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Performance of an Internal Combustion engine by heat balance sheet

This article gives an overview of the performance of an Internal Combustion engine (ICE) by using a heat balance sheet which is nothing but an energy balance principle as per the first law of thermodynamics. The heat produced during combustion is balanced in different ways.

Compressibility - a basic concept in Fluid Mechanics

This article introduces the concept of compressibility and its importance in fluid mechanics and related areas. Compressibility gives an idea of how a fluid volume changes when subjected to a change in pressure or external force.

Final year project options in Mechanical Engineering

This resource helps you to decide on a final year project in Mechanical Engineering. It gives you tips and guidelines that are more important to consider while selecting any final year project topic. This article also explains prerequisites before the commencement of any project in final year mechanical engineering.

Automatic Pneumatic Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding process is a very fast and quick process to make things. The utilization of plastic is expanded now a days in numerous commercial enterprises such as car, bundling, restorative, and so on. The purpose for this is the plastic made things are calm simpler to fabricate, handle and solid to utilize. So the plastic merchandise fabricating commercial ventures are endeavoring hard to deliver great quality items everywhere scale and less expensive expense. The Hydraulic worked machines take care o

The factors affecting the combustion in engine cylinder

Performance of an automobile engine is based on the various factors that affect combustion in engines. In this article, I am going to explain the various factors which will affect the combustion process. As a mechanical engineer it is very much essential to have knowledge in the combustion process. Read below to grab it.

Project: Different types of liquid level indicators

This project is all about the different water/fluid/liquid level indicators for water tanks at home or any place where it is required to measure the liquid level. This project describes three different types of water level indicators and also gives details on how to implement them.

Economics of combined hydro and steam power plants

In this article, I am going to explain about the Economics of a combined power plant. Also various factors affecting the power plant are described at the end. For increasing power demand, it is not efficiency to use stand-alone power plant. To meet this demand it is essential to provide a combine power plant. Read below to know more.

An introduction to gear trains and their working

Here I am going to discuss about the gear trains and their working principle. Gear is a basic element which is used to transmit power from one shaft to another. In this section the important types of gear trains are descibed.

Exhaust Absorption Automobile Compartment Cooling

The project titled “Exhaust absorption automobile compartment cooling” deals with the efficient way of running the ac of the automobile with the aid of the exhaust gas. This project works on the theme of vapour absorption refrigeration cycle. The exhaust gas from the engine is made as source for the cycle and so the thermal power of exhaust gas is converted into cooling effect. So through this air conditioning effect is obtained without loss of any crankshaft power.

Parabolic trough collectors in power production & energy conservation

This project "Parabolic trough collectors in power production & energy conservation" deals with the production or utilization of renewable forms of energy such as solar energy through parabolic reflectors. This project highlights the harnessing of solar power and hence utilizing it for various other purposes which delivers several advantages.

An overview of lubrication systems of Internal Combustion engines

In this article, I will explain the lubrication systems of Internal Combustion engines in detail. Functions of lubrication, properties of lubricants and selection of lubricants are included in simple and lucid manner to understand easily. The various types of lubrication system are also included at the end. You can enrich your knowlegde by reading this article below.

Riser design for castings

Almost every industry use casted components in their products. It is the prime duty of every mechanical engineer to learn the casting process and the design procedure involved in the gating and riser design. Moreover scrap rate is high in foundries compared to other manufacturing industries. In order to increase the yield and to reduce the scrap knowledge in the gating and risering system is important. In this project, I am going to select a casted component and design the riser for the same.

Types of Hydraulic Pumps

A hydraulic pump converts mechanical force and motion into hydraulic energy, so hydraulic is very important element of current industrial era. In this article I have described about hydraulic system and types of various types of hydraulic pumps.

Thermodynamics - First Law of Thermodynamics

In this article, I have narrated about the applications of the first law of thermodynamics and also the various processes in it. I have also added some few information about the several identies like woek. energy flow, internal energy, enthalpy, entropy etc.

General working of the lathe machine

General working of lathe machine: The lathe machine is working by the following importants parts electric motor, cone pulley, tumbler gear, back gear system, gear box, head stock, tail stock, carriage, live centre, dead centre, belt, lead screw, feed rod, tool post, spanner, face plate, catch plate, apron, bed, half nut, step cone pulley system, and centre rest.

Machine Learning Based Fault Diagnosis Of Rotating Machinery Using Sound Signal

Classification of machinery state is of great practical significance, because it provides updated information regarding rotating machinery status on-line. There are vast opportunities for development of the condition monitoring technique on various forms of rotary system. In this present work, sound signal is used for fault diagnosis. The statistical are extracted from the sound signal and then it is classified with the help of machine learning technique decision tree.

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