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Life is beautiful - The essence of Love and peace in Life

In this resource we will discuss about the theme of the world, i.e. Life is Beautiful. As a matter of fact a film called Life is beautiful clearly explains the title and really, you would have felt the essence of love, if you would have watched this film. This film really inspired me a lot and I also suggest you to watch this movie, because this is a masterpiece and at the end of the movie, you will see a change in the way you look at the world.

Indian Election System

In this resource we will discuss about the Election and voting process in India. India is the largest democratic country in this world, and therefore electing the representative of the people is really a tough and essential job. It is not just an election; rather the Government and the election council spend lots of money to conduct an election in a peaceful manner and also make sure that there is no violence or illegal process involved in the election.

Rajkot ODI records

The strong Indian team crossed the 400 mark for the second time, and this time they did it against the very good Sri Lankan team.

Basic Advertising Methods

Google adsense is the king of advertising in the internet.Basic Advertising Methods in all medium will be discussed in this resource.

End of War, start of unification of Sri Lanka

In this resource let us discuss about the solved, yet unfinished problem and that is none other than the aftermath of the war between Lankan Army and LTTE. Even though the Lankan army won the war, the problem is yet to be solved.

Telengana State: "Partition of Andhra Pradesh"

Telengana State: "Partition of Andhra Pradesh".Telengana is really a serious issue and if the Government approves it, then they have to face a lot of problems and pressure from various states

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