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Reservation for women: The resurgence of an old demand

Women are still inadequately represented in the state legislatures as well as in the Parliament. In this light, there have been demands of reservation of seats for women. The demand is almost two decades old but it has resurfaced once again, ahead of the general elections. This article attempts to analyze the contentious issues that are involved with such a step. Analysis has also been presented as to why political parties, in general, are unwilling to introduce such a policy.

The Complete Story of Rafale Deal Controversies

Rafale Deal is quite a controversial topic in our parliament. There were many questions which were raised on the PM's integrity by opposition parties. Let's see the entire timeline of the Rafale deal and it's controversies in this article.

Sanitary Pad Vending Machines in Warangal Government Schools

This article looks at the recent move to install sanitary pad vending machines in 8 government schools in Warangal district of Telangana. The impediments in the way of ensuring proper menstrual health for women as well as suggested solutions are the other focus areas of this article.

Republic Day of India 2019 - Bharat Ratna for Pranab and other Civilian awards announced

Former President of India Pranab Mukharjee has been awarded the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna. The other two - Nanaji Deshmukh and Bhupen Hazarika were also conferred with this India's highest Civilian honor on the eve of the Republic Day 2019. The Govenment also announced 'Padma' awards 2019 for 112 distinguished personalities who contributed their best in various fields. Here is a detailed list of the awardees.

What you should know about Chillr-Truecaller merger

Why should a global communication app company acquire a mobile payment company in India? Or why TrueCaller, a Swedish company, known for its caller ID and communication app, should be buying Chillr, a potential and fast growing Indian entity in the Fin Tech sector. This article gives the answer in detail for that.

Top 5 Ayurvedic Centers in India

The aim of this post is to provide you with some information about the five leading ayurvedic centers in India so that you can visit them when on a trip to the subcontinent.

Nobel Peace prize of 2017 for ICAN group

This article is based on the news of ICAN getting Nobel Peace prize for 2017 for its extra ordinary efforts for abolishing of nuclear arsenals from the world. The threat of nuclear weapons in the world and how this non-profit organisation ICAN is fighting globally to end this menace is elaborated in this article.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems (AEPS) to be rolled out soon

Aadhaar Enabled Payments Systems (AEPS) is now going to be rolled out soon for all major payments to be done by citizens of India digitally. This is a major announcement with about 110 crores people already holding a Aadhaar card and direct enrolled into it with less cash linked payment system. Get to know more about AEPS from this article.

Ramnath Kovind - All set to be the next President of India

The suspense is over. Finally Modi has zeroed in Ramnath Kovind, the Governor of Bihar as the NDA nominee for the next Presidential election to be held in July this year. Opposition parties are almost stumped out with the selection as nothing can be pointed against the choice of one of the silent Dalit leaders of the country. The former Supreme Court Advocate is all set to occupy the Rastrapati Bhavan.

Will India fight against ISIS?

ISIS has become a major issue worldwide. Many states have come together to fight against it. Will India be showing it's part to unite with the world to stop ISIS? If India has done it in the past past, then why can't she show its military power now and prove the world that we are also with them.

Why our nationalists need to calm down

The chaos happening in our nation because of recent anti social event is becoming a major issue. It is really very important to stop these issues or else it will become a great threat to our nation. Read the article to know more about the on going national movements.

BHIM App - Bharat Interface for Money - Download and Learn more

BHIM app is now available for download on Google playstore and is an Indian app for making transaction across any digital payments. This app will you to connect with you bank directly and make payment using the UPI gateway. Know more about BHIM right here in this article.

Check if you have won under Lucky Grahak Yojana

Government has started a new scheme called Lucky Grahak Yojana, where every customer using the mentioned payment gateway will win Rs 1000 on daily basis and then have bumper prize on April 14. Get to know more if you have won today under Lucky Grahak Yojana by the Prime Minister of India and Niti Ayog.

Power of modern nuclear weapons

This resource is to explain the power of modern nuclear weapons. I will also list the countries which are believed to have nuclear weapons. Countries and the number of nuclear weapons are also mentioned in this article.

Watch live Attukal Pongala Festival 2016 telecast on TV channels

Are you in search for to watch Attukal Pongala Festival 2016 telecast on TV channels? The 10 days long Attukal Pongala Mahotsavam main event at Bhagvathy temple gets live telecasted on DD Malayalam, Asianet news, other leading regional news channels, and streaming on websites from 10:00 a.m onwards on February 23rd 2016. Go through below article for more details of Attukal Pongala Festival

Panama Papers Leak shakes the world

Panama Papers Leak shakes the world and about a dozen governments.The following article includes a brief summary of what the leak is all about and the root problem behind it i.e. material greed. Read the article to know about the famous personalities involved in this.

Coast guard women officers operating hovercrafts

It is the first time in our defence service that women officers are operating hovercraft. Coast guard women officers are getting trained for handling this amphibious craft. You will find all the information regarding the Indian Coast Guard in this article.

Watch live Medaram Sammakka Saralamma (Sarakka) Jatara 2016 telecast on TV channels

Are you in search for to watch live Medaram Sammakka Saralamma (Sarakka) Jatara 2016 on TV channels? The 4 days long Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jatara will be available live on DD Yadagiri, Bhakthi TV , E TV Telangana, regional news broadcasting TV channels and streaming on websites. Go through below article for more details like history cum stories behnd the Jatara etc.

Countries with nuclear weapons

This resource is to explain the power of nuclear weapons with respect to each country. You will also come to know the list of countries which have powerful nuclear weapons. I also explain about what are the policies followed by different countries to use the nuclear weapons.

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