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India Union Budget 2022-23 and the agriculture sector

The Indian agricultural sector played a major role in reviving our economy amidst Covid'19 Pandemic. The annual Budget 2022-23 focused on ensuring assured income to farmers paving the way for the economic revival for the farmers. India would be able to manage to successfully meet the increased global demands despite the Global pandemic since early 2020. An effort is made in this Article to give an insight of the highlights of the Budget 2022-23 with reference to the Agri-sector.

Biju Babu – the pioneer of Modern Odisha

Odisha, a land of rich cultural heritage with Lord Jagannath as its main diety lies to the eastern part of India. It's a land of comprising the golden histories of its boon children who once were the famous leader of Odisha. Their strong effort, sacrifices, and positive thinkings are the root cause for the existence of Odisha. This is a brief sketch of a famous personality, whom people call as Bijubabu and feel proud to be an "Odiya".

Republic Day of India 2019 - Bharat Ratna for Pranab and other Civilian awards announced

Former President of India Pranab Mukharjee has been awarded the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna. The other two - Nanaji Deshmukh and Bhupen Hazarika were also conferred with this India's highest Civilian honor on the eve of the Republic Day 2019. The Govenment also announced 'Padma' awards 2019 for 112 distinguished personalities who contributed their best in various fields. Here is a detailed list of the awardees.

Flying with Grandpa - A book review

Flying with Grandpa is the recently released book by an upcoming Indian writer Madhuri Kamat. It has touched different elements of human nature and pictures how grandchildren crave to live with their grandparents. It is just a small book of 74 pages but explores the volume of human values and nature.

Career opportunities in Oceanography

The study of oceans is an emerging subject in many Universities across the world and there is a rising demand of oceanographers. To become an expert in oceanography one has to start from bachelor's degree and relevant work experience. There is a need for environmental protection and water management and the role of this subject is vital.

What to do when your friend tries to avoid you

Your friends abruptly cease talking to you and pretend that you no longer exist. The feeling of being ignored can be worse than feeling rejected because it makes you feel like you don't matter at all. Remember, every friendship is a variable which is not a constant and it will have its peaks and valleys.

How to boost your career prospects - A perspective approach

Once a student steps into a college or university, it would be with a hope of transformation into the new phase of their life, become a responsible citizen and create a balance between their studies, understanding their world around and their work. Unfortunately the present education system lacks the energy to make them confident of their future and today's Graduates are in a dilemma to visualize their career prospects.

K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies Mumbai PGDM Admissions 2019

Looking for a good Institute to do MBA/PG in Management studies and missed the admissions to IIM? You needn't worry! The famous K J Somaiya Management Institute at Mumbai has announced admissions open for the academic year 2019-21 for the two year PGDM courses in various fields of management studies. This article briefly summarizes the course curriculum and career prospects.

Jagadalpur - A tourist destination during the Christmas vacation

Have you ever heard of this place where the conglomeration of waterfalls, forests, wild life and tribal art & culture live together bringing happiness to the naked eye of nature loving human being? It is also well known as the Kashmir of Chattisgarh where you can have the glance of the Indian Nayagara waterfall. To have a splendid trip during your Christmas vacation, chalk out you plan to visit Jagadalpur, the most beautiful place which hosts the above feature of nature. Have a glance look at this article.

Assembly poll verdict 2018 - Are we heading for coalition politics once again?

The just concluded Assembly polls for five states are treated as semifinals for the general elections and the notable victory of Congress in three states make everyone to visualize the possible scenario that could happen in May 2019. Are we heading for coalition politics again in 2019? Let us discuss the impact of these elections in this article.

Know our first ever Union Cabinet of Independent India

Have you ever thought of the size and dimension of the first ever Indian union cabinet of free India? The role of Pt. Nehru in selecting his team members and any suggestion given by Mahatma Gandhi would always figure when we give a serious thought on it. Have a look at this article a to know who were the members of the first union cabinet of India, their portfolios and the reforms and policies undertaken by the various Ministers.

Pingali Venkayya - the architect of our National Flag

There is a controversy yet unsettled over the actual history of the Indian National Flag. Still people agree that the Tiranga Jhanda as we see it today was a result of hard work and efforts made by a freedom fighter from Andhra Pradesh, Pingali Venkayya. He was an unsung hero of our freedom struggle and his biography is less known and documented. An attempt is made to portray this great man in this article.

Medicinal benefits of Pomelo or Chakotra

Fruits and vegetables are the gift of our nature as they contain many vitamins and minerals that promote for our good health. Diets high in fruits such as Pomelo, very often known as Chakotra are widely recommended for keeping us heal and healthy. The medicinal benefits of the Pomelo fruits are brought out in this article.

What to do when your beloved one is reluctant to continue studies while staying outside

This problem is a serious concern of many parents as their son or daughter all of a sudden decides to quit their study and prefers to return home. They won't tell you any reason and would press to stay with parents causing a loss of important time at the time of academic career. How to deal with such a trivial situation is discussed here in this article.

A glance at the UPSC Examinations schedule for the year 2019

Are you seeking a Central Government job with a good profile and aspiring to attend any of the Examinations conducted by UPSC that is in your target? Here is the examination calendar for the year 2019 published by the Commission and have a quick glance of it.

What to do if your child creates unhealthy chaos at a visiting place

Charity should start at home. Same way learning manners and displaying basic courtesy are the easiest things to teach our children, even at a very early age, but it is not always done. These factors influence more while we visit a friend's house with children and the role of parenting is discussed in this article. Please read on.

Impact of Budget 2018 on Indian Politics

Is it true that every final Budget of a government has always targeted what voters want? As budget speech always an indication of a political message by the ruling party, the Finance Minister appeared to have pleased the rural masses and the farmers in particular. The political impact of the Budget 2018 is discussed here.

A film with a difference - Review of movie Padmavat

Amidst of controversies about the role of Rani Padmavati Devi, after censors and intervention of courts, the much awaited Hindi movie 'Padmavati' with a title change 'Padmavat' finally hit the theatre screens all over India. A classic film of recent times, the movie steels the show and a brief review is presented in this article.

The wait is over!

This story narrates how the festival of Sankranti is celebrated in a village and how the children visiting such places enjoy their festival.

Meet our ISCian Prof. T M Sankaran - An interview with the academician from Kerala

He has retired as a Professor from the University of Kochi quite a long time back. Yet he is energetic with his social and academic activities and an active member of this educational portal ISC since 2009. His contributions reflect his vast knowledge and love towards mankind. He is none other than Prof.T M Sankaran and he shares his views with the author in an exclusive interview which is narrated here.

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia – the Champion of Socialist movement in India

Well known for giving a political challenge by contesting against Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962 General Elections, Ram Manohar Lohia always thought that caste-ism would be detrimental to the development of the country. His socialist thinking is honoured always even by his political rivals and a brief sketch of this great freedom fighter is portrayed here.

What to do when you become blank in an examination hall?

Sometimes stress in the examination hall would impair your preparation, impacts your strategy and affects your performance. Your mind may go totally blank which may lead to utter confusion and chaos and few simple techniques are discussed here to overcome this situation and help the student to do better in the examination.

The requisite characteristics of a village school teacher in the present scenario

Gone are those days where a village school master was the only educated one and could lead the community with his personality traits. Yet a school teacher can not absolve from his responsibility from making the young minds and his surroundings a role model for the generation next. Taking the clues from the poem by Oliver Goldsmith, the characteristics of an ideal village school teacher are discussed here.

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