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Cloud Computing: A Course for a prospective career in the IT Industry.

Are you interested to know about the cloud computing course in detail like, the prerequisites for the Cloud Computing course, the topics covered in this course, Work opportunities, the best Colleges/institutes offering cloud computing courses, etc., then you are on the right page? Just keep on reading and scrolling down to understand more about the in-trend course of the present.

10 Ways You Can Improve User Experience on Your Site

Owning a website doesn't stop at its creation. You should be able to maintain it. If you find that some things are failing, you need to resolve those issues. One of the things you should improve is your site's user experience. If you think it's already fine, there are more things you can do to improve it.

Roz Dhan App - A good way to earn money daily

Are you looking for the easy ways to make money through your smartphone? No matter whether you are a student, a job holder, or even a blogger, in case you are checking out the best options on how to make extra money, the Internet offers you several options for achieving it. However, one of the salient features you need to give a thought would be to focus on the genuineness of the application.

Top 5 free video conferencing apps to conduct online classes

How to take a class online? What tools can be used for online teaching? Video conferencing applications holds a lot of advantages and special features to take live online class effectively from anywhere. Here is a list of the best free video conferencing platforms that teachers can use to conduct online classes for their students.

How to become an coding expert

The 21st century is totally dependent on technology from all sides. Therefore programmers are required in each field. But becoming a good programmer isn't so easy. So this article explains the important ways to become a good coding expert in 2020.

Review on Hathway Internet in Hyderabad

In this article I have written a review based on my experience with Hathway ISP (Internet Service Provider). I will also suggest best alternatives leaving hathway aside in Hyderabad. I will clearly explain why I think Hathway is worst. This article is exclusively meant for people who lives in Hyderabad.

Challenges and joys of online teaching and learning of secondary school children

Online teaching and learning is a totally new experiment in India, made possible and famous after the advent of COVID-19. Since the virus is said to be so severe that it could take another eighteen months to come back to some normal and safety, the online classes will only become intense. This article is based on personal knowledge and observation of such learning experiences.

How to convert an old CRT TV to a smart TV

Do you wish to buy a Smart TV, but do not have that budget. Or you do not want to thow away your existing functioning ordinary TV, but need to have Smart TV viewing. Don't worry. You can convert your ordinary TV including the old CRT TV to a smart TV at a small cost. In this article the author tells us how easy it is to convert your ordinary non-smart TV to a Smart TV using Android TV box and cites his own experience.

BIRAC Biotechnology Ignition Grant 2020 17th Call for startups and entrepreneurs

Do you have an ongoing or proposed startup project at an approved R&D incubation centre and are looking for government funding for it? This article provides complete information about the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) offered by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), a Govt. of India Enterprise. Details of the type of projects acceptable, the amount of funding, eligibility requirements, and the online application procedure have been provided.

Common problems and mistakes to avoid for online teaching learning classes

Are you conducting an online teaching class for school children or college students for the first time? This article provides a first-hand insight based on an actual teaching experience of what are the challenges faced by beginners in online teaching and the best way to be prepared for them beforehand. Useful tips have been provided as well to avoid common mistakes.

12 online apps for teachers for online teaching

In the present virus crisis situation the online teaching is coming to the front and it is imperative that teachers have to search and adapt to the online teaching tools for teaching to their students. This article details some of the teaching apps useful for the teachers.

Online Learning v/s Offline Learning

Usually when it comes to type of learning to be opted people get confused and start thinking whether which one of the two is better- Online learning or Offline learning. This might have happened with you also. So, here's an article dealing with a solution to your dilemma. This article deals with online learning and its advantages along with a comparison that would differentiate between online learning and offline learning providing a wider range of coverage.

Multimedia: Components and Applications

In this article I am going to talk about Multimedia. Multimedia is a medium through which the information can be easily transmitted from one place to another. Today multimedia is used in various fields like in education, training, business etc. Also I am going to tell about its components and its applications.

How can parents help kids in an online learning environment

Online learning is the need of the hour. This article explains effective ways for parents to help their kids in virtual learning without causing interference in their studies but lending them complete support and helping them set a routine.

Internet of Things(IoT) - An Overview

This article explains the different applications of the Internet of Things(IoT). The practical applications of the Internet of Things are not limited to Healthcare, Agriculture, Home Automation and Smart cities. Privacy and security are the most important aspects that every IoT appliance user should be mindful of before making a purchase decision.

Social networking sites: pros and cons

This article discusses with reasons why social media websites that have taken us by a storm are both a blessing as well as a curse. It discusses in detail about how we can make the best use of social media in our daily lives and at the same time also taks into consideration the side effects it causes.

Why content is King?

In this article, you will know why the expert says content is King? What are the reasons behind it? How to make rich content or how to draft successful content? What is white hat SEO? What is black hat SEO? Kindly go through this article to know more detail about high-quality content and its history.

Win $50,000: Bill Gates Foundation-NCPI digital payment mobile feature phone challenge

Looking for technology-based mobile phone international contests for startups with cash awards? This article provides details of a unique opportunity - a grand challenge to come up with a digital payment solution for mobile feature phones by participating in a global competition launched by a collaboration between National Payments Corporation of India, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and CIIE.CO.

Addressing Modes of Intel 8086 Microprocessor

In this article, all the 12 addressing modes supported by the Intel 8086 microprocessor i.e. immediate, direct, register, register indirect, indexed, register relative, based indexed, relative based indexed, intra segment direct, intra segment indirect, inter segment direct, inter segment indirect are briefly discussed with an example for each.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a fantastic way to feel the imaginary world. This article gives complete details on how the components in VR work to take us to the imaginary world. Also, find the best VR headsets in 2019 that gives you extraordinary visual experience while playing games and watching movies.

5 Reasons why mobile wallets are better than cash transactions

The mobile wallet market share in Indian has grown manifold over the past couple of years. Not only does it offer freedom from cash transactions but it allows users to enjoy better discounts and cashback promos on a regular basis. This post will analyse the benefits of mobile payments in India.

How to become a local guide of google maps and get benefits and perks

This article gives information on how it is beneficial to become a local Guide for Google Maps. As a Local guide every time you contribute to google maps you are eligible to earn points. There are 10 levels in Local Guide. Details about how to get the points and get promoted to the next level, obtaining special perks and early access to new Google features is all explained in this article.

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