When and how to use hand sanitizer

How to wash your hands correctly? Due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the demand for hand sanitizer is high. But sadly many people don't know how to use a hand sanitizer properly. Go through this article and learn when and how to use a hand sanitizer effectively to stay safe and free from germs. Also, get to know when not to use a hand sanitizer and the benefits and the risks of using a hand sanitizer.

How To Control Anger?

Have you ever been angry and later on felt sad for being angry on some one or something? Do you want to control your anger ? Is anger good or not ? The following article will discuss about anger and measures through which we can control our anger.

Simple ways to treat and get rid of split ends

This article explains ways to get rid of split ends which are a sign of hair damage. To get rid of them, restoring hair health is necessary. It will, in turn, help in the treatment of split ends or trichoptilosis.

Physiotherapy exercises at home during COVID-19 lock down stay

Worrying about missing Gyms during COVID-19 home stay? Bothered about not having any workout equipment at home? Learn through this article some basic exercises recommended by the physiotherapist that can be performed at home during these lock down days.

Precautions To Be Taken By Pregnant Women From The Day You Conceive Till Your Delivery.

Here in this article I have given detailed information on some important points on what precautions should be taken when you are pregnant from the day you conceive till you deliver the baby. It includes precautions from the day you conceive till 3 months (First trimester); precautions to be taken from fourth month to sixth month of pregnancy (second trimester); precautions to be taken from seventh to ninth month of pregnancy (third trimester); Some important points to remember during pregnancy.

How to treat painful ingrown toenails

An ingrown toenail is a common condition affecting people of all age groups. However, sometimes it can get infected and become painful. This article explains simple self-care tips to prevent as well as treat ingrown toenails using home remedies.

How and when to drink water to boost your health with immunity.

All of us do drink water throughout the day regularly. Some drink hot or cold water. A systematic method of consuming water helps us to boost our health, improve our immune system to fight against contaminated diseases. Here are the tips to be considered while drinking water on a routine basis.

Fitness tips for students

It is necessary for students to remain physically fit and mental fitness depends on it. If a student has a healthy body, he will develop a healthy mind which is good for studies. It is not necessary to join Yoga or gym classes to remain healthy. There are a number of activities that one can do to remain fit. In this article I will discuss fitness tips for students.

Some Super-foods that will increase the brain power of your children.

Every mother wants her child to be intelligent and sharp minded and to excel in studies. If you also want to do the same for your child, then you can start it from a young age. You can add a few things to your baby's diet to make him strong-minded and intelligent.

8 Effective ways to prevent split ends

This article explains tips to prevent split ends which not only uneven hair length by causing hair breakage but is also a sign of hair damage. These tips help in maintaining hair health which is necessary to prevent split ends.

How to prevent and treat dark elbows and knees

Dark elbows and knees lower our self-esteem and bring unevenness in skin tone. Prevent skin darkening by following the precautionary measures listed in this article. Also, follow the regular skincare measures such as cleansing and exfoliating to naturally lighten elbows and knees.

Some diseases caused by Protozoans

Protozoans are useful as well as harmful to us. Protozoans cause many diseases in human being. The below article will provide you with some diseases caused by protozoans. You will also find the symptoms and prevention methods of diseases in below article.

How to keep hands free from germs

Hand washing is one of the best and easiest way to keep hands germ-free. This article explains the various steps involved in proper handwashing and also about the use of hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available.

Effective ways to naturally improve vision

This article explains the simple ways that are effective enough to naturally boost eye health and improves vision. Following a healthy eye diet and regularly practising eye exercises will gradually improve the eyesight.

How to prevent acne scars?

This article explains various measures which keep acne under control. This decreases inflammation and consequently chances of formation of acne scars too decreases. Actions like not picking at skin, proper hydration, using sunscreen lotions, proper skin care regime etc prevent formation of acne scars.

14 Impressive health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice

This article explains the miraculous benefits of sugarcane juice in treating the body by curing various illnesses and bringing back good health. It is considered as a nutritional drink that prevents fatigue. Also, it rehydrates the body and can effectively beat the summer heat.

What Are The Safeguards Against Anger?

Anger eats away the peace and harmony from life and the life of a person can get destroyed due to this. We all get angry. Somebody has anger on their noses. Everybody is the victim of this disease. Somebody vent anger out, some digest it. Read this article to sidestep anger.

Top 8 healthy high energy boosting foods

Fatigue or low energy levels in the body can make us sluggish and non-productive. This article explains foods that boost energy levels in the body such as healthy nuts, bananas, leafy greens and an energy drink such as water.

Structure of human heart and its functioning

The heart is the most vital organ of human body whose main function is to circulate blood and transport various materials within the body. This article provides the detailed structure of heart and the way it works to accomplish its functions in human body. This article also deals with the various important blood vessels associated with the heart and also the characteristic double circulation of blood that occurs in human body. Some frequently asked questions were also provided along with this article.

7 Amazing foods to improve eye health

This article explains various foods and nutrients present in them that can benefit eyes and boost eye health. A healthy eye diet rich in eye-friendly nutrients is essential to improve vision and prevent eye-related conditions in the long term.

How to gain weight naturally at home without gymming

Are you tired of your lean body? Have you also lost your self-confidence due to your underweight body? In this article, I am going to share some tips with the help of which you can gain weight at home on a low budget without any dietary supplements or gymming.

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