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Beginners Guide to Mutual Funds

Wealthy individuals invest huge amounts in stock market with the help of a financial advisor. The small investors who wish to enter the stock market are hit in the process without the professional advice. Mutual Funds come to the rescue of such investors who have just stepped into the world of stock market and are unaware of the nuances of the trade. Here is a basic guide to help the small investors who have just entered the market to have an overview of this option of investment.

Not all mutual fund schemes suit you

Although the mutual fund schemes have become popular among investors, many investors invest following others without considering their own risk-taking capabilities and time-horizon. So, they don't get the desired returns or sometime make losses. Let's discuss the issue.

What are the benefits of sectoral mutual funds?

What is a sectoral mutual funds? How to get in to that and what are the benefits of sectoral mutual funds? Benefits and risk involved in sectoral mutual funds? What strategy should you follow before investing in sectoral mutual funds to face less diversified and less volatility

Have you made a Systematic Investment Plan?

SIP - Systematic Investment Plan, is one of the best ways to invest in Mutual funds and at the same time hedge the risk of market to a marginal extent. This article explains how Mutual funds and SIP works and how SIP hedges the risk of a volatile market.

Is Paytm Money-Mutual Funds/SIP Investment app safe and good

Paytm Money, the mutual funds app of Paytm has gained enough popularity within a year of its launch. Many beginners have a question in mind regarding the platform through which they should start investing in mutual funds. In this article, we will see the general overview, reviews, features, drawbacks, safety, portfolio details and many other things about Paytm Mutual Funds app.

Tips and tricks for choosing a good mutual fund

A mutual fund is an alternative investment instrument for small as well as big investors. Before investing in a mutual fund you have to choose the best fund that suits you because every fund has its own objectives. To choose a mutual fund you have to understand certain things and terminology in finance. In this article, we have discussed what are the key factors you must know before investing in a mutual fund.

How to select best mutual fund for investment?

Mutual funds have gained lot of popularity for providing one best option to invest money. There are many types of mutual funds with different details. It is most important part to select the best mutual fund according to your needs. In this article we will discuss the points to be remembered while investing in mutual funds.

Know the basics of ELSS: The tax-saver and wealth-enhancer

Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) is a special type of equity mutual fund which helps the investor to save tax and to get a substantial return. In this article, the author discusses the ELSS. Read to know about this special category of mutual fund.

ELSS Mutual Funds in India

The Fund size of the Equity Linked Saving Schemes have risen lately as Investors decide over tax saving avenues and escape from taxes being deducted out of their taxable income as the financial year end is approaching.The following note highlights the importance of ELSS vis a vis other tax saving instruments.

Know six reasons to sell your mutual fund

Generally investors invest in mutual funds according to their investment goals, time-horizon and risk-taking abilities. There are various types of funds for different types of investors. However, the investors are always in doubt to determine when to sell a mutual fund. In this article, the author discusses six reasons to sell a mutual fund. Read to know.

Debt Funds: A better alternative to FD for conservative investors

This article describes debt funds as an investment alternative, and compares it with other investment options. It includes advantages and risks of debt funds, tells what kind of investors should go for debt funds and also how the debt funds are treated with respect to taxation.

All about Mutual Funds and its various types

Do you want to know what is mutual fund and various types of mutual fund available in India? This article gives information about mutual fund, definition for different types of mutual funds and examples for each type of mutual fund.

How to choose the right mutual fund scheme?

A mutual fund pools the funds of innumerable investors to invest in shares or securities defined by the asset allocation policy of the mutual fund scheme. Are you also planning to invest your hard earned money in mutual fund scheme? Then, read this article for an in-depth understanding of how to select the right mutual fund scheme to avoid losses and earn profits.

All about Systematic Investment Plan and the SBI - SIP Mutual Fund

This article is written for those who do not understand what Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is. I have explained SIP in simple language, which will help new entrants into the investment market. Clear all your doubts and learn how to invest in the best SIP through this article.

Know About A Mutual Fund Agent Or A Mutual Fund Broker

This article explains you about who are a Mutual Fund agent or broker and their major work in MF field. This also clearly explains you about the requirement of a MF agent. You can refer this article for how to become a MF agent and benefits of being a Mutual Fund agent. At present as on February 2012 there had been some changes in the MF agent certificate renewal process by NISM which also briefly explained here. This article finishes with the difference between a Mutual Fund agent and an Advisor.

How to make long term investments through SIP of mutual funds

This article provides an insight into the benefits of investing in SIP mutual funds. You will learn how to invest in SIP of a mutual fund and also understand the meaning of SIP and other commonly used terms like NAV when investing in a SIP plan.

Define SIP, types and benefits

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is one of the most popular methods of investment. A person can invest in SIP without any fear of high risks. If you are also willing to earn smart returns by investing in SIP, then read this article. In this article, you will come to know about SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in details along with its benefits and types of Systematic Income Plans.

How to measure mutual fund risks – five statistical tools

Are you a mutual fund investor? Do you want to invest in mutual fund schemes while remaining aware of the associated risks? Read this article which describes the five statistical tools which are used to understand the risks associated with mutual fund schemes.

Top five tips to pick good mutual funds

Are you interested to invent in mutual fund schemes but confused by the different types available in Indian market? Read this article and understand the basis of selecting schemes suitable for your individual needs.

Tax treatment of mutual funds in India

Want to know about the tax treatment of mutual fund schemes in India? Read this article. The author has discussed the tax treatment of different types of mutual funds in great details. The tax rate is applicable for 2015-16.

Different Types of Equity Mutual Funds

Are you confused about different types of mutual funds? Learn more about mutual funds, their functioning, different types of equity mutual funds, etc. In this article, different types of equity mutual funds have been explained from a common investor's perspective.

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