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How to avoid constant Invalid Captcha error during IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking

Frustrated at getting "Invalid Captcha" error message repeatedly even after typing the correct Captcha during IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking? IRCTC limits the number of users trying to login during Tatkal hours by displaying a complicated Captcha image and giving "invalid captcha" error message. This article gives some tips & tricks to avoid the captcha error and login quickly. Follow these instructions and get a confirmed Tatkal train ticket.

Travel safe – tips for tourists and other general travellers

This article gives several safety tips which a traveller must keep in mind while travelling within the country or abroad. The tips include what travellers must carry while going on a trip. It tells about various safety precautions a tourist must take while staying in a hotel or travelling in buses or trains abroad. It is a complete safety guide for anyone travelling abroad.

What to do in case of a forest fire while trekking

Are you an adventurous person who loves trekking? Have you ever imagined a situation of getting trapped in a forest fire while you are on a trek? What would you do if you spot a forest fire while trekking? Here are some of the useful fire safety tips which trekkers should follow to save their life when they got stuck in a forest fire while trekking.

What to do if you have a kid or a baby with you during your journey

When you carry your kids or toddlers during your travel out of town, you know that they will not be able to bear the hassles of a journey. Yet, you might not be in a position to leave them home. Find out the methods of keeping yourself tension free and your baby happy all along the journey over here.

How to make your trip safe and comfortable

Most of the journey make us happier. But sometime we feel its better stay in home it self. Why this happens?. This is related to some tips to make your journey happy and safe. There are lot of things to care. But most of the time we will not get time to think and plan.

Travel tips while traveling with children in India

The present article gives a few tips to follow when you are traveling with children. Children, by their nature cannot be steady in their behaviors or reactions and soon get bored and tired of travel. They will not be able to tolerate hunger or sudden weather changes and may even fall sick. So it is always necessary to take some advance precaution to take care of their needs, food and drinks, rest and to keep them engaged and active. Here are some useful travel tips to be handy when you travel with children.

What to do when your wallet or passport is lost on travel

It is surely a nightmarish situation, but it does happen. Many tourists lose their wallet while traveling. Travelers to foreign countries lose their passport while traveling. What should a person do in such situations? Read this article to know.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) Museums in Darjeeling: Timings and entry fees

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) has set up three museums in the Darjeeling district. The one at Ghoom is most famous and is part of the Joy Ride Tour. Two other museums are situated in Kurseong and Sukna in Darjeeling district. You can get all tourist information about DHR museums in Darjeeling including their location, timings, and entry fees.

7 tips for budget tour to Gangtok: Cheapest ways to travel

Want to visit Gangtok but worried about the expense? It is possible to travel Gangtok in low cost without seriously compromising your finances. Let's see how to travel Gangtok and the whole of Sikkim in a small budget!

Budget Tour to the Himalayas: 7 tips to travel hill stations at low cost

Do you think travelling to hill stations to beat the summer heat needs a lot of money? If you are willing to take some trouble and mingle with the locals, it is possible to travel to the Himalayas and not burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some tips to travel hill stations at absolutely low costs.

Important tips to make your bus rides comfortable

Not willing to take up the bus journey fearing the many discomforts in the bus? Well, here are some easy and simple ways that you can adopt while planning a bus journey in order to turn it out to be a comfortable one.

Taj Mahal – Man Made Wonder

This article has the reasons why and how one should visit Taj Mahal…what one should see minutely to enjoy the visit more… reach Agra easily…this article also has information regarding the ornamentation of the building…most important is to be aware of the thugs…

Tips for Buying Gold Jewellery when visiting Saudi Arabia

Ever wondered what's the best gift you could buy from Saudi Arabia for your friends or family members? Definitely. Gold and diamond jewellery is one of the most preferred things people used to buy from Saudi. However, while purchasing gold jewellery in Saudi, you should take care of certain things to avoid mistakes.

What to do on missing the train after getting down at an intermediate station

Depending on where you are traveling Indian railways travel journey can sometimes extend to 2 to 3 days. In this long journey, it is obvious that we get down at intermediate stations for various reasons like purchasing food, water etc. But what if you are unaware while you have got down and the train starts moving? What to do in such situations and how to avoid such occurrences? Let us have look at it in this article.

Checklist for things to do before a train travel

If you are planning for a train journey, then you need to make several preparations like packing your luggage and remembering the things to take. But there are some very essential things which you should not forget before the train journey and hence it makes sense to have a checklist in place for the same. Intent behind this article is to highlight important things to do and essential things to take before leaving for a train journey.

What to do when your link train is missed

Are you worried about how to handle the situation, if your linked train had left before your arrival to the station? How to manage your onward journey after train had left or cancelled? This article is written to answer such type of questions and to provide guide to deal in such emergency situations. Readers are requested to read the article and take care in case your train has missed.

What to do when tourists are caught in a Sudden National Crisis

A fun filled care free holiday can turn into a disaster if a tourist wakes up to a National crisis in the foreign country. The events quickly evolve and may seem straight out of a Hollywood movie, anyone who has seen Hotel Rwanda, will understand what the impact of these national crises can be. These are events beyond our control but can affect our stay, departure and even survival in a foreign country. This article gives an insight in what to do and who to stay safe in such places.

What to do when children get lost on a holiday?

Holidays are fun, excitement and joy for everyone. We plan for everything and start off dreaming of all the good things that a vacation would offer. But in a moment's time, our joy can be turned into anguish and sorrow when we face problems. If kids are lost during this holidays, this is the worst thing. This article highlights how to prevent and how to manage such crisis.

What to do when your flight is canceled or delayed?

Is your flight got canceled or delayed due to bad weather or any other critical issues? Don't worry! Plan your trip wisely and reach your destination safely by following some of the useful tips mentioned in this article on how to handle the flight delays and cancellations.

What to do if you fall out of the raft while rafting

River rafting is one of the adventurous recreational activities to be enjoyed with family and friends. Rafting involves risks and dangers, so one must follow the safety tips to gain a safe and an enjoyable rafting experience. Continue reading this article to know more about rafting, rafting safety tips, and ideas on what to do if you fall out of the raft while rafting.

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