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What to do when your checked-in luggage is lost during air travel.

Are you ever experienced the agony of checked –in luggage lost during travelling? How to deal with the airline to get your baggage back? This article is written to answer these questions and to provide steps to deal with such such situations. Read the article and follow the tips to get your luggage /compensation.

What to do when your link train is missed

Are you worried about how to handle the situation, if your linked train had left before your arrival to the station? How to manage your onward journey after train had left or cancelled? This article is written to answer such type of questions and to provide guide to deal in such emergency situations. Readers are requested to read the article and take care in case your train has missed.

What to do when there is a snake bite ?

Are you curious to know what happens to human when bitten by snake? How to save life after snake bite? This article is written to answer these questions and to provide steps to deal the medical emergency. Read the article and take care in future in case of a snake bite.

Legal frame work for the protection of children's rights in India

Are you worried about the safety of your children in school or at home in your absence? Heinous crimes are being committed against children. How to deal with such situations? This article has been written to address such incidents by making readers aware of the list of laws and provisions created for the rights of children in India.

What to do when there is a thunder storm?

Are you crazy and curious to know what havoc the thunder strike can play in destroying lives, buildings, trees and properties? How to protect you, your dear one and your house from thunder lightning? Check out this article to know the tips to take care in future to save against lightning.

The evolution, structure and the Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Good and Services Act (GST) has born. The fear and worries about GST impact is the talk of the day. This article provides the comprehensive knowledge and information about Good and Services act and its impact on Indian economy. Come and read the article to have better command on GST.

What to do in case of back fire/ flash back in gas welding?

Are you associated with gas welding? Flash back/ back fire is a great hazard in welding. How to deal in emergency situation of back fire? This article provides comprehensive coverage on the subject. Read the article and get prepared to deal the emergency situation.

What to do when your boss is involved in sexual harassment with you at your work place.

The threat and the incidents of sexual harassment in Indian societies and at the work place is alarming. Women and girl's safety is in danger. Government has brought strict law "The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013." No govt. institution/ organisation is left from this social evil. Now the time has come to fight against this problem. This article is path breaking guidance to the girls and ladies to save their self and report the matter to concerned authority.

The Characteristics of A dream/desirable car.

Are you looking to buy a car in near future? Before making your purchase you must look for the best features and characteristics of your dream car. You must understand and compare the characteristics before buying. To make your purchase easy, read this article. After going through this article you will be able to understand the various features of car. Today safety feature matters a lot. Car with ABS, EBD and air bags is most desirable. Every car buyer must look for these features

The best Characteristics of a smart phone.

Are you looking for a smart phone buy? Before making your purchase you must look for the features and characteristics of smart phones. You must understand and compare the characteristics before buying. To make your purchase easy, read this article. After going through this detailed and explanatory article you will be able to understand and compare the various features of smart phones.

The best ways to bank and banking.

Are you curious to know the best ways available to bank? Banking is very important in everybody's life. If we are familiar with all the methods of banking, everyday life will become easy. The time will be saved and unnecessary movements will be reduced. This article provides complete details about different ways of banking. Let us educate ourselves.

Best ways to extinguish a fire

Fire is a very big hazard. It can destroy crores of property, human life and wildlife in a short time. Are you looking for the best ways to prevent and extinguish a fire? This article has covered many aspects on this topic. This article will be very useful to learn and refresh the knowledge about firefighting.

Best ways to lead a happy married life

Are you going to get married soon? Or are you already a married couple? Cordial relationship is very important between husband and wife to lead a happy and satisfied life. Some of the couples do not adjust properly and end up in a bitter relationship. In this article you will find the complete details about how to make deep the love bond between husband and wife and enjoy life.

How to apply for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) fellowship

Are you a brilliant student of class 11th/ 12th/ first year B Sc.? If you have a research aptitude and want to become scientist in India, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a boon to study in Indian Institutes of science. This article is written for the purpose to create awareness about KVPY fellowship and to guide the students on the application process.

How to apply for HDFC credit card online

Are you looking for information on the application process for HDFC credit cards? HDFC bank is offering a life time free membership card with enhanced security features (electronic chip) to the customers. HDFC bank has more than 80 lakh credit card customers, the largest number in India. This article provides you complete information and guidance on how to apply for HDFC credit card via online mode.

How to apply for Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme (PMSS).

Are you looking for a scholarship? This article gives details about PMSS namely Prime Minister scholarship scheme, through which you will get Rs.24000-Rs.27000 per year. You will get complete information on the eligibility documents required and the guidance on the online application process

How to apply and update Aadhaar card.

Aadhar card is very crucial document now in India. Government of India has made it compulsory for many services. Linking of bank account, LPG subsidy,PAN card, mobile numbers have been made compulsory. So It is wise step to make Aadhar card for self and family member if not made earlier. This article shows the path how to apply and get an Aadhaar card.

How to submit an application for SSC combine graduate level (CGL) Exam .

Have you completed your graduation or studying in the final year of graduation? It is a bright chance for you to apply for the combined graduation level (CGL) exam conducted by staff selection commission(SSC). In this article you will find the complete details about the exam and will be able to apply online after reading this article.

Climate change Conventions its obligations, impacts and green energy solutions

Climate change is very hot issue at world level now-a-days. Fossil fuel burning and their emissions are contributing to raise the atmospheric temperature. To save the earth and environment many treaties and conventions had been signed by the world's nations. Paris agreement is one of them. You will have the complete details on the subject in my this article "Climate change Conventions its obligations, impacts and green energy solutions"

The Magic Train of India - Lifeline Express mobile hospital facilities

This article provides information on what is known as the Magic Train of India, that is, the Lifeline Express / Jeevan Rekha Express, which is a mobile hospital train. This article gives the details information about the facilities available inside it to offer the treatment to poor and inaccessible people.

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