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Different types of iron and its material properties

This article gives an overview of different types of Iron which includes wrought iron, white cast iron, grey cast iron, malleable cast iron, and nodular cast iron. Each iron is classified based on its physical and chemical properties with respect to carbon percentage and its application.

Brief introduction to thermodynamic heat and thermodynamic work

This article deals with the overview of thermodynamic heat and thermodynamic work which are nothing but the type of energy interactions between system and surroundings. This article also includes general concepts related to heat and work as well as a simple understanding of the thermodynamics base.

Types of chip formation during machining operation

This resource deals with the types of chips that are produced as a result of any machining operation. The types of the chip formation depend on the material type, machining speed, rake angle of the tool, friction between the tool and material as well as on the cooling fluid used to cool the material during the machining operation.

Performance of an Internal Combustion engine by heat balance sheet

This article gives an overview of the performance of an Internal Combustion engine (ICE) by using a heat balance sheet which is nothing but an energy balance principle as per the first law of thermodynamics. The heat produced during combustion is balanced in different ways.

How does a domestic refrigerator work

This article explains the construction and working of a domestic home refrigerator. You will know details about the principal parts of any domestic refrigerator, namely the evaporator, compressor, condenser, and capillary tube. A domestic refrigerator works on a vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

Construction, Working and Importance of Turbocharger

This article gives you an overview of how a turbocharger works and also about its construction and working. A turbocharger is basically used to increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine by compressing the air going into the engine cylinder during the intake stroke.

Compressibility - a basic concept in Fluid Mechanics

This article introduces the concept of compressibility and its importance in fluid mechanics and related areas. Compressibility gives an idea of how a fluid volume changes when subjected to a change in pressure or external force.

Construction and working of an Ice Plant

This resource will make you familiar with how big-sized 'Ice plates' are manufactured. This ice-making process involves heat transfer/extraction from the water with the help of basic refrigeration techniques. This ice plant uses 'brine' and 'Ammonia' as refrigerants, and working medium alternatively.

Desirable material properties of cutting tools

This technical article deals with the important properties of a good cutting tool. The cutting tool material should have enough strength to deal with the cutting as well as environmental conditions. Read the article to get a list of all the desirable properties of any cutting tool.

Different types and working principles of temperature sensors

This article gives an overview of different temperature measuring devices and their working principles. The sensor list includes thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs, Infrared cameras, bimetallic temperature sensors, thermometers, etc. Read the complete article to get knowledge of these devices.

Rivet and types of Riveted Joints

This article gives detailed information about riveted joints which are used for permanent joints in various structures. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of riveted joints are given to have a clear understanding of permanent joints and their area of application.

Innovative brainstorming problem solving exercises for students

This article gives an overview of a few innovative brainstorming activities to solve a given problem at hand. Students will be able to reach a solution faster with this collective effort. Read the complete article to get an idea about innovative brainstorming problem-solving exercises for students.

How to use Google forms for quizzes or exams purpose

This article gives a step-by-step method to use the Google form features to create quizzes or exams for school or college students. Read the following article to know about this free Google tool i.e. Google form.

Unique features of Google online digital classroom

This article gives an overview of Google Classroom as an online digital classroom. Google classroom consists of various features to help students to access various course materials, assignments, quizzes shared by the teacher, and many more. Read the article to get all the features of Google classroom.

Scholarship options after HSC Science in Gujarat

This article provides complete details about various scholarships available after HSC science. These scholarship types vary with respect to the caste/category and percentage of results obtained by the candidate.

Important seminar topics in Mechanical Engineering

This resource lists the important seminar topics/subjects that can be taken as a part of curriculum/syllabus during engineering study in Mechanical branch. This list covers topics from different subjects and field like manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Heat transfer, Power plant, Cryogenics engineering and automobile.

Six 'C's for effective management by Peter F. Drucker

This article highlights the important six 'C' factors given by Peter F. Drucker that help you to do any work by effective management. These include communication, commitment, cultivation, consensus, consistency, and constantly. Read the article to get details of each 'C'.

Different crystal structures of Engineering materials

This article describes the basic crystal structure of common engineering materials which are now basic building blocks of daily life. Engineering materials like Aluminium, copper, Iron, Cobalt, etc are made up of different types of crystal structures like BCC, FCC, and HCP. Each structure has its own unique arrangement and based on atomic radius and atomic distance, the different crystal structure has different density and so on for other material properties.

My Ph.D. interview experience at NIT-Surat

The article provides the details of my Ph.D. interview at SVNIT (NIT-Surat). The articles give details of the stages of the interview, panel information, and a few questions testing my eligibility and suitability as a Ph.D. scholar.

How to do preparation for Ph.D. admission

This article gives details of the eligibility criteria and general essentials which are required for appearing/applying for any Ph.D. interview. It also gives common tips on Ph.D. admission preparations.

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