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Challenges in thermal power generation and the opportunities ahead in future.

Today there is pressure on thermal power generation due to Government of India's emphasis on clean energy production such as solar power, hydro power, wind power and nuclear power. This is a transition time to migrate from thermal power generation to environmental friendly clean power generation. This article is about the present power scenario, problems and challenges in India.This article will also focus on providing future power solutions.

A complete description on Nuclear Power Station

Now a days the need of power is increasing rapidly with the increase in electrical equipment everywhere. To meet the increasing demand of power we have many alternative methods, but generating power using nuclear power plants is most desirable. Also this give enormous output with less input. In this article the construction and working of a "Nuclear Power Station" is explained in detail.

Illustration Of Ohm's Law And Kirchhoff's Laws

It is the student’s mentality to think that electrical engineering is difficult. Electrical laws are basic building blocks for all the subjects of electrical engineering. Staring from Ohm’s law, every law is important in electrical engineering. This article introduces the important laws of electrical engineering and also gives the idea of apply them correctly.

Energy Management in Distribution Transformer

This paper presents the effect of power supply voltage in distribution transformer losses.Finally it recommended to maintain the 11KV power supply voltage of Tamilnadu Electricity Board between 10.8KV to 11.2KV to minimize the distribution transformers losses.

Role of Super heaters in Thermal power plants

Super heaters are a part of boiler system which increases the efficiency of thermal power plants or any plant using heat recovery steam generation HRSG technique. This article provides information on role of super heater in increasing thermal efficiency, their types and characterstics.

Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) in detail

In this article, I will explain pulse amplitude modulation and demodulation method in detail using suitable waveform and frequency spectrum. This article is easy to understand, clear and with all the information. Suitable for engineering and diploma students.

Get An Idea On How To Complete Your Electrical Mini Project?

Mini projects are most important part for acquiring a engineering degree, universities may suggest industrial oriented mini projects so that students can find application of their theoretical concepts in industries. In this article, I will discuss about how to get started with your electrical industrial oriented mini project, which covers right from seeking permission to submission of your project.

Operational Procedure For Vacuum Pumping Systems

In this article, I will describe in brief the procedure about the operation of a vacuum pumping system. The step by step procedure will ensure the proper functioning of the pump. This procedure is developed based on the reviews and experience of technicians of vacuum pumps.

Cooling Control of Power Transformer using PLC Technology

This article deals about the project of automatic cooling control of power transformer using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). It gives the details about the existing control method, disadvantages of the existing scheme, necessity for the alternative control method and finally how the process is going to be done.

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