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The utmost requirement of School Counsellors in every school today

A school in past was a place to just learn, it was a part of a child's life. However, these days a child's whole life has started to revolve around school and academics and there is rarely any time for them for recreation. This extreme pressure on the young mind has created a vacuum in a society where students feel lost and out of touch with the world. This article brings out the importance of school counsellors.

How effective is the fundamental duty to strive for excellence in all spheres in India?

Do you know your basic duties towards your country as a citizen? The basic duty is the moral responsibility of all citizens through which the unity of the country and patriotism among the people is awakened. How much have you contributed to the overall development of the country? Here is a brief discussion on fundamental duties given by the constitution to strive for excellence in all spheres towards your country.

Right to freedom - a universal fundamental right in the Indian Constitution

The basis of freedom is to give people authority over their own lives and choices, to give them the right to live independently. The right to freedom is one of the six fundamental rights of our constitution. It is the freedom that our state gives to every citizen irrespective of caste, creed, race, or sex. But even today, discrimination, untouchability, Ignorance, and bigotry among the citizens are becoming one of the major challenges in the effective implementation.

How to deal with stress in today's school going children

Normal stress is natural in school-going children. But is your child suffering from nausea, sleep disturbances, bed-wetting, gripping, crying about anything, changes in eating habits, and not being interested in what usually enjoy, or not willing to go to school? All this is a symbol of stress. This article is an attempt to understand the reasons for such behavior and how to deal with such stress for a healthy future for your child.

An effective new classroom teaching method

Learning represents an enormous investment in the development of human capital, directed at ensuring that the teaching and learning in our schools are up to date and equally effective for our future citizens. In this article, I have discussed the shortcomings of the traditional teaching system and a new effective technique for the student in school that will get real-time feedback from the students.

The popularity of Polytechnic Diploma Engineering courses increasing in India

Are you searching for a suitable course after the class 10 board exam? here are the best professional Engineering diploma courses in polytechnic, a dynamic and progressive learning platform? This course is for those who want to hitch jobs quickly. After the course, you can opt for a job as a junior engineer or can start your own business on your dream object or can go for higher study. Here I have discussed the various scope of the course, admission details, and future prospects in our country.

My best college professor who was also my mentor

Do you know that education is the only permanent property in our life, it's never diminish nor it can be stolen by anyone from you. But you can distributes it to everyone like a teacher who acquire knowledge to teaches the students. Here is the real value of the teachers for formation of the students life. I have discussed in the essay about my best teacher and his contribution to make me successful.

Team-building skills learned from my Management Professor

Do you know the important value of a teacher in student life? it is the knowledge that they instilling this value in their students. They assist in developing the desirable moral values of students like honesty, responsibility, public-minded, and become kind & helpful in addition to academic learning. I have discussed in the essay the honor that a teacher deserves and the sense of duty of the students.

Indian education system - problems and solutions

Are you satisfied with the education system of your country? Did you notice any shortcomings? What should be the remedy? I have discussed through this article the fundamental objectives of education to encourage the introduction of conceptual learning, with extracurricular activities, and also numerous other issues, considering the economic and social factors, so that learning can make productive citizens who can sustain under any situation.

An essay on humanity as a value in life which we desperately need

Are you interested in social works, then here is your dream topic "humanity" which refers to unconditional love and support to all living beings on the earth in the case of their needs. It's what makes us humans, different from other breathing creatures around us. It is a value, only humans can achieve and act on. I've discussed in this essay the current status of humanity, and its importance in our life in society.

How to Manage your Business

Tips for business development in Modern world which is essential for successful operation and maintenance. How to Manage your Business, read and learn it.

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