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Why Mamata Banerjee continues to have a huge support base in West Bengal

Though West Bengal is lagging behind in many aspects, the support base of the ruling party and its CM Mamata Banerjee is still significant. Unemployment is rising, party cadres and the top brass are meddling with every affair. There are politics and powerplay everywhere. This article gives an overview of the reasons for this almost intact support base.

The tactics of the opposition parties in India

Are you confused about the role of the opposition? Do you want to know the similarities of the tactics of the opposition? In this article, a brief description of the different tactics the opposition follows during every election is provided.

A trip around Ghatshila to enjoy the Christmas holidays

Want to take a tour to feel fit and fresh? Do you want to enjoy the holidays in the lap of the mother nature? Then Ghatshila is the ideal place for relaxation. Read on to know more what to see in Ghatshila and where to stay

Why there is a decline in the sales of music albums

Do you still purchase music albums? Our listening pattern has drastically changed with the advent of technology and music albums may soon become obsolete. The sales of music albums have already dipped. A brief history of the concept of albums and the reason for its decline is provided in this article.

How the mobile telephony evolved

Curious to know when mobile communication started? Want to know what is 2G, 3G or 4G? In this article, a brief description of the history of mobile communication is provided. Read on to know about when the basic telephone communication started and how gradually mobile communication became popular.

A trip around Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata

Are you new to Kolkata and want to enjoy pandal hopping during Durga Puja? You might have heard about the favourite festival of Bengalis and want to visit Kolkata to see the famous Durga Pujas organized by the different clubs around the city. This article gives an overview and list of a few of the prominent Durga Pujas in and around Kolkata.

Distance learning courses offered by Burdwan University

Are you looking for post graduate courses in distance learning mode? Interested to join MBA programs offered through distance mode? Read this article to know more about the programs offered by Burdwan University in West Bengal through distance learning mode. Know the eligibility criteria, fee structure and other relevant details required to join the programs.

The guidelines and prerequisites to fly a drone in India

Do you want to fly a drone? Want to know what are the requirements to obtain a permission? In this article the general guidelines for flying a drone and the necessary documents which are required for its operation are mentioned step by step. Read on to know more.

What to do if your child shows suicidal behavior

Is your child thinking of suicide? After hearing this are you feeling numb? You do not know what to do now and feeling guilty as well as really confused. Remember to take a professional help immediately if things go beyond your control. In this article there are few guidelines that you can follow to manage the situation.

What to do when your child has Autism

Your child has Autism. Now what to do? How to bring up the child? What are the responsibilities of parents of an autistic child? This article contains few important tips to deal with a child with Autism.

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