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The Chatter Birds

A look at the behaviour and characteristics of the highly intelligent species of parrots and what makes them good companions.

Things to know while keeping a lovebird

Lovebirds add to the beauty of your home. They make you happy and engaged. Keeping a lovebird is not as easy as you think. Building a good birdhouse, providing good food and taking care of lovebirds is necessary. This article provides a complete insights to the things you must take care of while keeping a lovebird.

Hobbies : An Essential part of Life

This article is about hobbies. This article includes definition, create an hobby, various popular hobbies and strange hobbies. One must have his own unique hobby. Hobbies are something which give you from anger or sadness and they also keep you busy.

Tortoise in Vastu

As per my previous article I have give information about the Aquarium but there are so many other pets are equally good according to Vastu & Fengshui.

What to do to save your plants after a heavy rain ?

Cyclonic storms and torrential rain can damage plants, causing them to wilt, turn yellow and rot. How does one prevent root rot and keep plants healthy after heavy rains? Let these tips guide you in maintaining your plants, even in inclement weather.

Making Playing Guitar As Your Hobby

This article discusses the various aspects of guitar as your hobby. How to learn playing guitar? Well playing guitar is not easy as it looks like but as you progress then everything becomes easy and you tend to enjoy it. A lot of practice is needed to get control over the guitar. Let’s discuss more about this musical instrument.

How to make safe, cheap and effective fertilisers for plants

Fertilise your garden and potted plants using things available in the house. Learn how to use egg shells, coffee grounds, tea leaves and more to nourish your plants. Your plants in the balcony or terrace garden can be green and lush with these useful tips.

How To Take Care Of Animals And Pets At Home?

Taking care of animals is quite a challenging task as they are very sensitive to diseases. Like human beings they also suffer from cold and fever so they must be vaccinated time to time and the care should be taken that they are not suffering(eg. dog) from rabies.

How to make cheap and effective pest repellents for the garden

There are cheap, effective, environmental-friendly homemade remedies for plant pests. Learn how to use things available in the house to drive away pests from your garden, in this DIY project. Did you know that vinegar, chillies and garlic make wonderful bug repellants and can also improve the health of your plants?

How to Save Sparrows, How to Save Our Environment

Sparrow is a lovely, beautyful and social bird found every where in our surroundings. Now a days the due to different reasons, numbers of sparrows are reducing day by day. In this article I am providing important information related to sparrows and important tips to save sparrows.

Setting up an Aquarium as per Vaastu

Bring in prosperity and positive energy to your home and office by setting up a Vaastu based aquarium. Vaastu experts recommend aquarium as an effective remedy for many problems that troubles you. But, you must know the right location for the aquarium and the types of fish you keep in. Here's what you need to know while setting up an aquarium as per Vaastushastra and to bring good luck to your home..

Best dog foods available in India

A best dog food can keep the dogs away from the diseases like heart and kidney problems. The dog food is essential for their teeth, muscles and bones health also. Here are some of the best dog food brands in India that can provide essential nutrients for your dogs and puppies.

My experiments with vegetable gardening

Growing vegetables and fruits can be an amazing pastime. I have successfully grown fruits and vegetables in containers. The fresh produce from your own organic garden tastes nothing like the veggies and fruits bought from a store. I share here my experience with my vegetable garden and hope you pick up some useful tips.

How to find a hobby that fits your personality

A hobby is an activity that helps you spend time doing what you like doing. It gives you an opportunity to relax because the activity is not forced on you, it is something that you get pleasure from. Find ways of finding yourself a hobby - something that you will enjoy doing.

Things you should know before choosing a pet.

Pets are 'the new family members' who are the best companions and 'silent friends'. Dogs and cats are some of the top pets in many people's choice list, don't make boundaries for your list though. Here's what you should do to choose a perfect pet, apart from a Bow-Wow!

Fundamental Music Theory - Notes

Notes are the most fundamental building blocks of music. Any musician who aspires to write and compose original material should know his notes thoroughly. Following is a brief explanation about notes, aimed at making the topic clear to all beginners.

Helpful tips on growing strawberries in containers

There are lot of apprehensions when it comes to growing strawberries in containers. The foremost doubt is can they be grown in pots. The answer to that is yes. I share here techniques that I adopted for growing strawberries.

How to overcome challenges of indoor gardening

You could bring plants indoors because there is a dearth of outdoor space or to purify the indoor air or as an element to beautify the interiors. Whatever your reason for indoor gardening there will be many a challenge that you'll face. Here is your guide to help overcome the most common challenges associated with indoor gardening.

Best tips for terrace gardening in apartments

If you are a garden-lover and want to maintain a beautiful garden in your flat, then you must have a look into this article, wherein I have given a few simple and easy tips for an effective gardening in terrace/ balcony of flats.

How to protect your pet dog from heat stroke

With the rise in mercury in the summers, it gets quite difficult for us to protect our pet dogs from heat stroke. In the article I have given some of the symptoms that indicate the heat stroke. The article also gives certain measures that should be taken to protect them from the heat strokes.

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