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Why are online term insurance plans cheaper

Online term plans are comparatively cheaper than the traditional offline plans. This is because operating costs are lesser, like, there is no agent involved. Read this article to find how cheap are online term insurance plans and whether you should opt for them or not.

How to apply for Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana LIC policy

Looking for the online policy form no. 842 of LIC Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana for senior citizens? This article provides the link to the policy document. You will also get complete information about the PMVVY scheme, including the minimum age entry, pension given, benefits, interest, etc.

Top 5 reasons why life insurance claims are rejected

Every year some of the insurance claims get rejected. Why do the life insurance claims get rejected? The nominees blame the insurance companies, but the policy-holders are mainly responsible for such rejection. Know the reasons for rejection of life insurance claims and avoid these mistakes when you go to take a new policy.

Know how to choose a good health insurance plan

In India, more than twenty-five insurance companies offer health insurance plans. How to choose a good and appropriate plan? The author has given some useful suggestions to choose appropriate health insurance plans. Read to know more.

How bonus is calculated in life insurance policy

Do you ever think about how life insurance bonus is estimated? The word 'Bonus' gives immense pleasure to the beneficiary regardless of the amount of bonus that he is getting. Many of us will be having at least one life insurance policy with us. But we never try to know how the bonus is calculated for our policy. In this article, I will explain the methods that are being followed while calculating bonus on life insurance policies.

Is it safe to buy online term plan in India?

Most of the people are suspicious of online term plans. This is because of various reasons like they are quite cheap. Thus people think that they might not be safe. Read this article to find out if the online term plans are safe to buy or not.

How SBI Life Retirement plans benefits your life?

Herein this articleIam going to describe about two SBI life Retirement plans and they are SBI Life Retire Smart and SBI Life Saral Pension and their benefits will be explained. I have described in detailed of both pension plans and it will be helpful for those who are retiring this year.

Understand different categories of insurance policy

Basically insurance is a plain and simple concept of protecting a person's life or property. It also provides protection in cases of medical emergencies. But the insurance agents have made this simple concept very complicated. So, to avoid the agents, it is necessary to know various types of insurance policies. This would enable us to assess our needs and take particular policy according to our needs.

How to get a loan against your life insurance policy

Do you know that you can get a loan against your insurance policy? Borrowing money against your life insurance policy document is somewhat simpler and less time consuming. Here in this article, I will explain the procedure to get a loan by mortgaging such an indemnity document.

Bajaj Allianz Invest Plus Premier - Traditional Plan

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, one of the leading private life insurance company has now launched its new traditional plan named as Bajaj Allianz Invest Plus Premier which is a Regular Premium non-participating Individual Non Linked Endowment Plan offers Guaranteed Investment Return.

Know about different types of life insurance policies available in India

In the present age, insurance policy is essential for every earning person to ensure financial safety for the family-members. At the same time, it is also essential to know about different types of life insurance policies to choose the most suitable one. In this article, the author discusses different types of life insurance policies offered in India.

Insurance covers to protect oneself from terror attacks

The recent spurt in terrorist activities all over the world has forced the insurance companies to include terror-related activities in the policies. A policy-holder must know the provisions available in this regard. Read more to know the details about the insurance covers to safeguard oneself from terror attacks.

Advantages of joint insurance policy

Have you heard about joint insurance policies? In this article, I will talk about the benefits in having a joint insurance policy, a policy that is taken by both the husband and wife together in order to have insurance coverage to both of them.

Some Of The Best Investment Methods To Know

Indian financial condition has developed much. Different methods are available for the investment of money.We are really become confuse if we made an attempt to select the best method among them. This article introduces some best methods for the investment of money. It also gives some valuable regulations which one should keep in before selecting the mode of investment.

How to pay your LIC premium online?

Are you fed up with your LIC agent who promises to pay your LIC premium on time and collects the amount in advance, finally coming with a late fee receipt? Or else, you avoid the premium payment due to lack of time, impatience to stand in a queue at the LIC Branch office or for any other reason. Just why don't you try to pay the LIC premium online with a few clicks by sitting before an internet connected computer environment? Here is an attempt to make you understand to pay your LIC premium online.

Types of insurance and the methods of settlement of claims

There are various types of insurance that are present today. However, unfortunately many of us are not aware of how to settle claims after the loss has occurred. Many a times, they are exploited by the agents. The article provides a complete detail on the procedure for the settlement of claims in case of fire and marine insurance.

Why do we need home insurance?

While purchasing your home, did you ever think about the unforeseen damages that might be caused to your home or its contents due to natural or man-made catastrophes or due to menaces like theft and burglary? If you gave a thought towards it, then you definitely have some idea about home insurance, also sometimes called homeowners insurance. In this article, I will talk about how such an insurance policy comes to the rescue of house owners in case of unforeseen disastrous events.

How to avoid any life insurance adversity?

There are many people who are being cheated by some dishonest agents every day everywhere in India. Have you also faced same problem? Then this article is perfect for you. Here you will get tips about how to shunt any difficulty related to insurance policy, how to rescue any insurance trouble created by the agents, what to do if you don't get the advantages as per the policy clauses or agents' assurance etc.

Understanding the e-insurance account and its benefits

Do you get perplexed while dealing with all your insurance policies? It is very normal for most of us to forget about the dates of premium payment, the dates on which our insurance policies mature and at the same time it is also quite common to find the place of dislocated policy documents. If you are one among many such people, who are facing such difficulties, electronic insurance account or e-insurance account is a right solution for you to maintain all your policies at a single virtual location.

Importance of personal accident insurance policy

Do you know the benefits of a personal accident insurance policy? In this article, I will explain how important it is to take a personal accident policy even if you have life as well as health insurance policies with you.

What is proposed Pradhan Mantri Sneh Bandhan Yojna?

In this article I will explain in simple words about proposed Pradhan Mantri Sneh Bandhan Yojna to be launched on 01.08.2015 by the Government of India. Key features of the scheme and its terms and conditions will also be covered in this article.

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