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3 Strategies for answering 'why should we hire you?'

How do you answer the question, 'Why should we hire you?' What more can you tell the interviewer about yourself? Here is your opportunity to talk about traits that you haven't highlighted yet - enthusiasm, confidence, commitment and more. Discover the professional way to do so.

How can I attend the Republic Day parade at Rajpath?

How do I see the Republic Day parade in person? Where can I buy tickets for the Republic Day parade? Important tips for attending the Republic Day parade at Rajpath. You'll find answers to all these questions here.

How to create a work-life balance

Does your job depress you? Does it leave you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted? If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, then your work-life balance is definitely askew. Learn how to improve your work-life balance by identifying the pain points and making changes in the way you work.

5 Top B.Ed. distance education universities in India

Many top universities offer B.Ed. courses through their Distance Education programmes. Check out the best universities where you can pursue a B.Ed. course through correspondence. Detailed information about eligibility, application and selection procedures are shared here.

Top 5 universities for LLM Courses via distance education

Can I get a degree in Master of Law (LLM) through distance learning programme? Which universities offer LLM courses through distance education? Here is a lowdown on everything you want to know about LLM through correspondence. The best institutes, eligibility, fee structure, duration, courses on offer and more.

Distance learning management courses through IIMs

A few IIMs offer various executive management courses through their distance education programmes. Prospective candidates for these distant learning management courses must be employed and have suitable work experience. Get the details of the IIMs offering this opportunity, the programmes on offer, duration, eligibility and admission procedure.

10 best Indian Universities for MBA through correspondence

Come, discover some of the best MBA and PGDM programmes offered by top universities and institutes, through their distance education mode, online or what we call correspondence. Why not give your career a boost with an MBA degree from any one of these Distance Education programmes.

What do I do – I caught my child looking at porn

I caught my child watching porn, what should I do? Have healthy, meaningful conversations to undo the damage that has been done. Here is your guide to help your child disassociate himself from the evil of porn.

What to do to protect my kid from peer pressure

My child does not listen to me. My child is disinterested in studies and his grades are falling. I think my child's friends are influencing his bad behaviour. Do these statements seem familiar? Are you worried about the adverse effect of peer pressure on your child? Let me give you some solutions to cope with the problem of peer pressure.

What to do to stop your child's addiction of gadgets

My child is always on the phone messaging friends. My child is addicted to social media. My child is always on the game console. Do these sound familiar? Do they describe your child? Embrace these simple techniques to fight the addiction of gadgets in your children.

What to do to raise boys who respect women

How do you raise your child to respect women? How do you ensure that your son does not grow up to be a molester or rapist? This guide shows parents how to raise their sons. We need to change the way boys have been brought up.

What to do if your child lacks motivation

My child doesn't listen to me. My child does not study. My child does not do what he is told to do. My child is always busy chatting with friends. Does all of this sound familiar? Well, a lot of parents go through this and the way to resolve this is really quite simple. Read on to know more.

What to do when your child comes out as an LGBTQ

Your child just came out an LGBTQ - what do you do? How do react to your child's different sexual orientation? What do you say to your child? What are the most important things to keep in mind as a parent of an LGBTQ?

What to do to keep your child from falling into bad company

Your child is moving with the wrong crowd, he has picked the wrong type of friends. What do you do to stop the bad influence of wrong friends on your child? How do you teach your child to behave responsibly and choose his friends wisely?

Easy ways to add paneer to your diet for more protein

How do I make my child eat paneer? How does a vegetarian get sufficient protein? Easy and tasty ways to cook/eat paneer. Are you looking for answers to questions on vegetarian protein and paneer? Here's your guide on how to include more protein in your diet.

5 things to avoid at an office party

How must you behave at an office party? What are the do's and don'ts to be followed when partying with co-workers? What are the best ways to handle situations and people, at a night out with colleagues? Get your answers to the things you should avoid when you are out with office colleagues.

A guide for students on how to make study notes

How to make good study notes? How to make notes to study for exams? Are these questions rising in your mind? Do you want to learn the best study note making techniques? Look no further, as this study notes making guide gives you a step by step tutorial.

7 indications that you're not going to succeed in life

Is success playing hide and seek with you? Are you failing to find success? Your personal traits must be holding you back and preventing you from succeeding in life. Change things about yourself to become successful in your ventures.

6 tips on how to start a conversation with a stranger

Do you have trouble starting a conversation with a stranger? Do you get tonguetied and at a loss for words, after the initial introduction? Here are some tips that you can use to initiate a conversation with people you meet.

How to interrupt someone – the right way to do it

How do you interrupt someone during a conversation or a discussion? How do you correct someone who is sharing wrong information or statistics? Is there a right way of doing so? Learn what the etiquette pundits have to say about the best ways to interrupt a conversation.

How best to revise for an exam

How to make the most of a revision study sessionBoard exams, entrance tests, competitive exams, class tests NEET, JEE, CAT BITSAT etc., you name it; revision is important for all of them. How do you prepare for these exams? What are the best methods to revise before an exam?

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