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10 couple goals for a healthy marriage (relationship)

Are you married or in a relationship? Do you have any relationship or couple goals? Have you decided on what you are going to do to make your relationship work? Find our expert tips to practice to be in a happy marriage or relationship. Learn the do's and don'ts in a marriage.

10 Protein-rich foods for vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Are you concerned about protein deficiency? Vegetarian and vegan foods can also be a good source of protein. Take your pick from the best protein sources in vegetarian foods.

6 signs that you have an iron deficiency

Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time? Could you be suffering from an iron deficiency? Find out the symptoms and causes of iron deficiency and the dietary changes that you need to make to improve your haemoglobin count.

Top Flying Schools abroad for pilot training courses

Want to know the best Commercial Pilot License (CPL) institutes abroad? This article helps you discover details of the top flying academies in the world. Find particulars of the courses offered, eligibility criteria and admission procedure, and contact information of the academies.

Course details of Commercial Pilot Training Institute in Canada

Want to know about Commercial Pilot License (CPL) courses abroad? This article provides information on how to get a commercial pilot licence in Canada. Find the course particulars, eligibility criteria, admission procedure, fee structure, accommodation and student visa details for Indian students.

Post Graduate course in Aerospace Medicine at IAM, Bangalore

Do you wish to pursue a post-graduate degree in Aerospace Medicine? Are you searching for admission details into the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM)? Find details of admission procedure, eligibility, age limit and other requirements that you will need to fulfil.

Best Aviation Courses in Top Training Institutes (Part 1)

Are you looking for a job-oriented course after class 12? Aviation courses offer employment opportunities. This article provides relevant information on job-oriented aviation courses and details of institutes with the best placement records. Also, find info on eligibility.

Aviation Diploma Courses in Airline Ticketing after class XII

Are you looking for a job-oriented diploma course after 10+2 in the aviation industry? This article provides details of diploma courses in air ticketing. Find information on the course, eligibility and procedure for admission and the best institutions to study. Also get details on career prospects, job profile and employment areas for airline ticketing.

10 best ways to succeed in your workplace

How do you succeed in your workplace? How do you make others take notice of you? How do personality traits boost career? Which unique qualities do bosses and managers notice? Adopt these ten qualities to get noticed in your workplace.

6 ways to teach boys to respect women

Parents have a massive responsibility of raising kids. And parents of boys have a greater responsibility. They must raise their boys to respect women. Use these subtle techniques to teach your son gender equality and respect for women.

Why setting personal boundaries is important

Setting boundaries is healthy. It teaches you to put yourself ahead of everything else. It helps you to recognise your worth and let others know the rules to follow around you. Learn about setting boundaries in different spheres of your life.

Why being critical of teens is unproductive

Is your teenager not listening to you? Is your teenager lazy and unproductive? Does your teenager get your blood pressure up? Stop being critical of your teen, instead follow these tips to help them channelise themselves in the right direction.

How to motivate a disinterested child - Part 3

Is your child not studying? He may be suffering from anxiety issues. Is your child not able to plan his studies? He may need some guidance and inspiration. Help your child discover motivation through these simple tips.

Top tips to motivate your teenage child - Part 2

My teenager always questions everything. How do I answer the 'why' of all his questions? My teen and I are forever arguing; he doesn't listen to me. How can I motivate my teen? Is that a familiar pattern? Let's help you find ways to motivate your child without getting into arguments.

How to motivate teenagers – Part 1

Is your teenager completely unmotivated? How do you channelise his strengths in the right direction? How do you cope with the pressures of raising a teen? Let's help you understand where your teens' motivation lies and how best to exploit it.

How to make children aware of environment issues

Global warming and climate change need our attention. How do we make our children more aware of the environmental issues and the impact that they have on us? How do we teach children to adopt green-living? How do we make them save the planet?

How to make tasty and nutritious Dal Kebabs with an easy recipe

Incorporate vegetables and pulses into your diet through this tasty dal kebab recipe. It is the perfect solution to make your fussy child eat his vegetables and dals, which makes for a healthy and delicious vegetarian snack. Check my own personal recipe as well as the nutrition quotient of the dal kebab in this article.

What to do when your young child does not listen

My little one does not listen to me; what should I do? My child is always distracted; how do I get his attention? How do I make my child do what I say? Are you struggling with your child not listening to you? Try these simple techniques to make your child obey you.

8 things married men must stop doing

Marriage is not just a union of two people. Marriage is also about love, respect, commitment and communication. What things do you need to change about yourself to make your marriage a happy association? Let's find out what women want from their husbands.

How to answer the interview question - What motivates you?

Tell us what motivates you, is a common interview question. How will you answer it? Where do you draw your inspiration? Find out the relevance of the question and how best to respond to it. Learn smart tips to ace this interview question.

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