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My experience with Share Market and investments

This article is all about sharing my experience with share market and related investment. The articles gives some tips that I learned during my share market activities. These tips are my own experience which might help others.

Know the financial ratios essential for identifying stocks for investment

Many new investors start investing in direct equities to get a huge return. But without understanding the valuation of a particular stock, it is very dangerous to invest in direct equities. In this article, the author discusses eight essential ratios necessary for valuation of the companies. Read to understand.

Investing in stock market : Top 10 tips and tricks for beginners

Investing in the stock market is an art. It is not a quick-rich scheme. It requires lots of hard work and passion. Sometimes it is difficult for beginners to understand where to start, what is the way to learn. Here in this article, I have shared some tips and tricks for the beginners, which will help to understand how to start trading in the stock market.

Precautions to be taken while trading in stock markets

Are you trading or wish to trade in the stock market? Did you take into account any precautions before jumping into the stock market? If not, you should make sure that you follow the precautions mentioned in this article. Otherwise, you should be ready to lose your hard earned money.

Warren Buffet rule: Never lose your money in the stock market

This article highlights the importance of avoiding losses in the stock market for long term or short term investment. An example will give you an idea of how disastrous it is for you to stick to a single stock for the long term after a huge loss.

Godrej Consumers: Why to include the stock in the portfolio?

As an investor one has to be in search of good companies with strong fundamentals. In order to lower the risk and increase the reward in the stock market, try to include such companies in your portfolio which saves not only your investments but also awards you with attractive gains for the long term. Godrej Consumers Products Ltd. can be such a company to remain invested for a long time.

Motherson Sumi Limited: Why to invest in a stock like this?

The stock market is not all about prediction but about selecting the good companies or the businesses you want to invest in and hold it like for a long time to have the profits come to you with the progressing company. Motherson Sumi Ltd. is such a company with its diverse portfolio in the automotive sector with its operations worldwide, can be a good company to study the fundamentals.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying ETFs

Investment through ETF(exchange-traded fund) is growing day by day. It is an essential financial instrument for retails investors for easy diversification. With a little money, a retail investor can start his investment through ETF. This article explains the types of ETF, how to trade, the Pros and cons of ETFs, etc.

Know the time-tested success mantras for equity investing

Equity investing is the most effective way of wealth creation. But very few can become successful in equity investing. What are the secrets of success in equity market? Let us know the success mantras of equity investing which all the great investors follow. Try to remember these success mantras.

Share market and trading tips for beginners

Want to know how to start trading in stock markets? This article is all about share market trading for the beginners. The various types of trading such as intraday and long-term trading has been explained. For the better understanding about share trading, advise on trading strategies is provided and additionally the ideas about quantum of investment in Intraday trading is given. Moving further, how to avoid fund losses by using tools such as stop-loss is given.

What to do during an unpredictable share market situation

During the first week of February 2018, the equity market in India suddenly started going down very rapidly. Many investors panicked. Many of them were confused. They didn't know what to do. This article tries to provide a direction to those investors in the present uncertain times.

Secured Investment In The Market

The article is about invest in the market securely, if you have no time to look after your invested fund. This article enlightens where to invest and how to invest without any anxiety and risk. There are multiple ways for investing such as: fixed deposit in nationalized banks, public provident fund, preference shares, balanced fund, index funds, exchange traded fund and systematic investment plan, national pension scheme and commodities such as gold and silver.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme online applications for budget home loans

Are you looking for information on the Government of India PMAY home loan revised scheme? Searching for the PMAY application form online? This article provides the official website link for the application form and also gives updates on the likely changes in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme through which low income families can apply for subsidized home loans.

How to invest in share market

This article gives an introduction to investment options and provide lot of tips on investing in share market. If you like to learn how to invest in the stock market, read this guide.

Details On Share Market And The Various Types Of Shares

There are various methods of shares that are traded in the trade market or the share market and I have taken some efforts to study them in detail. I have provided the various types of shares in the market along with suitable explanations. I have also discussed in detail the two types of share market that exist in our nation.

Simple steps to beat the Inflation

This article describes about the various simple steps that can be taken to beat inflation in these days where cost of living is increasing day by day by leaps and bounds.

What is Share Capital?

Meaning of Share Capital; Features of Shares Capital; Types of Share Capital; Share Capital

Where to check BSE, NSE live listing shares price of IndiGo IPO issue

Would you like to know the price band and lot size of the forthcoming equity shares issue of IndiGo? This article gives an analytical review of the IndiGo IPO shares and provides details of the share price, launch date and closing date. You will also know where to read the red herring prospectus and check later the live shares price online at BSE and NSE websites.

How to buy stock without broker?

Stocks represent the business entity. The stock can be buying with the help of broker or without the help of broker. Read this article to grab the knowledge about buying stock without a broker. And also deals with the how to become a broker or member of the exchange.

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