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How to get an official Government-issued Transgender Certificate and ID Card online

Do you want to know how transgender persons can change their name and gender on a certificate or official document? Keen to avail of financial assistance for education or medical expenses for transgender persons? All this can be achieved by simply having a valid Government-issued transgender certificate and an identity card along with it at the same time through a simple online process. Details of this procedure and documents required to apply are provided in this informative article.

How to create a blog – free or paid one

In this article, you will know how to create a free blog and how to become a blogger. Yes, read it for more detail with sample of creating a free blog including creating a paid blog and its guideline over here.

Top 15 online learning and doubt solving apps for competitive exams

Are you preparing for IIT-JEE or NEET exam? Are you feeling troubled in case of any doubt during your study? Several online websites and apps are assisting in solving doubts. Here is a list of top online learning apps which are very useful for doubt solving during competitive exam preparation.

Online learning- an effective solution on crises created by Coronavirus

Teaching-learning process is very important for students. Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 has stop our regular activities and everyone has been stay at home for his/her safety. This restriction to stay at home made disturbance in natural teaching learning process of students. So it would be appropriate to write about how COVID-19 made crises in teaching-learning process and how online learning overcome this crises.

Is it safe to buy from Meesho?

Want to try a reselling business? Looking for an honest review of the Meesho app? Read this article to know all about the Meesho reselling app and how it works.

Useful Websites for Online Spoken English Course

Are you hesitant in facing interview because you feel you are not fluent in English? You fulfil all the requirements for a vacancy, but you lack the fluency in English, so you don't get selected for a job. Do not give up as this article focuses on the online options to enhance the fluency in English.

Vedantu – a top online learning platform that teaches live

Are you preparing for your JEE or NEET exams? Seeking one-to-one online tutorials sitting in the safety and comfort of your home? From grade 6 to 12, Vedantu's live classes provide one of the best experiences in online learning. Learn here in this article all about Vedantu and how you can benefit from it.

How to apply online to get a labour card in India

Searching for the method to get e-labour card or majdur card? Read this article to know the complete steps of getting the labor card in your State. Also, know if you are eligible to geta majdoor card from your state government.

How To Buy IndiGo Flight Tickets Online

This article will guide you in buying the IndiGo airline's flight tickets. IndiGo airline offers its flight tickets ing online though its official web site i.e., So go on and learnn book flight tickets of IndiGo airlines online.

Advantages of uploading educational degree certificates and awards at NAD

The National Academic Depository or NAD is a digital database provided by the Ministry of Human Resources (MHRD) of the Government of India to store the degree certificates and awards of students. Learn why you should always upload and store your educational qualification certificates with NAD.

Best digital libraries for school students to read and download free e-books

Are you a high school student getting ready for board examinations? Are you worried about not being able to attend your favourite library because of the lockdown? Here is a list of top online libraries for school students where you can access thousands of free e-books and academic journals. Keep reading!

How to access Bloomsbury Digital Resources and read free e-books in May 2020

The Bloomsbury Digital Resources is an online archive of academic e-books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. As an initiative to support remote teaching-learning during the Coronavirus outbreak, Bloomsbury Digital Resources is now offering free unlimited access upon request. Learn how to access Bloomsbury Digital Resources for free and read scholarly books and articles!

Best Websites to Get Recorded Tutorial Courses for Free

Read this article for a list of websites where you can get the best-recorded tutorial courses absolutely for free. Whether you are looking for a language course, handicrafts or a development course, know the best websites where you can get such tutorials for free.

How to register and store mark sheets and certificates online with National Academic Depository

Are you worried that your Class 12 mark sheet has been damaged? Do you wish to verify the authenticity of a student's certificate before awarding a scholarship? Students and verifiers can register and access various academic documents, including Degree and Diploma certificates, mark sheets, etc at the official Depositories of the Central Government's National Academic Depository (NAD) which was launched about a year ago.

5 online places to learn how to code for free

You don't have to be a genius to play with code. Learning 'how to code' has become more easier with interactive teaching. Many websites offer free and paid courses to teach coding. Here's are the top 5 websites where you can learn how to code for free.

How to pay various mobile postpaid bills online

In this article, I will explain easiest way to pay post-paid mobiles bills in online. There are many online websites available to pay your post-paid bills. I will explain the registration process, payment process and benefits of paying mobile post-paid bills online.

The 5 best language learning websites that are almost free

Do you speak a foreign language? Would you be interested in learning a new language? Language learning websites make it easy to pick up new language skills at your own convenience. Take a look at a few websites that can help you master a new language.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free - Review

Do you want to learn basics of programming in one of the simplest ways possible? Then, SoloLearn ( is the website/app for you. This is my review of SoloLearn after using it for more than an year.

ITI Jodhpur result 2016- 17 Technical education BTER

Are you looking for ITI Jodhpur technical Diploma exam result 2016-17 that was recently announced by Board of Technical Education Rajasthan (BTER)? If yes, please find its detail over here. The BTER conducted exam in 2016-17 session, so some of the result has been announced recently. Those who are looking for it can find them over here.

Useful Apps to bang competitive exams

In the present scenario preparing for competitive exams has become a challenging task. The educational apps play an integral part in preparation of competitive exams by providing all the learning materials and additional features. Check out this article to know the useful apps that will help you to prepare for the competitive exams.

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