our grandparents give us joy in many aspects and fill our life with different colors. They love us and take trouble for us in various matters. I love having grandparents at home because they take care in the absence of our parents.

How to prepare for the examinations

Are you worried for your examinations? Are you not prepared for them? No need to worry, sit back and follow the tips given in the article. These tips would help you in being relaxed and preparing for your exams with the right attitude and in the right way .

My lovely dream that made me feel magical

I am writing to you about my loveliest dream that made me feel upset when I woke up. In my dream, I really felt as if I am really into a different world. In the dream, I saw many things which I did not see in my real life that were celestial.

My best friend essay for primary students

In this article, you read about the characteristics of a true friend. 'Who is known as a best friend in school' and 'why is the person known as a best friend. A best friend is different from other students.

Schools in my India should be free of punishments.

We are celebrating Independence Day on August 15 in India and I want to tell you that Independence means freedom. India got freedom in the year 1947 and now in this essay, I want to tell you what freedom I want for my country.

A trip to Jammu and Kashmir. A funny tale!

This is an original story. Its a fictinal one. Its about a crazy family who travel to the beautiful lands on Jammu and Kashmir in north India. A group of about 12 people, each having different characteristics visit the heaven on earth. Its a funny tale about their experience.

How to choose clothes for a newborn baby

Newborns are god's best gift to us. They are so pure and need so much care that we have to be really careful all the time. Giving the most proper clothes for a newborn is also a duty to be handled with great care. I intend to approach this problem in this discussion to help out girls who have problem in choosing proper clothes for newborn babies.

Easy Steps to Good Essay Writing

Essay writing is usually a part of syllabus in most of the schools and a person who can write good essays can surely write any form of writing with mesmerizing style. Following some simple steps is surely going to help a person emerge as a good essay writer.

What does freedom means for children in their life?

Children are the future of a country. Freedom is something that we all need and this article talks about freedom that a child need. This is written by a student and so this is a student's wish about freedom.

Autobiography of a Mango Tree

The world is modernized and the attachment with nature decreases day by day. The trees were the real friends of human and today they are the most suffering ones. This is a small creative work by a teenager on the life of a mango tree. The author tries to describe the life of a mango tree.

Essay on the Republic Day for school children

India celebrates her 66th Republic Day on 26th January 2015. It is common for school teachers to ask students to write an essay on the topic. Common topics for the essay are 'Why we celebrate the Republic Day', 'How is the Republic Day celebrated in India' and 'Republic Day parade'. Here is a sample essay on the Indian Republic Day that covers all three topics.

Let's promise to be stronger youth of the future

Children are the true future of the Earth. They can carve the shape of our earth into a better place to live in. Recently we celebrated National Youth Day. It is the duty of the adults to show the right path to the children so that they can grow up to be better youths. I hope to inspire a lot of children to be strong and determined youths. This will in return benefit us the adult generations of India and World.

Autobiography Of A Horse

This article contains an autobiography of a really hard working horse. Horses are beautiful, vibrant creatures. This horse lived with his mother and was separated from her when he was sold to an officer. To know about the adventurous story of this horse, go through this article.

Essay on christmas festival celebration in India

Are you searching for an essay on christmas festival preparation and celebration in India? Christmas festival is celebrated on 25th December every year. This is the religious festival of Christians. The devotional myth denotes that Jesus Christ was born on 25th December. On this day people wear new dress, perform prayer, decorate their pine tree, prepare Christmas special sweets and exchange their happiness with their friends and relatives.

Autobiography Of A Mobile Phone

Here in this article I have given an emotional autobiography of a brand new cell phone; which is Nokia X2-01; and here the cell phone is sharing story of his life; of how he was born; taken to mobile store then to his first sweet girl owner finally the cell phone is hoping to get recycled to a new phone as he is in a shop were waste product get recycled and it is given a lesson to allow us; to know the lesson you have to read the whole autobiography of this special cell phone.

A Fun Filled Weekend Trip With Parents To Rambo Circus

If you have kids, a trip to a circus should definitely be on your agenda as its a whole lot of fun to watch the clowns, jugglers, people and animals perform different tricks. Circuses are a dying art form today as people are hardly interested in watching them. Kids should be taken to circuses whenever they are held in the city so as to expose them to this form of entertainment too.

The Future of English in India

Here, in this essay, I will talk about the stand of English language in India. English has a very deep and an old relationship with India. It had its both good and bad times.There was a time when it was hated and scrutinized by the Indian and now is the time when English has become a universal language.

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