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Bollywood movie 102 Not Out review

How is the latest movie 102 Not Out? How is the chemistry between Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor in this movie? What is the story line of this movie? Know the interesting facts about the Bollywood movie 102 Not Out in this article.

Why it is not advisable to buy acoustic musical instruments online

Planning to buy an acoustic musical instrument at an online store? Do you know the differences in buying online and offline? This article explains why it is better not to buy acoustic instruments from an online store and why the option of buying it offline from a local store is better.

Best 5 Indian cricket players from 80s ideal for playing in IPL

Do you want to know which player from 80s would have made a big impression in IPL? Who are those players which you would have loved to see playing in IPL? Let's know about our 80s cricketers who had ruled the game with their own style of playing and would have fitted well in the IPL format of the game.

Amazing to know about the Medicinal value of Salt

Do you know how important the most economical and easily available salt for our health benefit? In Indian food, salt is the most important ingredient in our kitchen. It is just amazing to know about salt and its importance and health benefit.

How to use microphone to improve your live performance

Do you want be a singer and you do not know how to use a microphone? Do you know how proper uses of your microphone can improve your performance in singing? This article will provide you all the details a good singer to do and not to do with microphone.

How to choose a music teacher

Do you want to learn music or play some musical instruments but do not know how to choose your teachers. What eligibility should a teacher have to teach you? Find out all your answers related to select the right music teacher.

How to write a sample wedding invitation letter

Do you want to know how to write a sample invitation letter? Do you want to invite your friends or relatives with an invitation letter? Here you can find a sample wedding invitation letter which can solve your problem.

Sample letter format to the bank seeking the educational loan

Do you want to apply for educational loan? And don't you know how to write it? Here you will find a sample letter containing all important matter to get the loan. It's easily written bank letter and can help all group of people. You just need to modify this letter according to your requirements.

Bollywood Movies that gave rise to Superstars

Do you want to know how our Bollywood's Superstars got their first super hit movie? How a Bollywood movie made a superstar? How a role which was rejected by other stars made a struggler actor a superstar? All interesting fact about Bollywood movie and stars are mentioned in this article. Find out some interesting fact of Bollywood movie and its stars.

How a handshake can change your world

Normally, everyone knows about the simple act of shaking hands with each other. But there are only a few who understand its proper value. A proper handshake makes a lot of difference to the people pertaining to any world such as sports, political or business. In this article you can get to know the general rules and the culture of proper handshakes worldwide.

How to maintain and take care of your acoustic piano?

Do you have or recently bought an upright or grand piano and you don't have much idea about it? Do you want to know how to maintain and care an acoustic Piano? Do you want to keep your piano in new look as long as possible? Than you have landed in right place, this article will give you enough details about how can you keep and maintain your piano for longer period of time.

Which is better for a kid to learn music lesson, Piano or a Keyboard?

Do you want your kid to learn to play musical instrument? Are you confuse whether to buy a keyboard or a piano? Do you want to know the major differences between a keyboard and piano? How to choose a better musical instrument for your kid? All your questioned will be answered in this article. Go thorough it and decide your kind of musical instrument for your kid.

How to learn playing musical instrument after the age of 40?

Are you in age group of 40 and above and wants to learn to play musical instrument? What stopping you at this age, do you think you can't learn or feel shy? Then stop your negative thinking and start working towards your interest. There is nothing hard to learn musical instrument at this age, only thing you have to motivate yourself. I hope this article will give lots of positivity of those people who are belong to this age group.

How does music affect us in our daily life?

In current life the meaning of music is changed totally. In this article I have just tried to point out all other good thing about music. How it helps us naturally and provides the energy which we may not find elsewhere.

What are the easy ways to learn guitar lesson and be a musician?

There are many ways you can start learning your guitar lesson which I have mentioned in this article. Here you can find the proper advice, from where you can get the best guitar lesson. How can you be patient, discipline and honest while learning guitar please find it here. Know here, how you can take care of your musical instrument guitar.

What is the difference between a piano and a keyboard?

Here I have given the details of major differences between a piano and a keyboard. Nature of both these musical instrument and how does it works. What are the Learning methods of these two instruments? And most important, the significance of these two instruments in our life.

How to select an acoustic guitar for a beginner

The quality of sound comes out of a guitar depends on many factors like guitar's important parts, wood quality and brand etc. Here I analyze a few key points to be noted while buying a guitar. The article also gives some tips about the care and maintenance of guitar. The article will be really useful if you are planning to buy a guitar.

Monsoon and its effect on Indian farmers

In this article I have tried to explain that why monsoon is most important part of a farmers life. How does it affect them? What happens when there is heavy rain or less rain? How it does directly effects on our budget.

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