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How to grow coriander leaves - A botany project for school

In this article, I will explain how to grow coriander at home and the various stages of a seed-bearing plant's life cycle. Seeing a seed that you have sown come to life can be thrilling! Read on to learn how you can experience this thrill with a simple botany project.

How to make a self watering system for your indoor plants

Worried about what to make for your botany exhibition? Try the Self-watering system for the plants. It is an easy exhibit to make for students in age group of 10-13 years. The article tells the procedure of making the device/exhibit at home.

Chloroplast: The photosynthetic apparatus or site

The process of photosynthesis takes place inside the chloroplast. The below article will explain to you the structure of chloroplast. You will also find different types of pigments found in the chloroplast. To know about chlorophyll and differences between chlorophyll-a and chlorophyll-b, please read this article.

Movement in plants: Physiology, Types

This article explains different types of movements that take place in plants. They can be in the presence or absence of various external or internal stimuli. Plants display different types of autonomic and paratonic movements.

The history and functions of Auxin hormone

Do you know how auxin hormone was discovered? The below article will provide you with the history of auxin hormones. You will also find the functions of auxin hormone. To know about the detail of the auxin hormone, please read this article.

5 Major types of classification of plants

Want to learn about plant classification? Classification of plants helps to categorize them scientifically. This article explains five major types based on tissue structure, seed structure, evolution, life span and growth habits of plants along with examples.

The dark reaction of photosynthesis or Calvin cycle

Photosynthesis takes place in two phases, i.e. the light reaction and the dark reaction. The below article deals with the detailed mechanism of the dark reaction of photosynthesis. You will also find the differences between light reaction and the dark reaction of photosynthesis.

CAM cycle or Crassulacean acid metabolism

Do you know what are CAM plants and CAM cycle? In this article, you will find detail about CAM plants and CAM cycles. You will also find bacterial photosynthesis and chemosynthesis. To know about the CAM cycle, please read this article.

Hill reaction or Light reaction of photosynthesis

The below article deals you with the mechanism of photosynthesis. You will find the detail explaination of light reaction or Hill reaction. You will also find the cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation and differences between them. To know about the mechanism of phtosynthesis, please read this article.

Hatch-Slack cycle of photosynthesis or C4 cycle

Do you know how the reduction of carbon dioxide takes place in C4 plants? The below article will explain to you the detailed mechanism of the Hatch-Slack cycle. You will also find the significance of C4 cycle and the differences between C3 and C4 plants.

Structure of Dicot and Monocot seeds in plants

A seed is a reproductive part of the plant that encloses the future miniature plant in the form of an embryo. This resource deals with the external and internal features of both dicot and monocot seeds. The various structures of the seed and their functional aspects were also dealt with in detail in this resource. Some frequently asked questions in relation to this topic were also given along with the resource.

The importance and history of photosynthesis

Do you know the process of photosynthesis? The below article will explain to you the definition and chemical reaction of photosynthesis. You will also find interesting history and the importance of photosynthesis to mankind.

Cell theory V/s cell principle

In this article you will find the detailed description of cell theory and shortcoming of cell theory. You will also know cell principles.

Basic characteristics of life and living things

Living organisms exhibit cellular organization. They can grow, utilize energy, reproduce, pass traits to offspring's, evolve, adapt and respond to environment. Check out this article to know the basic characteristics of a life which helps to differentiate living organisms from non-living ones.

Mendelism and its biological significance

The below article will provide you with the detailed explanation of Mendelism and biological significance of Mendelism. You will also get information on the different laws formulated by Gregor Mendel.

Life History of Gregor John Mendel and his work

Do you know who is known as the father of genetics? Why did he get success in his work? Why did he select pea plant for his experiments? In the below article, you will find the life history of Gregor Mendel and his work on Pea plants. You will also find the answers of all the above questions in this article.

How cross pollination works

Are you looking information about cross pollination? You will find the meaning of cross pollination, different methods used for cross pollination and know the advantages and disadvantages of cross pollination in this article.

Characteristics of different phyla of plantae.

Do you want to know the characteristics of different phyla of kingdom plantae? In this article you will find the characteristics of algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperm and angiosperms. To know the characteristics of different phyla of plant kingdom, please read this article.

Lichen: A very good example of symbiosis

Do you know what is lichen? In this article you will find a detail explanation of lichen. You will find nature and habitat of lichen. You will also find structure, classification and economic importance of lichens. To know more about lichen please read this article.

How to prepare a good herbarium

Are you searching the procedure to prepare herbarium? In this article you will find the method of making herbarium. You will also find how to dry specimens, how to tag specimens, How to label specimns, etc. To know complete procedure of making herbarium please read this article.

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