Gold as an option for investment

In our country, Gold is considered as synonym for wealth and with the festival season is on most of us are planning to make an investment in Gold. Here I am providing you the knowledge about various methods of investment and possible benefits of investing your money in the Gold.

How to apply for Govt of India Sovereign Gold Bonds scheme

Want to know how to invest in the government sovereign gold bonds? Wondering what is the price of the gold bond? This article provides complete information on the eligibility requirements, as also the price of a bond, application procedure, etc.

Benefits of investing in tax-free bonds

Want to know everything about tax-free bonds? How to invest in tax-free bonds? Why are tax-free bonds better than bank fixed deposits? Are tax-free bonds a safe investment option? Can one invest in tax-free bonds to get tax exemption under section 80C? If you have these queries, then, please read further to get the relevant details about tax-free bonds and advantages of tax-free bonds.

Alternative Investments You May Not Know About!

Read this article to know about alternative investment options. Know what type of investors who can target alternative investments and the of alternative investments. Read on to know the procedure and benefits of alternative investments

Corporate bonds: benefits and associated risks

Many investors don't like the volatility associated with equities. They seek safer investment instrument than equity but want better return than Government bonds. Corporate bonds may be a ideal investment instrument for such investors. Read on to know about corporate bond, its advantages and risks associated with it.

Quick guide on how to submit Sovereign Gold Bonds scheme application

Planning to invest in the government sovereign gold bonds scheme in the next tranche? This article gives useful tips on the Sovereign Gold Bonds application form process, including about applying for the sovereign gold bond in the name of a minor, the modes of issuing and receiving payment, the nomination facilities available, etc.

Understanding the significance of green bonds before investing

In recent times, we very often hear about green bonds, otherwise called climate bonds. In this article, I will explain what the green bonds are about, why it is termed as green bond and what are the advantages and risks involved in buying green bonds.

Who Should Invest in Infrastructure Bonds?

Infrastructure Bonds are the Government Bonds with AAA rating having highest security and are invested for long term. Investment of Rs.20000/- in Infrastructure Bonds are allowed for deduction under Section 80C

What you should know about Inflation Indexed Bonds 2013-14

This article discusses about the recently announced Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIBs)2013-14. Though IIBs are prevalent in some other countries, it is being introduced in India for the first time. Government of India and RBI target it as a inflation protected alternative investment for household and retail investors of this country. Hence it is necessary for all to know about the Inflation Indexed Bonds.This article helps in that by explaining al relevant matters in a very simple,easily understandable style.

Investment In Debt Instruments

Looking forward to investing in PSU bonds, debentures, etc. and diversify your investment portfolio? Want to know about low risk investment schemes? Interested in financial planning for small instruments like government bonds, debentures, bank fixed deposits, postal savings, etc.? If yes, then, please read further. In this article, I have provided details about investing in several low risk debt instruments.

How To Beat Inflation And Still Earn In The Volatile Market

In this article, i will explain beat inflation in the volatile market. Double digit inflation is eroding the investments in safer places like Banks and entry into share market is getting riskier due to world wide economic doldrums.Fixed maturity plans (FMP) are the way out of such situations

What Are The Common Terms In Bonds You Should Be Aware Of?

Bonds are considered to be one of the safer mode of investment. Before you plan to invest in bonds there are terms which are commonly used and need to be aware of. This article is a collation of all such common terms that are used in bonds and help you to understand them better before you plan to invest in bonds.

SREI Infrastructure bonds for 2011-12 (Tax Saving u/s 80CCF)

SREI announces its issue of infrastructure bonds, popular tax saving investment. Investing in infrastructure bonds brings you an additional tax deduction upto Rs. 20,000 u/s 80 CCF, apart from that Rs. 1,00,000 u/s 80C of Income Tax Act 1961. Read the article to know further benefits of SREI infra bonds.

What Are Infrastructure Bonds And How Do They Help To Save Tax

Investment in Infrastructure Bonds issued by Infrastructure Companies are exempt from tax up to Rs 20,000 under section 80CCF of tax act. This tax exemption is in addition to Rs 1,00,000 exemption under section 80C. In this acrticle, One can understand "What are Infrastructure Bonds", "Benefits", "Tax Examption", "For Whom it is suitable" and many more.

Investment in Gold at present is a better option for profit

In this resource, I have discussed about the history of gold investment and also at present why there is a lot of demand for the commodity gold. In this resource I discussed in detail about the various possible ways to invest in gold. At present investing in gold is one of the best option to gain more profits than any other investments. The new investment methods provide a safer provision for investing in gold.

Scope of investment in gold in India

This article deals with starting with the historical development of gold and ending with the various instruments available for the purpose of investment in gold, especially in India. There is a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of the methods of investment in gold. How and why gold has become a means of investment is briefly touched. Why a person should make an investment in gold and one should not make such an investment is also dealt with. A cautionary note about gold price is added in the end.

How To Borrow Loan From Bank For Investment In IPO?

Banks provide loan for investment in IPO. But there are certain formalities which have to be fulfilled for taking such loan. This article clarifies the process that how money can be borrowed from bank, what are the formalities to borrow loan from bank, terms and conditions for borrowing loan for investment in IPO and FAQ related to loan for investment in IPO.

IDFC 2011 Infrastructure Bonds highlights, amount, subscription form

IDFC has launched its second public issue for infrastructure bonds. This article will give you complete information on how much you can invest in the 2011 IDFC Infrastructure Bonds, features of the 2011 IDFC Infrastructure Bonds scheme, how to subscribe to 2011 IDFC Infrastructure Bonds, etc.

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