National Science Day: An important day for awareness of science in India

National Science day is an important day in India to celebrate science for its service to the public. It is a day to celebrate the achievements of scientists and to encourage young students to pursue a career in science. The theme for National Science Day changes every year and focuses on highlighting a different aspect of science. This article is an attempt to know more about the day and understand its importance.

Significance of Numbers in Thirukural by great legend Thiruvalluvar.

This article has focussed on the greatness of Thiruvalluvar, a Tamil Poet and main focus on the basis of significance of numbers in his literature Thirukkural. The number theory and mathematics scientifically proven/discovered later has a place in this literature beyond imagination in those years and hence an attempt.

Farewell Speech for Schools and Colleges

In this article, you will get help to prepare Farewell Speech for Schools or Colleges for upcoming farewell. Learn how to write, practice and speak for Farewell Speech in your respective School or College. Tips for Farewell Speech of Schools or Colleges or Company or institution.

10th December: International Animal Rights Day- A Day for Animal Lovers

Are you an animal lover and worried about animals' protection? You can take the initiative by celebrating International Animal Rights Day and make people aware about it. Like every year, International Animal Rights Day is celebrated on December 10th. It is always good to think about others especially our animal friends. Let's think about them and celebrate this days and take a pledge of not to harm and neglect them.

How to celebrate Earth Day during the lockdown period

Do you love Mother Earth? Are you worried about the protection of Mother Earth? Earth Day is coming and will be celebrated on 22nd April. But if you are out of ideas for celebration of Earth Day due to lockdown, then read this article to know the simple but useful tips by which you can celebrate this day at your home.

Mothers Day : Make Your Mom Feel Special

Hello Everyone, Mothers day is coming very near. This year it falls on 11th of May 2014. So do you know how mother's day originated? The Women behind the existence of mother's day is neither married nor has any children.Read on the following article to find out more about mother's day history and also find tips to make your mom feel special.

Some facts about the temples of Lord Ganesha

In Hindu religion, Lord Ganesh is worshiped as First God and everybody worshiped Lord Ganesh by Ganapathi Homam when they start any work. Lord Ganesh is worshiped on all days especially on the Chathurthi Day (fourth day from Full Moon Day) every month. Among all Chathurthi days the day in this month is celebrated in the great manner in all parts of India. September 17th is the day of Ganesh Chathurthi. Let us see something about Lord Ganesh here.

List of Important Days in India

This article presents the most important dates in India. These include all public holidays, festival dates, political dates and all other dates included as important by the Science, Arts and Economics fields in India

How to use rainwater harvesting to combat water scarcity in India

World Environment Day is on 5th June. This article discusses the concept of rainwater harvesting, which can go a long way to help towards storing of one of the elements precious to the environment, namely water. You will get information on how to install a rainwater harvesting system, its costs in India and its benefits.

Christmas: 25th December Story, Celebration and Beliefs.

All are aware of the story of festival Christmas or the Nativity but very few are aware of the traditions and customs and the decorations used during the festive season. This article will provide you with more understanding of the Christmas festival celebrated whole over the world on 25th December by Christians.

Most important festivals of Buddhism

In this article, I am going to share some of the most important festivals and days in Buddhism. Festivals are important in our lives as they are not only the remembrance of auspicious, good events in history, but also provide us the reasons to gather with family and friends. Read this article to know about Buddha Poornima, Wesak and other important Buddhist festivals.

Unique friendship day gift ideas

Friendship day is round the corner and it is time to think for the best gift for your friend which would reflect your affection for your friend and thus helps in strengthening your bond. If you are keen on gifting something unique and special to your friend, then go through the article wherein I have provided some of the unique and best gift ideas for friendship day.

Makar Sankranti - its relevance and significance and observance

Makar Sankranti or Makara Sankranti is an auspicious day and observed so in almost all parts of India. Though the name by which it is known, the ways of observing the day and celebrating it slightly varies from place to place and state to state, the underlying significance is almost same. It is beginning of a good season of another six months. This year Makar Sankranti falls on the 14 th of January.This article gives all the needed relevant details on Makara Sankranti and helps all to understand easily.

Dussehra - the Hindu festival of victory

With the advent of Mahalaya Paksha in India, people across the country come in a festive mood and start their preparations for the most popular festival known as Dussehra. In this article I would like to mention the importance and significance of this festival.

Natural homemade colors for Holi

Its a well known fact that these days the markets are flooded with chemical colors which kill the true essence of the festival. So here in this article we would be exploring the various methods using which we can make colors at home using natural substances and thus maintain the spirit of the festival.

Ganga River Dolphin Day: A step towards its conservation & protection

October 5th is observed as Ganga River Dolphin Day and it is celebrated every year to create awareness among people about our National Aquatic Animal "The Gangetic Dolphin" and sensitizes them towards their protection. This article gives brief details about Gangetic Dolphins, their habitat distribution, conservation status and initiatives took by the Central and State governments.

World Environment Day: The mammoth irony

This article traces the continuous rise of human civilization & the consistent decline of our natural environment. There cannot be a bigger irony than this: the perpetrator promises to be the savior of the Nature.

How to maintain a healthy friendship

The relationship of friendship is different from all other relationships. This is a relationship which makes you feel fresh, revitalized and complete. A true friend saves you from troubles in life and encourages you to walk ahead. Without friendship life is lonely. On the occasion of friendship day I will talk about how to maintain a healthy friendship.

Opportunities of Online Competitions for Students on International Day of Biological Diversity

Are you getting bored in your homes? Why not start some activities. You might be aware that the International Day of Biological Diversity is about to come. In this article, details of online competitions are provided which are being organized on the occasion of the International Day of Biological Diversity-2020 in different States. You can win a cash prize. Besides, the participation certificate will be given to each participant. Read this article and participate as per your interest.

Five ways to celebrate friendship day

Life is to live, to enjoy. But life is incomplete without relationships and friendship. There is only one relationship which tops others. That relationship is friendship. Actually friendship does not need a particular day to be celebrated. But it can be commemorated on what we term as friendship day. Friendship day gives a good opportunity to you to express your love for your friends. How to enjoy friendship day? This article presents five ways on how you can celebrate friendship day.

How to participate on 'Gandhi in Me' contest from Kerala University

University of Kerala (KU) and Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is conducting a contest on Father of the Nation - Gandhi in Me. If you are interested to participate and write about his life and sacrifices then find its brief over here, including last date to submit the entry. Anyone can participate in the contest.

How can I attend the Republic Day parade at Rajpath?

How do I see the Republic Day parade in person? Where can I buy tickets for the Republic Day parade? Important tips for attending the Republic Day parade at Rajpath. You'll find answers to all these questions here.

Significance of Ash Wednesday and rituals

When is Ash Wednesday in 2018? When does Lent begin this year? Do I have to go to Church on Ash Wednesday? Can I eat meat on Ash Wednesday? This article give informative answers to all your questions.

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