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Social Networking

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How to take a much needed break from social media addiction

In the world of mobile phones, many people have enslaved themselves. If you're looking at your surroundings, you'll get to know it's true. Social media have a vital role to play in this. If you're one of them, you need to think about taking a break from this addiction. Here's the reason and how.

Facebook and the latest features

In this article, you will know Facebook's important features which many don't know other than using FB for general purpose like Facebook sign up and Facebook login besides using it to post some info or get info. The additional features of Facebook are, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Developers, Building new products, AI powering Smart features, computer vision, new techniques, and AR / VR, etc.

How much to charge a brand for Instagram Promotion

Social media is not only about what it initially started off as – socializing virtually. In fact, the social media has become a part and parcel of one's life. Advertising and brand building has become one of the prominent aspects of Social Media platform of late. Having understood that, how would you charge your brand for an Instagram promotion? Well, it is something that would depend upon the kind of engagement you would be bringing in for the brand. We will explain the intricate details of how you would c

Linkedin: A Social Networking Site For Professional Life

We all know that they are many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on but all of them are mostly used for getting in connection with our family members and friends. LinkedIn is a social networking site which is mostly used for professional life. In this article I am going to discuss about the role of LinkedIn in our professional life and also the various feature present it and how one can optimize the maximum from the resources available in LinkedIn.

New upcoming useful features of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is very famous today as a personal messaging app. If you want to know how much it has affected the personal messaging segment of internet, you can simply say before whatsapp comes and what after whatsapp entered !. This difference is obvious if you particularly talk about messaging and call features of whatsapp. In the place of send a message , has became do whatsapp. Many new features are going to be introduced for whatsapp.

Six Most Important Disadvantages Of The Social Networking Sites

Here in this article I have mentioned all the possible disadvantages of the social networking sites; in which I have given six important disadvantages and they are your personal details get revealed; scams; harassment; time consuming as well; emotional loses; being in a virtual world.

How to promote Youtube Videos to get more views?

Are you trying to promote your YouTube Channel? Are you trying to get more views to your YouTube Videos? Here are the few tips mentioned in this article will help you to get a good number of views to your Videos.

Save your children from drawbacks of social networking websites

The growing number of child users in social networking websites is a big social concern. In this resource I am discussing some of the safety measures parents should follow in order to protect thier children from the dangers of social networking websites. Parents please read and help yourself to help your kids:

How to enable mobile notifications in Twitter for Windows Phone

This article explains how to enable mobile notifications and push notifications in your Windows Phone Twitter app for Windows 8, 8.1 users. With this, you can receive instant notifications on phones like Lumia, Asha and other Windows phones.

The art of writing an interactive forum on a topic of choice

The following article deals with the subject of writing an interactive forum. A forum is a medium of communication between a writer and his readers on a topic of choice.It can be used to discuss ideas in public in order to gain knowledge for the benefit of all concerned in general.

Technique of increasing traffic on the site

Keywords are considered as the heart of the SEO working. The best way to enhance the traffic on your website is by adding Keywords to every single page of your website. you should select one single word for your keywords which you feel could be used by uses in searching.

5 easy Twitter tips to get more traffic to your blog

Twitter besides Facebook can help a lot to drive traffic to blogs. Twitter is considered as one of the top social platforms to get loyal readers. Know how can these simple tips help you increase traffic to your blog or website.

Information about Facebook white hat program

In order to make facebook safe for the user they have introduced a program called facebook white hat program for to appreciate the security researches for facebook security vulnerability. This content contains the information about the white hat program.

How to submit online application for Indian Coast Guard Yantrik recruitment 2015

Want to know how to get enlisted in the Indian Coast Guard as a Yantrik? This article provides complete information on the procedure to join the Indian Coast Guard as a Yantrik, for which the recruitment notification for the 2015 batch has been issued. You will get also details on the eligibility requirements, medical standards, etc.

Influence of social networks in blogging

Social sharing will help a site or a post to get more views than the natural way it generates. This article is about the varies social networking sites which helps to promote contents and their influence in blogging.

Husband Wife Relationship

This article describes about the relation in between husband and wife. How a relation in between husband and wife is and how it can get changed and altered by different situations and how to cope up.

Social Networking to your website

Today on internet, the top listed website are facebook, twitter with high numbers of unique membership, these Social Networking website are proven networking website, lets see how?

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

This article is about Face fouder Mark Zuckerberg who is youngest billionaire in the world, student's online social network project changed to accidental billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg become Time Person of the Year 2010.

Social networking sites as a place to find jobs!

Nowadays, everyone has accounts in Facebook, Orkut or Twitter. And it is another interesting move from our youth that they are using such sites to find jobs of their interest. This article tells more about this new trend and ways to find job through social medias. I also added some alerts that you have to remember if you are a networker and a job searcher. Read on.

Social networking on a banned network

Today lot of people do social networking on internet as the world has become very small. Here I am providing a way to remain in touch with your friends/relatives even on a banned network in your office/college/school.

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