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Construction and working of a Cold Storage Plant

This resource explains the working and construction of a cold storage plant which is used for storing fruits and vegetables to keep it fresh and eatable. Cold storage basically works on the 'vapor compression refrigeration cycle' to produce cooling.

Construction and working of an Ice Plant

This resource will make you familiar with how the big sized 'Ice plates' are manufactured. This ice making process involves heat transfer/extraction from water with the help of basic refrigeration techniques. This ice plant uses 'brine' and 'Ammonia' as refrigerants, and working medium alternatively.

Warren Buffet rule: Never lose your money in the stock market

This article highlights the importance of avoiding losses in the stock market for long term or short term investment. An example will give you an idea of how disastrous it is for you to stick to a single stock for the long term after a huge loss.

An introduction to thermodynamics laws

This article gives you overall introduction to thermodynamics laws viz. first law, second law and third law of thermodynamics. All represents the science and physics happenings around us. Read the following article to know more about it.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) - Ultrasonic Testing

This article deals with brief information about Ultrasonic Testing (UT). UT instrument consists of pulsar or receiver, transducer and display devices. Ultrasonic testing has many unique advantages compared to other NDT techniques. Thickness measurement by UT is added advantages compared to other technique like radiographic testing and die penetration technique.

Introduction to an automobile clutch and its importance

This article gives you brief introduction of an automobile clutch as well as it importance during working of an automobile. Article also gives characteristics of clutch as well its classification based on its different types. Read the article to know about an automobile clutch

How to get the most out of a Reading - Effective reading techniques

This article describes some simple principles by implementation of which you can get most out of what you read and write. Normally we read and simply forget whether they are of most importance or just to read. Students should remember this technique of SQ3R which is short form of Survey, Question, Read, Recall, and Review. Students, researchers like doctors and engineers can be more benefited by this technique.

Brief introduction to thermodynamic heat and thermodynamic work

This article deals with the overview of thermodynamic heat and thermodynamic work which are nothing but the type of energy interactions between system and surroundings. This article also includes general concepts related to heat and work as well as a simple understanding for thermodynamics base.

How to choose guide or supervisor for project or dissertation work

This article is all about giving tips while choosing supervisor/guide during start of project or dissertation in any graduation or post graduation in any engineering specialization. There is a great importance of guide/supervisor in project and dissertation. Read more about it below.

Effective five step method to cultivate good habits

This article introduces a new and innovative method to cultivate good habits. Habits are one of the main attractions of one's personality. Here in this article, the five-step method is introduced which can surely help you to cultivate and improve good habits, provided you follow it as per instructions.

Liquid Nitrogen powered automobile propulsion system

This resource deals with the Liquid Nitrogen powered automobile propulsion system which is a unique propulsion concept that uses the thermodynamic potential between the ambient temperature and a cryogenic (temperature below 123 Kelvin) medium. Liquid nitrogen is as the primary form of energy storage and transport and also proposed as an alternative to liquid hydrogen in some transport modes.

Operational Procedure For Vacuum Pumping Systems

In this article, I will describe in brief the procedure about the operation of vacuum pumping system. The step by step procedure will ensure the proper functioning of the pump. This procedure is developed based on the reviews and experience of technicians of vacuum pumps.

How to insert/write mathematical equations in Microsoft Word

This article deals with the step by step procedure to insert/write an equation of mathematics by use of Microsoft Word equation editor. You can write any equation related to mathematics by equation editor (or Microsoft Equation 3.0) program which is nothing but termed as 'Object' in Microsoft Word.

Overview of Finite Element Method (FEM)

This article explains the Finite Element Analysis or Method as well as it provides the complete steps or procedure to solve any problems of structure or thermal physics. This article also provides advantages of FEM (Finite Element Method) or FEA (Finite Element Analysis) over other analysis or methods for detailed study of any engineering problems.

Different crystal structures of Engineering materials

This article describes the basic crystal structure of common engineering materials which are now basic building blocks of daily life. Engineering materials like Aluminium, copper, Iron, Cobalt etc are made up of different types of crystal structures like BCC, FCC and HCP. Each structure has its own unique arrangement and based on atomic radius and atomic distance, different crystal structure has different density and so on for other material properties.

Interview experience at Siddhi Cement Ltd

This article/resource will give details about my life's very first interview that I still remember. Siddhi Cement Ltd was the company which was going to take our Interview. Interview process involved group discussion and personal interview. I was first selected in group discussion and then personal interview at Ahmedabad office of Siddhi Cement Ltd. It was a really nice and wonderful experience of my life and I got placement in the company along with my classmate and other student from Production dept.

My Interview Experience In SVNIT-SURAT

This article gives my interview experience for the post of lecturer on contract LOC in the mechanical engineering dept. at SVNIT, SURAT. The article gives details about the interview process and questions asked to me.

My PhD interview Experience at NIT-Surat

The article provides the details of my Ph.D. interview at SVNIT (NIT-Surat). The articles give details of the stages of the interview, panel information, and a few questions testing my eligibility and suitability of Ph.D scholar.

Six 'C's for effective management by Peter F. Drucker

This article highlights the important six 'C' factors given by Peter F. Drucker that helps you to do any work by effective management. These include communication, commitment, cultivation, consensus, consistency and constantly. Read the article to get details of each 'C'.

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